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@mabb0tt RT @TechCrunch: Plex Arrives On PS4 And PS3 In Europe And Asia, U․S․ Launch Coming Later by @drizzled

@kpcb ‘I’m trying to evoke a reaction out of people’ - @BrianGrazer to @algore on why his hair is spikey #KPCBinLA

@JShoee "Paid maternity leave is good for mothers, families and business." Op-ed from @SusanWojcicki

@mabb0tt RT @plexapp: Plex on PlayStation! Available now in Europe and more! (coming to Americas & elsewhere soon) http://t.…

@johnmaeda Fusing design with technology across coasts takes great talent, and a canine friend pitching in too.

@kpcb The television experience is more about trust and less about enormous impact. @briangrazer to @algore #KPCBinLA

@moodrowghani “We can always invest more in safety and make sure we’re bringing way more safety than taxis." @travisk to @wsj #uber

@moodrowghani RT @Techinasia: Baidu puts Uber on the map in China, throws in funding

@johnmaeda "Being considerate of others will take your children further in life than any college degree." —Marian Wright Edelman

@msquinn RT @CatherineShu: Uber can use Baidu’s mobile maps, search, distribution channels. Baidu Confirms Its Strategic Investment In Uber http://t

@JShoee @johnmaeda lucky to be working with such a great team! //@kpcb @mabb0tt

@kpcb RT @johnmaeda: 2014 has been a fun year for advancing design culture in the @kpcb-verse thanks to @JShoee http://t.…

@johnmaeda Learning about Margaret Hamilton, former lead software engineer for Project Apollo:

@johnmaeda 2014 has been a fun year for advancing design culture in the @kpcb-verse thanks to @JShoee

@kpcb How are new distribution and pricing models for TV content going to create more choice for consumers? #KPCBinLA

@mabb0tt RT @alaina: I couldn't be more excited about @WomenWhoCode passing 20,000 members! cc @mabb0tt @komalmangtani @Zass…

@kpcb If you are running a #DigitalHealth company, you must protect yourself against breaches. Here’s how you can stay safe

@kpcb Who is Funding the Future of Entertainment? #KPCBinLA

@andychen RT @ohnobackspace: My answer to What was it like to be a @KPCBFellows?

@kpcb The #Drone industry could generate >$82B for the economy in 1st 10 yrs of its commercial use. ($75B from agriculture)

@msquinn "Television has not killed cinema, if anything it has freed cinema to do what it is best at..."

@msquinn RT @nickbilton: Two media reporters walk into a restaurant: A profile of @carr2n, my fav person at the NYT. http://t

@johnmaeda "I'm driven to find elegant and efficient solutions to technical problems."—Woody Anderson

@kpcb Here are 5 tricks you can use to keep your customers around: #RetentionHacking @bingfish

@johnmaeda After Effects pioneer Scott @Snibbe's new project after Björk's Biophilia is a video toaster:

@moodrowghani 10 startups to watch in 2015 w/@SlackHQ at #1"Slack may singlehandedly be making #enterprise startups sexy" @mashable

@kpcb RT @alex_kurland: Great list, but even better to see @SlackHQ leading the charge! @stewart @kpcb

@alex_kurland Great list, but even better to see @SlackHQ leading the charge! @stewart @kpcb

@kpcb This software entrepreneur uses predictive analytics to kill cold calls. Way to go @DaveElkington & @InsideSales!

@johnmaeda The rise of the "jacktivist" is called out as the next key trend in journalism by @emikolawole

@mmurph "Advertisers ceasing to silo mobile ad budgets, in favor of cross-screen" @Drawbridge, 2014 started it. Accelerating

@johnmaeda "Design has moved from a verb, to how someone describes who they are …" —@JayMay_ChiCity

@johnmaeda Joe Wilson @BrandNewFeel is mixing marks with brands -- identity as a pack of design elements:

@kpcb How is technology changing the moviemaking industry? @algore asks Hollywood producer @BrianGrazer #KPCBinLA

@johnmaeda "Being green in a role … is a strength that will degrade over time." —@soleio

@kpcb "The age of @youtube provides us with free casting seminars." - @briangrazer to @algore #KPCBinLA

@johnmaeda "The Internet has accelerated the ancient arms race of misinformation -- it's about ethics and education as much as tech." —@bethnoveck

@kpcb Working with partners in the healthcare ecosystem is necessary for any #DigitalHealth company to succeed. Here's why.

@johnmaeda "What's perceived as good design is highly influenced by the cultural background and values of the user."—Guy Schory

@johnmaeda Design in Silicon Valley can only grow by virtue of a vibrant, inclusive designxtech culture.