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@dinobecirovic This Stanford - Notre Dame game was nuts. Can't wait for next week!

@dinobecirovic RT @PeteCarroll: Congrats to USC on a great win in true Trojan style! Trojan family everywhere rejoices! You out hit 'em from start to fini…

@mabb0tt RT @markpinc: It would be awesome for everyone @yahoo who loves @marissamayer to be vocal too. Too many stories full of the disgruntled ano…

@dinobecirovic RT @lacoliseum: One of our faves from tonight @USC_Athletics @LAColiseumOps thank you for a great year #fighton

@johnmaeda “When you ask someone about their skin, they often tell you about their life.” —Vicky Tsai

@johnmaeda “Where do new ideas come from? The answer is simple: differences. Creativity comes from unlikely juxtapositions.” —Nicholas Negroponte

@johnmaeda RT @Everette: POCIT: 6 Latina Founders To Watch (glad to see @laura on the list) by @meganrosedickey via @techcrunch

@johnmaeda “There’s no such thing as digital marketing. There’s marketing – most of which happens to be digital.” —@BradJakeman

@johnmaeda RT @collins_nyc: "Diversity—and collision of thought, experience, perspective and people—is where the electricity comes from."

@johnmaeda Tina’s brought Mr. Snuffleupagus and the rest of Sesame Street to the hip world of Tattly:

@brookporter RT @johndoerr: @BillGates has long advocated early stage energy innovation. Now he's rallying governments and investors to join. https://

@dinobecirovic BRING ON STANFORD. USC headed to the PAC-12 Championship Game! #FightOn

@johnmaeda RT @kpcb: Technology used to sell itself, regardless of the UX. Today, we need #design to help sell technology. @jo…

@johnmaeda History of Design in Silicon Valley by Barry Katz teaches us how #DesignInTech came to be:

@johnmaeda “The natural sciences are concerned with how things are. Design, instead, is concerned with how things ought to be.” —Herbert Simon (–2001)

@kpcb Technology used to sell itself, regardless of the UX. Today, we need #design to help sell technology. @johnmaeda

@johnmaeda “If you want to say ‘Thank You’ … don’t say ‘Sorry’” by Yao Xiao:

@johnmaeda The clever where tech world characters meet Tony Ruth’s inner Richard Scarry remains my fav.

@johnmaeda RT @swissmiss: Giddy over the launch of Sesame Street @Tattly: I heart Mr. Snuffleupagus?

@dinobecirovic Gameday. Beat the Bruins! #FightOn

@johnmaeda With so many ways to interact on screen, most of the “design” lies within the constraints.

@kpcb CEO of @Netflix has an extremely expansive view of their competition. “We compete with everything you do to relax.”

@johnmaeda “Your competition is a living organism that will adapt, just like you do.” —Julian @Shapiro

@johnmaeda “We can’t over-depend on planning. You want to have good *compasses*, not maps.” —@joi via @mstem

@johnmaeda “Solutionism = the belief that all problems can be solved by a single and simple technological solution.”—@ianbogost

@johnmaeda “… at the worst, *if* s/he fails, at least fails while daring greatly …” via @notwen @la360

@johnmaeda Modernist interpretations of Star Wars characters (and the entire world), by Nick Barclay:

@brookporter Chinese drone maker @DJIGlobal plows into agriculture via WSJ

@johnmaeda Christine, Michael, and team released N1 -- an industrial strength open source mail client:

@johnmaeda RT @KristenJohansen: Dear @Sonos owner friends: Trueplay is here - your existing speakers are now even better! So proud of my team. https:/…

@johnmaeda Assaf Biderman’s Copenhagen (robotic) Wheel converts bicycles into super-bikes:

@johnmaeda My anti-fav: “You’re saying that field is wrong, but I know it’s right.”

@johnmaeda 32 symbols from ancient caves collected by paleoanthropologist Genevieve von Petzinger:

@kpcb "The data points in favor of letting founder CEOs lead the companies they work so hard to build." @mabb0tt @BNarasin

@mabb0tt RT @lelandBdean: I've noticed a lot of artists/other creatives are using @gumroad now, and as a customer it's pretty sweet.

@kpcb Be bold when pitching mission driven startups to investors. Disregard those saying “Don’t try, it’s too hard.”

@johnmaeda Patrick and team have now made it easier to experience multi-room sound and Trueplay:

@dinobecirovic RT @drew: Why did @adele cross the road? To say hello from the other side.

@johnmaeda Ayah Bdeir’s electronic blocks kit is in TIME and the WSJ this week: