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@johnmaeda “For me, software is the most natural medium to work with …” —Prof Casey @Reas

@johnmaeda “There is love in work, and vice versa -- there is dignity, strength and, yes, even salvation.” —@emikolawole

@mabb0tt RT @peterpham: Snapchat 100M daily active with 65% creating content. #recode

@johnmaeda “Here’s the secret: endings are actually kind of awesome.” —Christina Xu via @medialab

@johnmaeda RT @wordnik: Only 1639 more adoptions needed to keep Wordnik going through the end of 2015! Adopt your favorite word today at

@mabb0tt RT @airware: Here’s where the real money is in drones via @CadieThompson

@mmurph While mobile is running away from desktop, more time is moving online and both are here to stay...

@JShoee Female Founders On An Upward Trend, According To @crunchbase

@algore Local investigation reveals ALEC’s undue and secretive influence on local legislators:

@kpcb "Listening is the most under-valued skill in an organization." - @RandyKomisar

@kpcb Don't miss our live tweets of Mary Meeker's 2015 #InternetTrends report tomorrow morning at 8am PT. #CodeCon @Recode

@kpcb A business pitch is not like Disneyland; potential investors shouldn’t have to wait for the good stuff. #HowToPitch

@algore Debunking climate deniers in Congress:

@JulietdeB1 Launching our website: Beyond Type 1 today. To try to raise awareness and find a cure for this autoimmune disease.

@bingfish Congrats to @Wences "Announcing Xapo’s Advisory Board".- Xapo Blog What a major league team!

@AnjneyMidha My new favorite binge site: A "Glossary of Science Fiction Ideas, Technology and Inventions"-

@mabb0tt RT @ValaAfshar: Habits of happy people: 1 rise early 2 help others 3 learn new skills 4 find small daily wins 5 talk less 6 pay it forward…

@mabb0tt RT @anbu5: Great report by @mabb0tt driven by data - The Importance Of Founders -

@johnmaeda “There is a recalibration of what it can mean to be a creative practitioner.” —Lisa Phillips

@JShoee Jony Ive's new role as Chief Design Officer allows him to focus on the vision; frees him up from admin/mgmt work.

@johnmaeda Deadlines approaching for two special designer-ly programs in NY:

@mmurph RT @BraysonWare: @mmurph @kpcb @Shazam pure genius, a search engine for the world

@kpcb “Individual creators should have an opportunity to be rewarded, w/o having to get onto a management track.”

@kpcb Global net farm income is $120B, farm assets are $2T. See how @FBNFarmers incorporates #BigData into #AgTech.

@msquinn "In the run-up to every Memorial Day weekend, a certain photo takes top spot in those most circulated..." - stunning

@msquinn TIL Marc Jacobs makes makeup (#InstaMarc line) specifically to ensure better Instagram selfies.

@msquinn The guy who claims to have hacked a commercial flight is upset United is revoking his mileage status.

@kpcb “The best education that I ever received was outside of the classroom” @mabb0tt

@johnmaeda Responsive framework that’s super tiny (thankfully) and love-worthy: via @takashio

@johnmaeda “I had to stop going to auditions thinking, ‘I hope they like me.’ I had to think I was the answer to their problem.”

@msquinn Digital subs are still a pain, playing do-I-have-to-log-in-this-time roulette. Related there's allegedly a great Bob Iger post in FT today.

@johnmaeda “Face east and bow down to worship this crucial theorem of mathematics!” —Prof. Hartley Rogers

@msquinn RT @CassVinograd: Mathematician John Nash, Nobel winner + inspiration for 'A Beautiful Mind,' killed in crash http:/…

@johnmaeda “The truths of nature are subtle, and require deep and careful thought.” —@lmlodinow via @sarahmclean99

@andychen RT @arachleff: What, exactly, does the @wealthfront investment research team do all day?

@MaxMotsch RT @sotoventures: @Julia_Yrani #BugforPresident @MaxMotsch

@johnmaeda The privilege of giving advice to others is equal to the responsibility of using it yourself.

@msquinn (Hint: always looking for more Memorial Day weekend book recs)

@msquinn Finished Steve Martin's great autobio Born Standing Up (great study in perseverance). Next up: Those Guys Have All the Fun on start of ESPN.

@msquinn Two steps forward, one step back.