VLine Secures $1.5M Enabling Cloud Infrastructure for WebRTC Apps

VLine, a cloud video conferencing platform for developers, showcased its platform for the first time yesterday at the Google developer conference. It also revealed raising $1.5 million in seed funding from Kleiner Perkins and Harrison Metal.

VLine enables web and mobile developers to integrate high quality, video conferencing into their applications without using Flash or plug-ins. The product provides the necessary tools and cloud services for developers to add instant, live video capabilities into the browser, facilitating Real Time Communication.

“Before if a small time developer wanted to build a high quality video conference app, it was prohibitively expensive,” said CEO Ben Strong in an interview. “We want to make it easy enough that anyone capable of building a web application is capable of building a video conferencing application. We are helping developers build their own Skype”

Founders Strong, Adam Fineberg, and Prakash Ramakrishna began VLine at the end of 2010 after Google launched their Web RTC project, which provided an open framework for enabling RTC in the browser. Using the open sourced code, the team began building a tool that bundles together all the technology required to build video conferencing capacity into an inexpensive and easy-to-use package…