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Internet Trends 2014 Presentation

Code Conference • Rancho Palos Verdes, CA • May 28, 2014

From #InternetTrends

Mary Meeker at #codecon: China has more mobile internet user than any place in world. It's a petri dish for innovation.

Screen time/user in emerging markets is shifting towards smartphones. http://t.co/zkDLOKXd0F Advertisers take note http://t.co/d3e9VD6BJO

Mary Meeker is the only person every allowed to show slides at the Code/ATD conferences @kpcb #codecon

"Tablets are growing faster than PC's ever did. Now at +52% per year!" Mary Meeker at #CodeCon http://t.co/UkENHW9PcV

"Education at inflection point..reasons to finally be optimistic..change coming" #MaryMeeker #CodeCon @kpcb @echo360 http://t.co/2hZMkjXRrH

Mary Meeker confirms that we are living in the age of big data. It's finally being used to solve big problems, she says. #codecon

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