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@msquinn I've taken 1,275 @Uber Rides (5,150.96 Miles). Fun hackathon project. Smart not to include how much $$. #ubertotals

@algore Must read open letter from 43 of the world’s top CEOs to call for #ClimateAction in today’s @FT #ClimateCEOs

@JShoee RT @Marketplace: What we're reading about today: Etsy's IPO, 10 billion hours of Netflix and why some restaurants are ditching tips. http:/…

@johnmaeda 2-minute podcast on "What's a 'Design-y Product Manager'?" with @hungrycandice @michelleskimo

@kpcb Be a minimally invasive manager: @RandyKomisar @HarvardBiz

@kpcb Smile! @Affectiva is analyzing your emotional data via video. @kairyssdal @Marketplace

@algore In May, I’m hosting a @ClimateReality Leadership Corps training in Iowa, apply today: #ClimateAction

@johnmaeda Design by survey or committee results in a scatterplot solution. Design with data while iterating results in a *living* solution.

@johnmaeda "You don't need to give up your day job to change the world. Just get started and you'll find a way." —@mabb0tt

@msquinn Great interview with the Game of Thrones music composer, who claims to watch each scene 1000x to perfect the score

@JShoee Useful advice: Listen more;ask questions;don't jump to provide soln. @wef: "how good leaders can be better listeners"

@algore It is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid the reality that the days of coal as a source of energy are numbered:

@msquinn RT @Square: The calm before the #Coachella.

@johnmaeda Design Clinic @UMich brings @GoogleVentures-style design support to business: via @Conundraa

@johnmaeda "We set out to build an operating system for commercial drones …" —@jbdowney83 via @mabb0tt @jshoee

@moodrowghani This day in history, 4-17-70 #Apollo13 safely returned to earth after suffering major malfunction

@msquinn Very cool to see Sphero in the upcoming Star Wars movie. Nice, @arobodude!

@johnmaeda "Design can solve problems that are *way* beyond just 'how it looks.'" —@KurtVarner #DesignInTech

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: Build for Good at @theHackRU and you can win $1k & an interview for the @KPCBFellows program http:/…

@johnmaeda The #DesignInTech Report happened thanks to @mabb0tt @jgebbia @jshoee @benedictevans @hblodget @mit @risd @asu

@algore My new oped with David Blood in the @Guardian: why coal is not the solution to energy poverty. @GenerationFndt

@johnmaeda Work is easier when it's just work; it's much harder when you actually care.

@johnmaeda Designer Michelle Kim was the CEO's first hire -- another example of the growing importance of #DesignInTech.

@msquinn "How Presidential Campaigns Became Two-Year Marathons" - living the 5wk UK campaign, and it seems better in every way

@johnmaeda "Art education isn't about what you want to say, but what you want to *know*." —Steve Rueckert (2011)

@johnmaeda "There's no greater reward for a teacher than to learn that s/he has had a positive effect on one of their students."

@msquinn The Pope gettin after it for his 88th birthday (via @TheEconomist)

@atkurland Great Q&A w/ @stewart on @SlackHQ's fundraise.

@johnmaeda Slinky treadmill at @Exploratorium is a good metaphor for life. #ExploGala

@mabb0tt RT @technogoy: Why @Airware's launch of the Aerial Information Platform and the drone OS is a big deal. @pmarca is right again.

@mabb0tt .@codeforamerica thank you for hosting me today for a great discussion- topics: civic tech,, my hackation project!

@mabb0tt RT @codeforamerica: "A lot of times people just want a solution w/out understanding the complexity around it." - @mabb0tt speaking at the C…

@mabb0tt RT @ChildsJenniferE: Mike Abbott at Code for America today! @mabb0tt @kpcb

@johnmaeda We're celebrating educators tonight at the @Exploratorium gala and I finally know what to say … #ExploGala

@johnmaeda This has always been my favorite @Exploratorium experience -- the magical rope machine … #ExploGala

@mabb0tt RT @stevesi: Hanging at @airware for the launch. Of all the co's I am lucky to work with, they have the best drone cage!

@kpcb RT @BrianGrazer: #tbt to a talk with @algore @kpcb thinking about the future of our art form

@shabihr Great report, very comprehensive. Great work @quettra team :-)

@JShoee .@jbdowney83 @airware congrats on the launch! #PoweredByAirware

@JShoee RT @jbdowney83: Explore @airware's operating system for commercial #drones in this video - #PoweredByAirware