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Zynga Takes on Social Gaming
Zynga's Farmville lets you plant and harvest crops, or buy zebra unicorns and play match maker to polka dot livestock. Your farm, your way.
Sunday, July 1, 2007

Zynga Takes on Social Gaming


@dinobecirovic RT @USCCoachHelton: Congratulations to the entire #TrojanFamily on a great victory! See you in Santa Clara. #FightOn

@kpcb The core of product design is to redesign something that’s important to companies, but loathed by users #ProductMgmt

@dinobecirovic RT @HistoryInPics: California Street, San Francisco, 1964.

@kpcb With #blockchain technology, there is no centralization, which changes how we can exchange money cross-border.

@johnmaeda “What’s New in CPUs Since the 80s” by @danluu is a welcome read for us 80s folks: via @jasoncrawford

@johnmaeda Senior Yahoo design leader Maurice Woods interviewed by another Maurice (@mauricecherry):

@johnmaeda Being hard on oneself doesn’t mean you can’t let yourself be a *little* happy with yourself … if just for today.

@johnmaeda RT @gpetriglieri: The problem isn't managers--it's undertrained, overworked, unappreciated managers.

@johnmaeda “… within our shame, disappointment, rage, there is meaning, and within that meaning is the possibility of rescue.”

@johnmaeda RT @dribnet: fun fact: failure to reboot Boeing 787 for 248 days can cause "loss of control of airplane" due to integer overflow. https://t

@johnmaeda An “artist’s statement,” in business terms, is a hybrid vision + mission + values statement, with an *accent* on the values.

@algore these next two weeks. I will miss him as a close friend and a tireless advocate for a healthier planet. (4/4)

@algore that he charted in Rio more than 23 years ago. Many of us here will be honoring his memory as the world begins to take climate action (3/4)

@algore It is in no small measure because of Maurice that world leaders are meeting here in Paris this week to continue the journey of hope (2/4)

@algore The world is indebted to Maurice Strong for his visionary leadership toward solutions for the climate crisis. (1/4)

@johnmaeda Bravo to Marc, Tad, and team for many PLAY:5 kudos this week:

@johnmaeda “It’s really hard to make something that doesn’t exist yet.”—ex-MIT roboticist Jessica Banks

@johnmaeda Panned by critics for some valid reasons, still appealed to me. The good and bad don’t always cancel each other out.

@johnmaeda Lawyer Reggie Osse’s (@combat_jack) evolution as a leader of the creative class:

@johnmaeda Kim Malone Scott’s leadership axes of Care Personally and Challenge Directly: via @stilenius

@dinobecirovic This Stanford - Notre Dame game was nuts. Can't wait for next week!

@dinobecirovic RT @PeteCarroll: Congrats to USC on a great win in true Trojan style! Trojan family everywhere rejoices! You out hit 'em from start to fini…

@mabb0tt RT @markpinc: It would be awesome for everyone @yahoo who loves @marissamayer to be vocal too. Too many stories full of the disgruntled ano…

@dinobecirovic RT @lacoliseum: One of our faves from tonight @USC_Athletics @LAColiseumOps thank you for a great year #fighton

@johnmaeda “When you ask someone about their skin, they often tell you about their life.” —Vicky Tsai

@johnmaeda “Where do new ideas come from? The answer is simple: differences. Creativity comes from unlikely juxtapositions.” —Nicholas Negroponte

@johnmaeda RT @Everette: POCIT: 6 Latina Founders To Watch (glad to see @laura on the list) by @meganrosedickey via @techcrunch

@johnmaeda “There’s no such thing as digital marketing. There’s marketing – most of which happens to be digital.” —@BradJakeman

@johnmaeda RT @collins_nyc: "Diversity—and collision of thought, experience, perspective and people—is where the electricity comes from."

@johnmaeda Tina’s brought Mr. Snuffleupagus and the rest of Sesame Street to the hip world of Tattly:

@brookporter RT @johndoerr: @BillGates has long advocated early stage energy innovation. Now he's rallying governments and investors to join. https://

@dinobecirovic BRING ON STANFORD. USC headed to the PAC-12 Championship Game! #FightOn

@johnmaeda RT @kpcb: Technology used to sell itself, regardless of the UX. Today, we need #design to help sell technology. @jo…

@johnmaeda History of Design in Silicon Valley by Barry Katz teaches us how #DesignInTech came to be:

@johnmaeda “The natural sciences are concerned with how things are. Design, instead, is concerned with how things ought to be.” —Herbert Simon (–2001)

@kpcb Technology used to sell itself, regardless of the UX. Today, we need #design to help sell technology. @johnmaeda

@johnmaeda “If you want to say ‘Thank You’ … don’t say ‘Sorry’” by Yao Xiao:

@johnmaeda The clever where tech world characters meet Tony Ruth’s inner Richard Scarry remains my fav.

@johnmaeda RT @swissmiss: Giddy over the launch of Sesame Street @Tattly: I heart Mr. Snuffleupagus?

@dinobecirovic Gameday. Beat the Bruins! #FightOn