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@aileenlee RT @SInow: Some people are donating the $90 they would have spent on the fight to domestic violence orgs: http://t.c

@msquinn There are 36 tech conferences this month alone. Crazy.

@johnmaeda "34) Think for a few seconds before you act. Think for a few minutes if you're angry." —@sama

@johnmaeda "I never liked 'get things done.' Get THE thing done not thingS. To know what isn’t worth doing is key." —@jasonfried

@johnmaeda An old but favorite gift: "The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."

@johnmaeda Caustics-themed installation incorporating 3d-printing and a simple flashlight:

@johnmaeda "Seemingly contrasting fields inform each other when brought together." —Prof Hiroshi Ishii

@johnmaeda "So that I may perceive whatever holds. The world together in its inmost folds." —Faust

@johnmaeda Scroll, scroll, scroll your page. via @m_ott

@johnmaeda "Driving people to talk *to* each other about the good, bad and ugly is critical to biz success." —@AllisonStledger

@johnmaeda "I'm slightly exhausted by this constant call to participate." —Tyler Brûlé

@johnmaeda "We continue drawing fonts by hand because we think that's the best way to maintain quality."

@johnmaeda "'Non-attachment' is like being in a swirling galaxy. But none of it pulls on you excessively." —@bfeld

@johnmaeda "If there is one thing I want people to think about, it is: how do we make it easier?" —@harper

@johnmaeda Paddy Johnson (@artfcity) has collected the best of Laurie Anderson (on YouTube):

@johnmaeda Anything you do will be done more wrong until you learn how to do it more right.

@johnmaeda "For as long as I can remember, I told my parents I wanted to sell ideas." —@joshspear

@johnmaeda "I work barefoot, standing on a wobble board." —Maria Popova (@lifehacker)

@johnmaeda "New solar capacity built in 2014 represents a third of all new electricity capacity built in the US." —@katiefehren

@johnmaeda "Empower your employees to be storytellers and involve them in sourcing new talent." —@JShoee

@johnmaeda "Believe in side projects …" —@swissmiss

@johnmaeda "Embodied, situated, and unmediated communication were the norm for hundreds of years before we invented mass media." —@johnthackara

@JShoee RT @nytimes: She never really dated him. She never really got over him.

@johndoerr So well said... Does Silicon Valley have a soul? It did -- as well as a heart -- in Dave Goldberg. via @karaswisher

@JShoee A very expensive #samsung product placement. Selfie stick would've come in handy. #MayPac

@aileenlee hearts broken today. Does Silicon Valley have a soul? It did -- as well as a heart -- in Dave Goldberg. @karaswisher

@johnmaeda "STEM is incredibly valuable, but if we want the best innovators we must teach the arts." —@JustinBrady

@johnmaeda RT @jimlangevin: I urge my colleagues to take up this cause and join the STEM to STEAM movement #FullSTEAMahead

@johnmaeda "Teamwork, chemistry, and leadership are not things we can learn from paperwork." —Yao Ming

@johnmaeda "When feedback is given with thought and truth, it is valuable." —@AllisonStledger via @gpetriglieri

@johnmaeda I like how teams are a "role" alongside managers and leaders:

@johnmaeda "The world's 15 youngest countries are all in Africa." —@simkhosla via @km

@JShoee RT @jeffweiner: Devastated to hear about loss of @davegoldberg. One of kindest & most generous friends I've known. My heart goes out to She…

@JShoee 5 years in the making! Looking forward to a legendary fight tonight. #GoPacquiao

@johnmaeda "NYC vs SF" by Sarah Cooper (@TheCooperReview) draws interesting comparisons: via @JShoee

@johnmaeda The story of @starterleague lies at the intersection of business, technology, and leadership:

@johnmaeda "I like to refer to the talent of creativity as a key set of intelligences." —@kynaleski

@johnmaeda Paola Antonelli (@curiousoctopus) predicts the patterns in culture and industry that we need/want to care about.