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@johnmaeda Richard Saul Wurman (80 now) founded TED, coined “Information Architecture” and defined LATCH:

@aileenlee RT @KieranSnyder: Do corporations with gender-inclusive boards have less biased job listings overall? Yes, except in STEM jobs. https://t.…

@aileenlee RT @pmarca: Congratulation @davemorin and team at Path! Job well done. Respect.

@aileenlee RT @cdixon: Mary Meeker's @kpcb's 2015 Internet Trends Report is out. Always a must read

@aileenlee RT @mishshell: The League is looking for a rockstar VPE to join the team #startup #job #engineer #SanFrancisco #star…

@msquinn I love watching chef-artists at work. One of the many things @jack taught me to appreciate.

@aileenlee request for startup: mobile or drive thru allergy shots. Customer delight and LTV could be awesome.

@brookporter RT @kpcb: "Data & analytics are disruptive forces in agriculture, which is very relevant to Silicon Valley." - @brookporter

@kpcb "Data & analytics are disruptive forces in agriculture, which is very relevant to Silicon Valley." - @brookporter

@mmurph RT @davegirouard: Email is dead - except for those 900 million users on @gmail, I guess.

@msquinn Excellent interview with @sundarpichai that illustrates his thoughtfulness as well as his vision for Google's future

@msquinn They should teach email introduction and meeting scheduling etiquette in college. Maybe high school. Junior high probably.

@johnmaeda “Critique teaches you to listen hard to others’ criticism so you can listen hardest to yourself.” —@jshefrin @nilofer

@johnmaeda “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” —fortune from @jshefrin, 2008 (src: Helen Keller)

@msquinn "The Three Stages of Online Marketplaces" by @onecaseman - solid, succinct overview of current trends (via @soundboy)

@johnmaeda “Venture-backed companies with women female executives have higher success rates.” —@JohnsonWhitney

@johnmaeda “I ask myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’” —SJ (2005)

@johnmaeda RT @joe_bowers: cardstock perforated with my scrapbook cutter stretches like elastic and drapes like fabric. Less being more.

@johnmaeda Cyberfeminist research collective @DeepLab_ hosts programming w/@KateCrawford at @IDEASCITY:

@msquinn RT @scottbelsky: @davemorin congrats Dave. another part of Path's success is it's impact on the design of countless apps...raising the stan…

@brookporter Excited to have Mitsui join our pursuits @farmers_edge to bring precision ag solutions to farmers globally

@johnmaeda “The algorithm is the essence of 21st-Century design.” —@sebchan via @Teri_DBC

@johnmaeda Thanks to Assaf, Jules, Ben, Cas for contextualizing the 2015 #DesignInTech Report in Boston.

@mabb0tt RT @lsmarr: Nurture Your Gut Bacteria -- Improve Your Mood and Health Nurture Your Gut Bacteria -- Improve Your Mood and Health - http://t.…

@johnmaeda Ex-IDEO-er Kristy Tillman (@KristyT) is Design Director at Society of Grownups:

@johnmaeda Thank you to Founder/CEO @JulesPieri for hosting #DesignInTech in Boston!

@msquinn Nice to see @RemindHQ's founders @brettkopf & @Davidkopf on Fast Co's Most Creative List for their work in mobile edu

@msquinn Awesome to see the next gen leaders at Google come to the forefront - was going to tweet names but most don't have Twitter handles (c'mon!).

@kpcb Excited for #CHIMEHACK2 this July 9-12: building tech to promote safety for girls & women w/ @CHIMEFORCHANGE!

@mabb0tt RT @emhaasch: s/o to @gumroad for having 2/3 of their summer engineering internships go to women because diversity in tech starts now, not …

@andychen RT @zbarasz: Awesome NYT graphics/presentation - You Draw It: How Family Income Affects Children’s College Chances v…

@AnjneyMidha YouTube for VR will be ...YouTube

@shabihr RT @google: The new Cardboard viewer fits 6" phones, assembles in 3 steps & supports iOS as well as Android #io15

@shabihr RT @Speroman: My man @claybavor dropping VR knowledge at I/O.

@johnmaeda Alexander Kapur and Andrew Kieve are harvesting unutilized properties in cities:

@shabihr RT @romannurik: I co-wrote an article: Design from iOS to Android (and Back Again): @googledesign

@kpcb W/ cyber attacks rising, business leaders must do more to restore trust. It’s time to seek out the CSOs of the future

@kpcb RT @mmurph: More on making the world @Shazam -able. Great partners: @Disney @SInow @HearstCorp @WSJ

@johnmaeda Kenneth Noland’s “Here There” has always struck me *here*.

@msquinn RT @dflieb: Proud to finally unveil what we've been working on. We hope you like it.