The Prospects For Google Glass - Aspen Ideas Festival (Video Clip)

Is Google Glass the next big computing platform?

At a panel on product design at the Aspen Ideas Festival on June 30, 2013, KPCB General Partner John Doerr led a discussion on the prospects for Glass with Flipboard co-founder & CEO Mike McCue, Nest founder & CEO Tony Fadell, Path co-founder & CEO Dave Morin and product designer Yves Behar.

The short answer is that the group had differences of opinion. Morin thinks the potential is huge; McCue sees a big market for “augmented human sight,” fusing humans and technology together at a deeper and deeper level. Behar is more skeptical. “Try to go into a bar and pick somebody up with Google Glass,” he said, rolling his eyes.

Watch the discussion in the attached video clip.