KPCB Partners with VentureBeat to Host Entrepreneurs for New Business Ideas

If you’re based in the Bay Area, and are building the next tech product that will change the world, consider joining me for a feedback session with one of the city’s most respected venture capital groups, Kleiner Perkins.

Kleiner has offered to give feedback to your idea before it comes to market, including on your technology, business model and go-to-market strategy. And if there’s a fit, we can also discuss your launching opportunities at DEMO Spring (April 17-19).

Taking place in Palo Alto on February 9, this will be a great opportunity to receive insight from a Kleiner Perkins partner and myself . Obviously, if you’ve got an interesting idea, we’d like to cover your story on VentureBeat at some point, but for now, the meeting can be considered off-record…