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@kpcb Article in @FastCompany on @Affectiva’s massive emotion data repository and insights from it.

@johnmaeda The dark horse’s goal isn’t about winning the race -- it’s to pursue the impossible, which having the chance to do so is a win unto itself.

@algore Find out more about #DSCOVR by visiting

@msquinn "Vine's Quiet, Stealthy Pivot" -good read on its evolution from a platform for sharing to a platform for entertaining

@kpcb "Network like crazy." - @johndoerr's advice to @KPCBFellows.

@johnmaeda I subscribed to a design/dev magazine to re-learn as inspired by TGD’s site behavior, only to find Ryan right there …

@johndoerr A new app lets anyone with a startup idea instantly chat with investors at VC firm Kleiner Perkins

@kpcb RT @businessinsider: A new app lets anyone with a startup idea instantly chat with Kleiner Perkins investors http://

@mmurph RT @fbzga: Spotify switched the login system database from Postgres to Cassandra with no downtime. What a lesson!

@msquinn Great product, great business, great team. Sometimes, it's that simple. (Great way to close out my time at KP too :)

@mmurph RT @CloudNotEnough: “@Egnyte was the only company in the 2015 quadrant to move into a new space” via @James_T_Bourne…

@msquinn I honestly couldn't get through all 35 accounts of women waking up drugged, naked & violated. But, it's important to:

@msquinn I've draft-erased a dozen tweets abt the NY Mag story on Bill Cosby drugging, kidnapping & raping 35+ women b/c none convey my horror enough

@johndoerr Hillary Clinton Lays Out Climate Change Plan, via @nytimes

@kpcb As you think about pricing your product, remember that pricing is not a point; it’s a range. @Bingfish #PriceHacking

@kpcb Every business that sells a product or service has to master the art of #pricing. Here are some tips: @Bingfish

@mabb0tt RT @airware: Airware navigates future of drones via @usatoday

@dbmount Looking for awesome, energetic, motivated Customer Success hire for early stage co in Industrial Analytics/IoT. Referrals welcome! @kpcb

@brookporter Tesla shines light on the importance of silicon in Li-Ion batteries. Meanwhile Amprius is mfg them in China today

@moodrowghani Great roundup of cool #podcasts for #entrepreneurs and investors from @ProductHunt today:

@mabb0tt RT @sacca: Join @Gumroad’s #SmallProductLab to create and launch a product in 10 days.

@bingfish RT @juhrman: .@bingfish What a rollercoaster! But we did it-we changed an industry and others followed. Thank you, and all @kpcb, for chall…

@AnjneyMidha today we lost a giant. he set India on a path to excellence. RIP Dr. Kalam - nuclear scientist, president, teacher, role model.

@msquinn "Criticized as a expensive gimmick and hailed as the liberator of the masses..." -an early review of ̶W̶a̶t̶c̶h̶ Mac

@msquinn Not guys named Michael (lay-up!)

@johnmaeda Simple, single-function websites like by Will McCutchen are pure utility and pure genius.

@johndoerr "We all live on the same planet. We all face the same dangers and opportunities.” - @AlGore

@johnmaeda There’s those moments when a pattern emerges from the noise that although often meaningless, can feel rewarding.

@johnmaeda Writing software has always felt like a cross between (strategy) and (carefulness) to me.

@msquinn Ten trees on a block corresponds to a 1%+ increase in how healthy residents feel (= to feeling of a $10k spot bonus)

@johnmaeda Thankful to Christine Spang for Ruby bindings on my lifelong pursuit to catch up to MIT grads

@johnmaeda Working Across in #DesignInTech, by Joana Koiller and Moses Ting

@johnmaeda Open Innovation and #DesignInTech, by Raphael Schaad and Christian Talmage

@johnmaeda Branding and #DesignInTech, by Robert Padbury and Tim McCoy

@msquinn RT @qz: Four of the five musicians with the biggest vocabularies are rappers—the fifth is Bob Dylan

@msquinn "Mass shootings [4+ victims] occur somewhere in America once every 64 days on average" - terrifying stats here

@msquinn Behold, and (s)he said unto them, let there be Tweet editing. And it was so.

@msquinn This is an important thread to be pulled (perhaps by me when I have a computer & shelter - otherwise, you!).

@AnjneyMidha RT @ProductHunt: KPCB Edge Office Hours: Virtual office hours with VCs on your iPhone via @anjneymidha

@mabb0tt RT @richard_sexton: Quality team work at its finest!