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@JShoee "Btwn theology & science, there is a No Man's Land, exposed to attack from both sides; this No Man's Land is philosophy." - Bertrand Russell

@DanOros Check out Introduction to Mindfulness on Wed, Sep 16 via @Nextdoor

@johnmaeda “What happens when the people who make the phones, *design* the phones that they’re making?”

@kpcb RT @johndoerr: "If we create the right environment for innovation, we can accelerate the pace of progress."-@BillGates on #CleanTech http:/…

@johndoerr "If we create the right environment for innovation, we can accelerate the pace of progress."-@BillGates on #CleanTech

@mabb0tt RT @StevenLevy: Orig enroll site: $200M to build, $70M/yr to maintain. USDS revamp: $4m to build, $4M/yr. https://t.…

@algore Wednesday @NASA posted the latest #DSCOVR image taken by #EPIC. I look forward to seeing more from #DSCOVR & #EPIC

@aileenlee Handy UV-Busting Visor Snaps Onto Any Bike Helmet via @WIRED

@andychen RT @KPCBFellows: 93% of world doesn't have a college degree. But what if everyone had access to an education via @coursera? #edtech http://

@andychen RT @KPCBFellows: .@Indiegogo talks about empowering people to fund what matters to them. Democratization of funding. :)

@andychen RT @KPCBFellows: .@Square talks about changing payments forever and empowering small business owners.

@andychen RT @KPCBFellows: .@Uber talks about providing transportation as reliable as running water for everyone everywhere.

@mabb0tt RT @declara: Insight night, 11th of Agust with @Dchrapaty and @mabb0tt RSVP here #womenintech #Leadership http://t.c

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: Standing room only at the @KPCBFellows reverse pitch night. #SiliconValley

@dinobecirovic 2) Tweets aren't just broadcast on Twitter. They are broadcast to logged out users on numerous platforms including TV and media sites. @CNBC

@dinobecirovic 1) No chance. Would @CNBC be able to communicate with the rest of the world on Myspace as it's doing right now?

@mabb0tt RT @KPCBFellows: .@airware talking about how "data is power" in the drone space. #Drones

@brookporter Proud to see Californians responding to the drought, esp right here in our backyard #gomenlopark

@mabb0tt RT @paulsmith: go, mikey et al

@aileenlee RT @triketora: so proud to work at pinterest

@mabb0tt RT @TectonicStack: Watch CoreOS CEO @polvi discuss #Tectonic Preview on stage from last week’s @Kubernetesio 1.0 event:

@brookporter RT @BillGates: Here’s why the Beast Burger and other plant-based meats are cooking up so much interest: @TIME http:/…

@brookporter Brilliant. 'Human' is more than a species designation, it's a goal, a responsibility to our planet and to each other

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: We believe in mission-driven people. Check out our summer-long virtual #BuildforGood hackathon http…

@johnmaeda The younger visionary is good at finding new keys, and the older visionary is good at knowing which doors to open.

@JShoee RT @msquinn: Big step forward and will be watched closely. Congrats @Pinterest team & @joelle_emerson!

@kpcb RT @zazzle: The anti-Amazon that's making money: Zazzle

@johnmaeda Originally trained as an architect, Vivian Rosenthal is CEO/founder of enterprise software co

@creigh Exciting to see @kinsa well received on Amazon Launchpad.

@johnmaeda Reflecting on what you’ve done well is best done during time available *after* reflecting on what you’ve done poorly. Then get back to work.

@johnmaeda "@Accenture on Tuesday is unveiling plans to expand its @Fjord design and innovation unit." —@WSJ via @JShoee

@johnmaeda Thanks to CEO/co-founder Zach Sims for hosting #DesignInTech in NYC with Judy Wert, Paola Antonelli, and Randy Hunt!

@dinobecirovic RT @USC_Athletics: USC has been picked by the media to win the Pac-12 Conference in 2015. #FightOn

@dinobecirovic RT @AustinJ: I want this to be a thing - live periscope earnings calls: T-Mobile CEO (and LegereDoll) right before Earnings call https://t.…

@algore Last week in Germany renewables briefly provided a record breaking 78% of the country's electricity. #ClimateAction

@dinobecirovic RT @Fascinatingpics: Why isn't this getting the attention it deserves?

@AnjneyMidha RT @TheDroneGuy: Telemetry data from #drone shot from sky in KY, proves shooter (who was arrested by local PD) lied about drone flying 10′ …

@AnjneyMidha RT @jgarzik: "Blockchain Hackathon Heads to India's Bombay Stock Exchange" #bitcoin @IBM @Coinsecure

@JShoee Life lessons from the gym: "if you aren't being challenged, you aren't changing". Keep at it. Don't give up!

@kpcb RT @BethSeidenberg1: Amazon helps digital health companies grow, Kinsa smart thermometer is one example.