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@johnmaeda RT @dailypenn: PennApps relocates to the Wells Fargo Center

@kpcb RT @johnmaeda: Headed to speak at the original college hackathon @PennApps while re-learning NeXTSTEP 2015: http://t

@johnmaeda Headed to speak at the original college hackathon @PennApps while re-learning NeXTSTEP 2015:

@johnmaeda Pleased to know of Whitney Johnson and Christina Vuleta’s @FortyOver40 list and Baddie Winkle:

@johnmaeda Lexicographer Erin McKean has developed the world’s best dictionary -- please adopt-a-word:

@mabb0tt RT @PejmanMar: See what @TechCrunch had to say about #PMVDemoDay and our amazing Stanford Summer Founders! Proud of all our teams. http://t

@dinobecirovic The new @Twitter building is amazing.

@johnmaeda Caleb Harper (@calebgrowsfood) designs shipping-container-sized ecosystems for city farming:

@kpcb “We make judgments based on the first piece of information we have.” - @bingfish #PriceHacking

@AnjneyMidha RT @kpcb_edge: We're hiring! Learn more, reach out, and refer candidates here:

@aileenlee Funny, using iPhone voice dictation today "Cowboy Ventures" keeps getting typed as "Hellboy Ventures". Hmmm. They must mean u @Noah_L :)

@moodrowghani RT @deckelly: Great to be welcoming back @shervin @moodrowghani @TFlorence_NEA & @mattturck to Dublin for #WebSummit this November http://t

@kpcb Tomorrow @johnmaeda will be speaking at @PennApps, the original college hackathon

@johnmaeda I was lucky to spend my many years at MIT near this mural by artist Kenneth Noland:

@johnmaeda Being known as a person of action (think, then act) will serve you better than being known as a person of *reaction*.

@johnmaeda “Why do we fall, Bruce? So we can *learn* to pick ourselves up.” —Thomas Wayne (fiction)

@kpcb Various industry reports cite more than one billion mobile gamers worldwide. #MobileGaming cc: @mobcrush @mabb0tt

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: Heading to @PennApps? Don't miss @KPCB Design Partner @JohnMaeda at the opening ceremony http://t.…

@johnmaeda RT @rochelleking: Killer Design & VC panel featuring @ireneau @EnriqueAllen @veen @daynagrayson @johnmaeda at the OReilly Design Conf! http…

@johnmaeda Antionette Carroll is director/founder of social innovation design studio in St. Louis.

@kpcb Quick tip for securing your startup: Create a Culture of Security Awareness cc: @SumitAgarwalUSA #CyberSecurity

@johnmaeda RT @heyneff: .@heatherjacket and I found this wild lenticular book in the @johnmaeda library at @designerfund. Poemotion.

@dinobecirovic RT @pmarca: Public service announcement: You have all of Wednesday to stay home and binge-watch @whoismrrobot before the delayed finale ton…

@algore RT @GenerationFndt: Upholding the full remit of fiduciary duty requires integrating sustainability into investments - read our new OpEd htt…

@algore It's past time to recalibrate the scope of fiduciary duty to include sustainability.Read today’s @GenerationFndt OpEd

@johnmaeda RT @NAEA: Back to School Series: 10 Videos for Putting the “A” in STEM #artsed #STEAM

@johnmaeda Bob’s proposed a @SXSW talk on the role of designers, and can answer why we need more STEAM:

@johnmaeda “Every time we consider adding a new feature, we conduct both exploratory and summative research.” —Lindsay Mindler

@johnmaeda Although imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it never feels good. via @destroytoday

@johnmaeda Feelings of empowerment are grounded in taking *action* over longings that you could’ve/would’ve/should’ve/might’ve done so.

@johnmaeda “Decisions driven by fear and resentment often set in motion a series of self-destructive actions.” —Dean Peter Henry

@mabb0tt RT @msquinn: "The Right Way to Ship Software" by @jgoldfein - very good read for engineers, designers, product people - anyone

@kpcb #VMworld isn't the only party in town... Excited to host all these #Enterprise folks at our #KPsalon :)

@mabb0tt ‘when in doubt, add sriracha’

@shabihr RT @Para__Digm: @shabihr @DMZilla @iChaseUTube @toucharcade @bnatesgamer @mobcrush we do it cause we love it. Having such an amazing platfo…

@shabihr Special thanks to @DMZilla @iChaseUTube @Para__Digm @toucharcade @bnatesgamer on building the @mobcrush community

@JShoee RT @jak: .@Instacart is looking for iOS devs. DM me if you'd like more details!

@JShoee Stoked about the future of @mobcrush and eSports! PS they're in LA ☀️ and hiring --

@shabihr RT @kohkim: @shabihr @roycedisini @mobcrush @kpcb Excited to be reunited and making magic together #playersreunion

@dinobecirovic RT @kpcb: eSports is estimated to reach >200M viewers this year. Fast growing #MobileGaming category.