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@aileenlee Makes me smile when we get generic inbounds @CowboyVC to "Dear Sirs". Guess some people don't realize that doesn't work w us + many others!

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: .@aaronotani was a design fellow at @opower helping change the way people think about energy http:/…

@msquinn Someone - and inevitably not the last someone - flew a drone into White House, prompting a Secret Service event

@msquinn "Why Small Businesses Are Starting to Win Again" - indie bookstores, films & craft beer cos are flourishing

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: "For design students, the entrepreneurial environment can be a strong fit." @johnmaeda on the design fellows program http:…

@kpcb With regard to what is designed really well, I think people are the best-designed object...

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: .@moffitalex was a design fellow @jawbone, now he's a product marketer @betterworks #KPfamily

@mabb0tt RT @coreoslinux: Listen in: #CoreOSLinux CEO @polvi chatting about CoreOS and Rocket with @TheChangelog podcast:

@johnmaeda "Avert misunderstanding by calm, poise, and balance." —from a fortune cookie 17 years ago

@johnmaeda I've always gone between C and Python -- you need both because diversity ⇄ creativity: via @anadiazhernandz

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: Applications for the design and product fellows program are coming up! Deadline is January 31 - apply now

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: .@CACollegeofArts' Ben Wasserman designed for @flipboard when he was a fellow

@mabb0tt RT @StartupLJackson: "Learn to speak Mandarin in our six week course & become a professional interpreter!" This is what your coder school …

@kpcb RT @johnmaeda: Collection of 115 design x tech stories since 2004 makes me wonder what 2015 holds:

@johnmaeda Collective wisdom from design leaders about hiring, by @mko and @jonnyliebs via @JShoee

@johnmaeda Collection of 115 design x tech stories since 2004 makes me wonder what 2015 holds:

@kpcb RT @johnmaeda: Summary of summer '14 hangout in LA on design x tech with @jshoee and friends: via @imprintlab http:/…

@johnmaeda Summary of summer '14 hangout in LA on design x tech with @jshoee and friends: via @imprintlab

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: "product management is about using tech to solve customer problems, while pushing the market forward"

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: Val Chibisov is solving challenging product problems at @AppDynamics, you can too

@msquinn RT @cdixon: How virtual reality ate the Sundance Film Festival

@msquinn "Prioritizing Diversity In 2015" - awesome, actionable @TechCrunch post by @joelle_emerson

@msquinn I never post videos but this new footage of Caldwell free climbing The Dawn Wall at El Capitan last week is insane

@johnmaeda "Art *is* possible by committee." —Del Close, on his experiments (1986) in improv comedy:

@mabb0tt RT @rsafian: Congrats @levie @padmasree -- the #genflux crew cheers @BoxHQ IPO via @FastCompany

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: .@UofCincy's Kyle Bennett had an awesome time as design fellow at @flipboard

@mabb0tt RT @CarrieDuff1: If you think you have obstacles, read the story of @ramonapierson .

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: How do I increase my chances of becoming a @KPCB Fellow?

@msquinn "10,000 Hours with Reid Hoffman" - this longer than long read tested my Millenial attention span, but it's excellent

@msquinn RT @TomPerrotta: On Roger Federer, the present, anxiety, and patience. Relax! He will be fine.

@creigh RT @lamw: Nice! In addition to Tech Preview support of @coreoslinux on vSphere, Fusion & Workstation we also have VMTN Comm

@kpcb 3/ In the end, the melding of these elements really will put the greatest products ever made just one click away.

@kpcb 2/ but it’s helping to forge a new model that lets companies merge tech w/ the human values & sense of individuality that consumers crave.

@kpcb 1/ The artisanal movement certainly won’t fill the hole left by the decline in U.S. manufacturing the last 30 years.

@andychen RT @kpcb: "No matter where you are in your career, do something this year that matters to you." - wise words from @lilaibrahim.

@andychen RT @kpcb: Transparency is integral to a company’s ability to build lasting relationships with customers today.

@andychen RT @KPCBFellows: .@uclaanderson wrote this about our amazing @nebulainc product fellow Angela Hsiao

@andychen RT @kpcb: Extreme honesty is the new policy of successful business in the 21st century.

@andychen RT @kpcb: "We don't buy technology because it's good tech, we buy it because of good design." - @johnmaeda

@andychen RT @kpcb: "You can't build technology and spray design on at the end. You must start w/ design from the beginning" - @johnmaeda