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@msquinn RT @conradhackett: Where female bosses most common 1 Jamaica 2 Colombia 15 US 25 Russia 41 UK 95 Turkey 96 Japan ht…

@msquinn RT @davemcclure: .@SVbizjournal: Top Silicon Valley women VCs tell how they succeed, how 2 close venture gender gap.

@msquinn RT @lionelbarber: Free to read: This week's @FT interview with Boris Nemtsov - last words of a Russian democrat

@msquinn RT @naveen: Assassination in Moscow.

@JShoee "How #PaulRand Pioneered the Era of Design Led Business"

@JShoee Betcha #MonumentValleyGame gets some higher than normal downloads this wknd.

@msquinn RT @meredithperry: Uberpooling for the 1st time. $5 to get from Santa Monica to Hollywood (normally a $60 taxi fare). Organized, monetized …

@creigh RT @inderstweet: Did you catch our @Kinsa cameo on StartUp (podcast) by @Gimletmedia ? #startup #business

@kpcb 38% of #AgTech companies are located in U.S. Heartland. #AgTech

@kpcb Job of the week! Design Team Lead @coursera. #KPCBjobs

@JShoee RT @Beingtweets: “We are rediscovering the urgency of slowing down.” ~ #PicoIyer

@JulietdeB1 So proud of my NdeB... #beyondtype1

@andychen RT @TheRealNimoy: Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015 Read:

@andychen RT @TheRealNimoy: A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP

@msquinn I regularly search Twitter mentions for potential/existing portfolio cos. It's helpful/less insidery than you'd think

@msquinn I learned @TheRealNimoy died from @fmanjoo's Snapchat story and I am both sad and a card-carrying millenial.

@brookporter RT @RobTornoe: Leonard Nimoy's final tweet is fittingly poignant:

@msquinn RT @adambain: How Much Is a Tweet Worth to Studios? $560 at the Box Office

@MaxMotsch Old vulnerabilities crippling your security? Great post by @JuliaYrani @synack - #cybersecurity #safetyfirst #security

@kpcb RT @timoreilly: Here's @barackobama’s surprise video intro to @dpatil’s keynote at #StrataHadoop yesterday

@johnmaeda There are teachers who change your entire life with their profound faith in your abilities.

@johnmaeda "Teachers create value by helping people understand and realize their unique potential." —@schildkrout via @JShoee

@msquinn The @NewYorker on point

@msquinn RT @InfatuationSF: If you’re a tech nerd or even if you’re not, we’ve got big news: @mgsiegler’s SF Friday Fives: ht…

@msquinn RT @TheStalwart: Cool story from @kelly_bit. Hedge fund Bridgewater is starting a new artificial intelligence unit

@aileenlee RT @Jenn_RTR: The gender income gap needs to change in VC or the ratio never will @aileenlee #ChangeTheRatio

@JShoee Strong day on the interwebs! Llamas, white dress, FCC, #HouseofCardsSeason3.

@kpcb RT @shabihr: Discovery and Growth panel by @jain_ankit Brahim, Kamo, and Amir @kpcb @Android @GooglePlay #KP12to200

@shabihr Discovery and Growth panel by @jain_ankit Brahim, Kamo, and Amir @kpcb @Android @GooglePlay #KP12to200

@kpcb Wow. #MaterialDesign is so cool. @androiddesigner presenting at #KP12to200

@kpcb RT @shabihr: @Android Design team talking about #materialdesign to mobile rock stars #KP12to200 @kpcb @johnmaeda

@AnjneyMidha RT @shabihr: @GooglePlay team talking to a packed house of mobile companies #KP12to200 @kpcb @AnjneyMidha

@kpcb RT @shabihr: @GooglePlay team talking to a packed house of mobile companies #KP12to200 @kpcb @AnjneyMidha

@kpcb "Think about designing for @Android specifically, and not just mobile." - great tips at the #KP12to200 workshop

@kpcb Interesting: @GooglePlay is growing faster than @Android. #KP12to200

@mabb0tt RT @mattocko: Proud of @MayfieldFund @kpcb @DCVC team co @cloudphysics: their *routine* tech's so deep it makes @usenix papers ;-) https://

@kpcb Excited for our @GooglePlay workshop @kpcb SF office. #KP12to200 cc: @shabihr

@aileenlee RT @adamlashinsky: I'm proud and excited the talented @LeenaRao is returning to journalism and joining the SF staff of @FortuneMagazine!!! …

@kpcb Over the last 6 years, 132 #AgTech startups have sought funding annually. Major trend to pay attention to. #AgTech

@msquinn Was wondering why it took two weeks to back up my phone: I have 14,894 photos & 159 videos stored locally. How about you? Save us iPhoto.