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@johnmaeda 32 symbols from ancient caves collected by paleoanthropologist Genevieve von Petzinger:

@kpcb "The data points in favor of letting founder CEOs lead the companies they work so hard to build." @mabb0tt @BNarasin

@mabb0tt RT @lelandBdean: I've noticed a lot of artists/other creatives are using @gumroad now, and as a customer it's pretty sweet.

@kpcb Be bold when pitching mission driven startups to investors. Disregard those saying “Don’t try, it’s too hard.”

@johnmaeda Patrick and team have now made it easier to experience multi-room sound and Trueplay:

@dinobecirovic RT @drew: Why did @adele cross the road? To say hello from the other side.

@johnmaeda Ayah Bdeir’s electronic blocks kit is in TIME and the WSJ this week:

@AnjneyMidha RT @magicleap: Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Magic Leap

@kpcb Advice on #PriceHacking: 1. Know limits of research 2. Use “anchoring” 3. Rethink “fairness” 4. Focus on value

@johnmaeda I’m esp. thankful to have gotten to know #DesignInTech leaders in Silicon Valley like Dio:

@kpcb #Blockchain technology provides the building blocks for the global payment infrastructure of the future.

@kpcb "Listening is the most under-valued skill in an organization." - @RandyKomisar

@MaxMotsch Happy Friday... On a Wednesday! @ray_bradford @jpmcuddy @caltchek #TID

@kpcb Financial transactions are no longer centralized thanks to #blockchain technology.

@dinobecirovic Just a reminder that mobile commerce will soon rule the shopping world. #mobile #commerce

@kpcb Budgeting secret for today’s entrepreneurs: save money when you have money.

@kpcb DC & SV complement each other in cybersecurity; DC w/ resources & legal authorities - SV w/ innovation & expertise.

@johnmaeda Clark Valberg reveals design, business and tech at the organizational scale with new film

@AnjneyMidha RT @ErnOpp: “What’s really interesting here is that this code now lives on the Ethereum…” — @kpcb_edge

@AnjneyMidha RT @KLmoney8: Excellent guide for getting your first contract deployed. “Our thoughts on Ethereum” by @kpcb_edge

@AnjneyMidha RT @ethereumJoseph: KPCB pivots: Abandoning years of inv success to become an Ethereum dev shop. “Our thoughts on Ethereum” @kpcb_edge htt…

@dinobecirovic RT @warriors: 16-0. NBA History!

@kpcb When you become a manager, don't forget what you hated about being managed when you were an employee. #Ventured

@kpcb The kind of design that matters today is led by design leaders who understand the technology AND the business goals.

@johnmaeda RT @bunniestudios: interesting anti-copy measure on QR code: IR transparent black coating.

@johnmaeda “Design is not a science. But ‘not a science’ is not the same as ’completely subjective.’” —@viegasf @wattenberg

@johnmaeda Conventional microscopes image at molecular scales with new technique by Ed Boyden and team:

@johnmaeda RT @cathschmidt: Most coherent (& least dogmatic, pretentious, obnoxious) explanation of "typeface" vs "font", from Kinross

@johnmaeda “Design comes from successive discoveries, and the ability to make connections.” —Kyna Leski

@kpcb "Mentors don’t give you information, or tell you how to do something. They help you figure out what to do."

@johnmaeda Ron Ro’s vision for a distributed, consumer air-quality #IoT device is about to come true:

@mabb0tt RT @TectonicStack: In case you missed it, watch @Polvi discussing CoreOS and #GIFEE with @ggilbert41 from @theCUBE last week,

@dinobecirovic RT @RobinhoodApp: "Before now, there were two types of stock apps..."

@dinobecirovic This is HUGE. Was just talking about this last night, great timing! #mobilefirsttrading @bprafulkumar @vladtenev

@moodrowghani RT @Recode: Uber creates safety advisory board (NBC Bay Area)

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: "Do something you might not imagine yourself doing for a long time" @KPCB Partner @johndoerr at @RiceUniversity https://t.…

@andychen RT @KPCBFellows: "Do something you might not imagine yourself doing for a long time" @KPCB Partner @johndoerr at @RiceUniversity https://t.…

@kpcb RT @TechCrunch: Uber Exec Shares How They've Built A Global Business by @moodrowghani

@mabb0tt RT @kpcb: More than half the U.S. population is expected to become mobile gamers #MobileGaming cc: @mobcrush @mabb0…