Strata 2014 - "Unboxing Data Startups"

 Strata 2014 - "Unboxing Data Startups"

Everyone knows that massive, real-time data processing is behind many of the hottest new companies in technology. But what’s really going on underneath the covers?

At the Strata 2014 data conference, KPCB General Partner Mike Abbott gave a presentation on how data-focused start-ups gather and leverage information in order to optimize their products’ performance. He examined the data infrastructure of 13 private companies, including Jawbone, One Kings Lane and RelateIQ, and identified common patterns and usages in hopes that these would inspire future ideas from entrepreneurs. Mr. Abbott emphasized that applications should drive a product’s architecture, not the other way around, and highlighted the importance of working with small teams.

Mr. Abbott joined KPCB in 2011 and focuses on investments in the firm’s digital practice. Prior to this, he led the building of innovative, high-performance applications and services at Twitter, Palm and Microsoft.

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