Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers hosts sFund CEO Summit 2011

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers hosts sFund CEO Summit 2011

Date: Friday, November 11, 2011 from 8:00 AM to 3:25 PM (PT)

Location: Rosewood Sand Hill, 2825 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025

sFund CEOs and founders, KPCB partners, and investors gather to discuss best practices and strategies for managing social startups and the latest developments in social media.

sFund to be Together (November 2011)
By Bing Gordon

It’s been a tectonic year on the social graph,
From Klout to Spotify, from Katango to Path.
16 companies in the sFund, on a dozen social networks,
Creating Cinderella moments, big audiences, one exit and Perks.

Google Plus was launched, and is aging like fine wine;
Facebook introduced Open Graph, and also Timeline.
Ashton Kutcher tweeted inappropriately about Paterno, then quickly, “Oopsie,”
And turned his Twitter account management over to his PR agency.

Stop and appreciate the amazing So-Lo-Mo times we live in,
And if you’re up to your ass in it, Herman Cain is up to his chin.
Jordan, Andy, Christina and Rachel provide support without embarrassment;
Your political gift today is a vest, not charges of harassment.

While Groupon and Linkedin IPO’d successfully, then rang the bell,
Gwyneth Paltrow started unloading her old “treasures” on OKL.
Rent the Runway offered $4000 Chanel bags for Cinderella events,
While Flipboard raised $50, and made Oprah their best friend.

Plum District and Aileen proved “Women Rule the Internet,”
While Richard Branson was the only Virgin investor Mary Meeker and Square could get.
For a Santa Barbara dude, Kevin O’Connor still has a disruptive soul,
Told Techcrunch, “Don’t be afraid to throw a turd in the punch bowl.”

My “Riding a Convertible” playlist on Spotify impressed Peter Sherky,
While Trendyol proved Social Commerce on Facebook was the good kind of Turkey.
Lockerz acquired Plixi, Add to Any, Vodpod to its Seattle joint,
Introduced “Followers with Benefits” to millions of views (and PTz).

Shazam’s Sara showed “who wears the pants” with audio recognition of Dockers,
While Everlane and Karma stayed in stealth, because they’re secretive Fockers.
Collections was launched by Erly, by a former KP entrepreneur-in-residence;
“Games are the new normal,” opined our favorite of all the Vice Presidents.

Namesake renamed itself Chill, and partied with Katy Perry,
Klout pushed Perks like free Audi’s and served 10 Billion API’s monthly.
Path reached 1M users, on a beautiful mission;
Google acquired Katango, and said, “These guys are magicians.”

Hey sFund, to Facebook, Amazon and KP, you are the Who’s Whose,
You are amazing companies making spectacular news.
As entrepreneurs, you know you must be fast and frugal,
But isn’t it nice to have money from Comcast, Liberty, Don Mattrick and Google?