The Kleiner Mojo: Still Alive And Well In Silicon Valley - Forbes

Think John Doerr and his venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers have lost their luster among entrepreneurs? Adam Ghetti doesn’t think so.

“They are in it to win it,” says Ghetti, founder and CTO of Ionic Security, the newest venture to be backed by Kleiner. “I guarantee they will do unnatural stuff to make that happen.”

Ghetti says he knows the Kleiner brand “had been hit a little” over its failed investments in green tech and its miss on some early social Web companies, but he laughs off suggestions that the firm’s best days are behind it [see John Doerr’s Plan To Reclaim The Venture Capital Throne]. In fact, he argues this is probably the best time for entrepreneurs to team with Kleiner because the partners – from Doerr on down – are even more motivated to turn each of their portfolio companies into a hit…