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@johnmaeda Increased need for training and development makes sense for *everyone* working today -- Millennials abs get it.

@msquinn RT @sippey: Loved @ellenchisa's post on what blew her mind in the core curriculum of HBS. (via @kottke)

@johnmaeda “The Big Three: 1/ Providing a product. 2/ Creating a community. 3/ Building a useful platform.” —@shl via @mabb0tt

@msquinn RT @JeffHaws: If you want to become scared and paranoid, read this @voxdotcom piece on the potential of a flu pandemic

@MaxMotsch Congrats @redbirdgroup @emmnoirhomme on already receiving an investment

@kpcb Mary Meeker: Diversity's just good business #InternetTrends

@kpcb On valuations, the one rule is that very few companies will win – those that do – can win big #InternetTrends

@kpcb On funding tech, 33% below where we were in 2000 peak & 17% above where we were in 1999

@kpcb In India, mobile wallet use is rising along with with eCommerce adoption at 80MM users #InternetTrends

@msquinn If you know anyone let me know! Hashtag thanks.

@kpcb Indian eCommerce leaders are more mobile than global eCommerce leaders #InternetTrends

@msquinn The typical tech/atypical museum profile applies: smarts, ambition and hustle matter more than traditional museum experience (though a plus)

@kpcb Mobile accounts for 41% of India's eCommerce #InternetTrends

@msquinn Weird news: my family is opening a museum in LA on Hollywood Blvd this winter (more details later). In the meantime, we're looking for a GM.

@kpcb Mobile accounts for 65% of Indian internet traffic vs. 22% in USA #InternetTrends

@kpcb Top android apps in India = @whatsapp, @facebook, MX Player, Messenger, @truecaller

@kpcb India is often #1 or #2 for MAU Market for global leaders #InternetTrends #MaryMeeker

@kpcb India has 232 MM internet users, 3rd largest internet market & top country in new internet users added/year

@kpcb Is India next? India appears be at internet penetration growth inflection #InternetTrends

@kpcb .@Xiaomi #IoT ecosystem experiencing solid upsell + volumes (2MM users, +5x since 2013)

@kpcb .@Xiaomi has built an expansive #IoT ecosystem #InternetTrends

@kpcb .@Xiaomi shipped 61 MM smartphones globally in 2014, +227% Y/Y growth #InternetTrends

@kpcb Low take rates helped Chinese eCommerce leaders like TaoBao & Meituan pass USA peers

@kpcb China internet leaders moving from info-only companies to on-demand service providers

@kpcb In China, food delivery = fastest growing on-demand service reaching almost $1B in 2014

@kpcb China social commerce rising #InternetTrends #MaryMeeker

@msquinn In the middle of nowhere (*nowhere* - a fjord in north Norway w/ a pop of 1k) & the table next to us is debating if we're in a tech bubble.

@kpcb A Chinese documentary on smog, 'Under the Dome' reached 200MM views in 3 days, 41% from WeChat video #InternetTrends

@kpcb "Mentors don’t give you information, or tell you how to do something. They help you figure out what to do."

@kpcb On Chinese New Year's Eve, 1B virtual red envelopes were sent #InternetTrends #CodeCon

@kpcb On-demand service workers compare flexible & financial benefits vs. clarity & training challenges #InternetTrends

@kpcb Consumers of on-demand services compare time savings & personalization benefits with quality & trust challenges

@kpcb 25% of on-demand workers are using multiple platforms #InternetTrends #MaryMeeker

@kpcb 87% of driver-partners say they like @Uber because they can be their own bus/set their own schedule #InternetTrends

@kpcb Here are the average earnings of people who are on @etsy @thumbtack @airbnb #InternetTrends

@kpcb Many people use online platforms/marketplaces to supplement income #InternetTrends

@msquinn RT @janamal: Pretty shocking: 50% of hosts depend on income from @Airbnb to stay in their homes. #CodeCon

@kpcb Online platforms enable steady growth in product commerce & rapid growth in service commerce

@kpcb Internet is enabling commerce in increasingly efficient ways #InternetTrends #MaryMeeker

@kpcb 65% of freelancers say the internet makes it easier to find work #InternetTrends #CodeCon