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Zynga Takes on Social Gaming
Zynga's Farmville lets you plant and harvest crops, or buy zebra unicorns and play match maker to polka dot livestock. Your farm, your way.
Sunday, July 1, 2007

Zynga Takes on Social Gaming


@JShoee RT @ProductHunt: Great discussion on Twitter Moments with the team that made it:

@kpcb We're excited to lead the $15M Series B round for @Newsela, an #edtech startup transforming literacy instruction.

@johnmaeda Wayne Sutton and Christian Anderson have assembled an inspired first cohort of fellows.

@kpcb RT @AnjneyMidha: Just another day in the office for @roobeelee, learning to live in VR

@roobeelee @AnjneyMidha @kpcb_edge @roneilr but seriously, I had the passthrough camera on! ;)

@AnjneyMidha Just another day in the office for @roobeelee, learning to live in VR

@kpcb 6+ of Top 10 most used apps globally are messaging apps. #InternetTrends

@andychen Nobel Prize goes to modest woman who beat malaria for China | New Scientist

@mabb0tt RT @maruthven: If youre looking for a tech internship, I recommend @KPCBFellows heres why:

@kpcb Proud to welcome @Newsela to the @kpcb family as they transform literacy instruction in the classroom & beyond.

@dinobecirovic RT @theDYNAMICS: I know Steph Curry didn't do this last night.

@kpcb Human Resources, Then vs. Now cc: @Zenefits #InternetTrends

@algore Check out @ClimateReality's open letter to world leaders meeting in Paris at #COP21 #ActOnClimate

@johnmaeda “Customers expect products and services to be not only usable but also useful and desirable.”

@andychen Here’s what 22-year-olds need to know about their first job

@kpcb “Interview & hire by committee” - advice from @google’s SVP of People on how to remove bias from the hiring process.

@mabb0tt RT @airware: Listen to Buddy Michini, our CTO on drone safety, trust, and real-time data analysis. via @Radar

@johnmaeda Lucky to have Designer-in-Residence Brian Tran as my Sketch plug-ins coach this morning.

@creigh RT @brett_colbert: The relationship between IT and the business has changed. IT now only controls 58% of technology spend. More tech savvy …

@kpcb New #Ventured Podcast: How Google Thinks About Hiring, Management, and Culture.

@johnmaeda Congratulations to Vadik (@vadikmarmeladov) and to Joe (@jgebbia): via @Nils_Liedtke

@johnmaeda “Given the profitability of idea-intensive businesses, intellectual capital should be seen as a prime asset.”

@johnmaeda Discussion on when good design is good business with McKinsey senior partner Hugo Sarrazin:

@johnmaeda Canadian entrepreneur and investor Sarah Prevette seeks to redesign design school for kids:

@aileenlee So true @DanielleMorrill. What's sad is something that can be so special + great has become so negative in some people's minds.

@kpcb Check this out: A @KPCBFellows Journey In Silicon Valley. cc: @airware

@mabb0tt RT @michaelrwolfe: In theory, better design is not a sustainable competitive advantage. In reality, it almost always is.

@kpcb “Endeavor to have a culture that’s highly effective at getting important work done.” - CEO of @Netflix @ReedHastings

@JShoee RT @Stammy: #WelcomeBackJack #CongratsAdamBain

@kpcb Be bold when pitching mission driven startups to investors. Disregard those saying “Don’t try, it’s too hard.”

@kpcb Can’t wait to hear @mabb0tt talk #startup success and #VC at @AWSReInvent on 10/8 in Las Vegas. #ReInvent

@johnmaeda Having Dan Shiffman on your desktop is an advanced feature of the new Processing 3:

@kpcb Customer Service, Then vs. Now cc: @directly #InternetTrends

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: Santiago joined us this past summer as a @KPCB Fellow at @Airware. Here's his story

@kpcb .@ReedHasting’s best advice for CEO’s: Be authentic when leading your company - people are inspired by authenticity.

@johnmaeda Great design needs great technology -- the two are intertwined. (2014)

@mabb0tt RT @pawelkadysz: I love what @gumroad does. It's like an online seller's dream comes true every time they release a new feature.

@johnmaeda “Seemingly contrasting fields inform each other when brought together.” —Prof Hiroshi Ishii

@johnmaeda Dictionary-guru Erin McKean seeks to champion the “madeupical” words of our times:

@kpcb Customer Success, Then vs. Now cc: @GainsightHQ #InternetTrends