2013 Internet Trends Updates & Clarifications

5/31/13, SLIDE 87:
Intel was removed from the list to reflect the fact that Andy Grove, while the company’s first COO, was not a co-founder of the company.

5/31/13, SLIDE 101:
In the pie chart showing the percentage of Coursera users by region, original percentages represented for Asia and Europe were incorrectly labeled. They have been corrected to 21% (Asia) and 28% (Europe).

6/3/13, SLIDE 52:
The headline was changed to “Mobile” from “Smartphone” to be consistent with primary source data. Also, footnote on this slide was expanded to provide more details on source materials. Additional details on this slide here.

6/3/13, SLIDE 87:
Facebook was added to the list to reflect the co-founder’s role of Brazilian-born Eduardo Saverin. The total number of employees cited in the headline of the slide was adjusted to 1.2 million from 1.3 million to reflect those changes. Also, the information in the column that lists the relevant founders was adjusted to remove non-immigrant founders to avoid confusion. Finally, the footnote on the chart was updated to reflect the additional information.

In addition, when third-party data are used, they are sourced in slide footnotes. Periodically – based on feedback – footnotes are expanded to further clarify how the data were compiled.