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DJI is a Chinese technology company founded in 2006 by Frank Wang and headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China. It manufactures commercial and recreational unmanned aerial vehicles for aerial photography and videography.

Job Openings at DJI

Description Location
Accountant Burbank,, CA, US
Android Developer Palo Alto, CA, US
Back-end/DevOps Engineer Palo Alto, CA, US
Channel Marketing Manager Frankfurt, DE
Consumer Sales Specialist Frankfurt, DE
Corporate Communication Manager, North America New York City, NY, US
Embedded System Software Engineer Tokyo, JP
Enterprise Sales Manager San Mateo, CA, US
Enterprise Sales Manager Burbank,, CA, US
EU Enterprise Sales Specialist Frankfurt, DE
Forum Support Specialist Cerritos, CA, US
Graphic Design Intern Frankfurt, DE
Instructional Designer Shenzhen, CN
Inventory Control Specialist Cerritos, CA, US
Inventory Management Specialist Burbank,, CA, US
iOS Developer Palo Alto, CA, US
KOL Partnership Specialist Frankfurt, DE
Marketing Specialist Burbank,, CA, US
Marketing Specialist (Content Partnership) Shenzhen, CN
Marketing Specialist (Intl Branding) Shenzhen, CN
Office Administrator Seoul, KR
PR Specialist Burbank,, CA, US
PR Specialist San Mateo, CA, US
Producer Shenzhen, CN
Product Manager Frankfurt, DE
Product PR Manager San Mateo, CA, US
Product PR Manager New York City, NY, US
Public Policy Coordinator Washington, DC, US
Repair Technician Niederlauer, DE
Repair Technician Barendrecht, NL
Repair Technician Cerritos, CA, US
Retail Sales (Hong Kong Store) Hong Kong, CN
Senior BD Manager San Mateo, CA, US
Senior BD Manager Burbank,, CA, US
Senior Business Development Manager Frankfurt, DE
Senior Event Specialist Tokyo, JP
Technical Support Representative Niederlauer, DE
Technical Support Representative Barendrecht, NL
Video Editor Shenzhen, CN
Video Editor / VFX Specialist Frankfurt, DE
Warehouse logistics - Germany Niederlauer, DE