Steve’s Legacy: Apple’s Influence On Tech Product Design - Aspen Ideas Festival (Video Clip)

Steve Jobs might be the most successful technology product designer of all time. His influence on the way Silicon Valley companies approach the creation of both hardware and software products will remain considerable for many years to come.

In a fascinating exchange at the Aspen Ideas Festival on June 30, 2013, KPCB General Partner John Doerr led a discussion on the influence Apple has had on product design with a quartet of high profile entrepreneurs, including Flipboard co-founder & CEO Mike McCue, Nest founder & CEO Tony Fadell, Path co-founder & CEO Dave Morin and product designer Yves Behar.

Here’s a small but telling sample:

“Dave, how much Apple influence is there in your company … in your design aesthetic?” Doerr asked Morin to kick off the conversation.

Answered Morin: “100%.”

You can watch the details of their conversation in the attached video clip.