RelateIQ’s iOS App Brings Relationship Intelligence To Your Inbox - TechCrunch

RelateIQ’s iOS App Brings Relationship Intelligence To Your Inbox - TechCrunch

On the heels of announcing a new $40 million round of funding, relationship manager RelateIQ is debuting a brand new version of its iPhone app which provides a deep integration with your inbox.

RelateIQ uses large-scale data-mining technologies to automate relationship tracking in the enterprise and CRM world. The company focuses on simplicity on the front end, eliminating the manual data entry required to get more insight into professional relationships. The relationship manager captures your data from email, calendars, contacts and other sources and analyzes the language in those communications to identify relationships and share updates with co-workers. The data-intelligence layer comes in because the app will prioritize leads and bubble up forgotten leads.

The startup’s first iOS app had limited functionality and only allowed you to access your contacts and saved lists of relationships, but the new version of the app is a fully integrated email client that brings RelateIQ’s data intelligence to your inbox.

By migrating email into the app, you can create follow-ups, and add and manage new relationships from wherever you are, explains the company’s CEO and co-founder, Steve Loughlin. “Our new iPhone app re-imagines how a professional’s workday is powered, replacing the default email client with our own email platform so you can couple your work email with our data-driven relationship management functionality.”

With the new app, you can also see the latest news from teammates in real time, log calls, add new contacts and more. Loughlin tells us that…