Kleiner's Ted Schlein: Adapting To Stay Competitive - Forbes

Ted Schlein has a list of startups on his office whiteboard. A partner with Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Schlein puts a letter next to every name that details his role for each company: “B” means he’s a board member, “O” stands for observer.

When asked which company he’s worked with the longest, he doesn’t even have to look. It’s IronPlanet, an auction service for used construction equipment that he’s been helping since 1999. “You have to remember venture is a long-term business.”

While his partner John Doerr may be better known as Kleiner’s front man, Schlein — who joined the firm in 1996 after a successful stint at Symantec — is more of a behind-the-scenes player who oversees Kleiner’s daily operations…