KPCB Partners John Doerr, Ted Schlein, Mary Meeker, and Bing Gordon recognized on Forbes' Midas List 2013

#26 – John Doerr
John Doerr is still a towering figure in Silicon Valley and the most well-connected venture capitalist. Earned previous Midas crowns (2005, 2008, 2009) with timely investments in Amazon, Netscape, Sun Microsystems and Google, where he remains on the board. But after a sharp turn into green-tech, his firm jumped into Internet startups a bit late in the game. KPCB did get in early at game phenoms Zynga and Ngmoco (sold to DeNa for $400 million), but paid to get into Facebook at a $52 billion valuation, Groupon at a $4.75 billion valuation and Twitter at a $3.7 billion valuation. Doerr also led KPCB’s investment in hot payments company Square. He recently joined the board at Zynga, showing an added commitment from KPCB. He’s also on the board at online education startup Coursera and social magazine outfit Flipboard. In clean-tech, biofuels company Amyris Biotechnologies went public in 2010, and a still-promising bet is Bloom Energy, a fuel cell outfit reportedly valued at $2.7 billion. Doerr recently joined with Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures to form the Glass Collective to fund Google Glass startups.

#37 – Ted Schlein
Ted Schlein led KPCB’s investment in identity theft company Lifelock, which went public in 2012 (market cap: $798 million), as well as in enterprise social networking company Jive Software, which went public in 2011 (market cap: $946 million). In 2003 he led the $40 million investment round in software security scanning firm Fortify and also served as CEO. Fortify sold to HP in 2010 (Forbes estimates the sale in the ballpark of $265 million). Schlein also backed ArcSight, which went public before it sold to HP in 2010. He also invested in Beijing Venustech, which listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange. Before joining Kleiner Perkins in 1996, Schlein was an early executive at Symantec. Current investments include textbook rental company Chegg, vacation rental outfit Inspirato, used construction equipment company IronPlanet, cloud infrastructure startup Nebula, security company Mandiant and reputation defender Schlein is on the board of the Engineering School at the University of Pennsylvania and the Board of Trustees at CIA-linked VC firm InQTel.

#47 – Mary Meeker
In 2011 the famed Morgan Stanley analyst became a partner at Kleiner Perkins, Caufield & Byers, where she oversees more than $7 billion in funds and lands her at No. 47 on FORBES 2012 Midas List of VC royalty. But it’s her reputation for incisive vision in the tech industry that makes her a Power Woman. The Queen of the Net penned her first must-read Internet Trends report in 1995, and she is still holding court in Silicon Valley nearly two decades later. In this year’s state of the web she put just about every industry on alert, urging a “re-imagination of nearly everything.” Meeker serves on the board of Square and is involved in KPCB’s investments in Twitter, Groupon, Spotify, Jawbone and One King’s Lane. 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Bullish on Android, Meeker says it’s poised to best Apple’s iPhone.

#80 – Bing Gordon
Bing Gordon, former chief creative officer at Electronic Arts, joined Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in 2008, promptly scoring a second round investment at social games startup Zynga (IPO 2011), where he serves as director. Gordon looks for potential investments by applying his theory of the “videogamification of everything.” He led the firm’s first-round investment in mobile gaming startup Ngmoco, which sold to DeNA for $400 million in 2010. He also sits on the Amazon board. Gordon heads Kleiner Perkins’s sFund, which invests in social startups. His favorite games of all time: “World of Warcraft,” “the Sims,” “Diablo,” “Pogo,” “Civilization,” “Columns,” “Freecell,” “Farmville” and “Mafia Wars.” He travels frequently to Africa to learn tribal dance—one tribal leader named his son after Gordon. On why VCs should focus and not do ‘spray and pray’: “When you raise a family, you don’t have 100 children.”