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Carbon Black

Carbon Black leads a new era of endpoint security by enabling organizations to disrupt advanced attacks, deploy the best prevention strategies for their business, and leverage the expertise of 10,000 professionals to shift the balance of power back to security teams. Only Carbon Black continuously records and centrally retains all endpoint activity, making it easy to track an attacker’s every action, instantly scope every incident, unravel entire attacks and determine root causes.

Job Openings at Carbon Black

Description Location
Associate Sales Engineer Waltham, MA, US
Associate Technical Support Engineer Waltham, MA, US
Business Development Representative Melbourne, AU
Campus Recruiting - Associate Sales Engineer Waltham, MA, US
Campus Recruiting - Sales Development Representative Waltham, MA, US
Channel Account Manager - Northeast New York, US
Channel Account Manager - West Region San Francisco, CA, US
Cloud Operations Engineer (West Coast) United States of America
Cloud Operations Manager Waltham, MA, US
Content Developer Waltham, MA, US
Data Warehouse and Applications Developer Waltham, MA, US
Director, Quality Engineering Waltham, MA, US
Financial Analyst Waltham, MA, US
Help Desk Specialist Waltham, MA, US
Lead UI Engineer (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) Waltham, MA, US
Partner Certification and Support Advisor Waltham, MA, US
Principal Big Data Architect Waltham, MA, US
Principal Software Engineer, Backend Developer Waltham, MA, US
Regional Account Manager Canberra, AU
Regional Account Manager Riyadh, SA
Regional Account Manager - Japan Tokyo, JP
Regional Account Manager - MidAltantic Washington, DC, US
Regional Sales Engineer Canberra, AU
Regional Sales Engineer Riyadh, SA
Regional Sales Engineer - Japan Tokyo, JP
Revenue Accountant Waltham, MA, US
Sales Development Representative Waltham, MA, US
Sales Development Representative (UK) United Kingdom
Sales Director - Germany Munich, DE
Senior Business Analyst, Enterprise Applications Waltham, MA, US
Senior Financial Analyst, Services Waltham, MA, US
Senior HR Partner Waltham, MA, US
Senior Manager, Threat Research United States of America
Senior Product Marketing Manager Waltham, MA, US
Senior Sales Operations Coordinator Waltham, MA, US
Senior Software Engineer - Cloud Waltham, MA, US
Senior Software Engineer, Backend Engineer Waltham, MA, US
Sr. Director Sales - West Region San Francisco, CA, US
Sr. Sales Engineer - Nashville Nashville, TN, US
Sr. Sales Engineer - NY/NJ New York, US
Strategic Success Manager, West Region California, US
Technical Trainer - Security Software (Remote) Waltham, MA, US
Threat Research Engineer United States of America
User Researcher Waltham, MA, US
Virtualization Operations Engineer Waltham, MA, US