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@johnmaeda New discussion with McKinsey & Co’s Hugo Sarrazin on *when* good design is good business:

@johnmaeda “Foster a good code review culture in which finding defects is viewed positively.”

@johnmaeda RT @MengTo: Finally, a way to work with adaptive layouts in Sketch!

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: Spend next summer working with the brightest minds and companies in Silicon Valley

@mabb0tt RT @jbdowney83: .@thehill just posted my op-ed "The War on Drones" - a case for prosecution over prohibition. Read it here:

@johnmaeda “The rules of proportion apply equally well to the Parthenon or to a can of Campbells soup.” —Paul Rand (1996)

@AnjneyMidha 4 great options for xmas VR presents this year: GearVR ($99), Zeiss VR One ($99), Viewmaster VR ($30), Gmyle VR ($15)

@johnmaeda Understanding the relationships is more important than knowing the parts. Context > Content.

@kpcb Customer Communication, Then vs. Now cc: @Intercom #InternetTrends

@kpcb “Social mission translates to financial opportunity.” @iTunespodcasts #Ventured

@johnmaeda Making art always begins from the compromised position of not being fully ready -- improvisation readily closes the gap.

@johnmaeda A = Worrying, B = Thinking, C = Doing. Recommend A < B << C. (2010)

@johnmaeda Curiosity runs counter to established processes, unless the norm is to re-invent and grow.

@AnjneyMidha RT @neiltyson: The @MartianMovie — where you learn all the ways that being Scientifically Literate can save your life.

@johnmaeda The WSJ graphics team delivers a fine map of regional music tastes:

@algore I'm excited to be here at @Stanford today as students #ActOnClimate so that we can #KnowTomorrow. Join us:

@johnmaeda RT @McKinsey: From drafting table to boardroom: Kleiner Perkins Caufield + Byers' John Maeda on good business from good design:

@johnmaeda If superheroes were visually analyzed like employees now in the talent-verse:

@dinobecirovic RT @ThingsWork: This is how selfies are taken in space

@aileenlee Right back at ya team @textio - building magical tech. We <3 you too @Noah_L @CowboyVC

@kpcb The first 4 yrs of @Netflix’s existence was about survival. Here’s the backstory: #Ventured @iTunesPodcasts

@algore RT @ClimateReality: You don’t want to miss this. @AlGore is visiting @Stanford on October 2: #KnowTomorrow http://t

@kpcb Document Signing, Then vs. Now cc: @DocuSign #InternetTrends

@mabb0tt RT @gumroad: With Consumption Analytics, you can see where your readers are dropping off. So... now what? http://t.c

@kpcb RT @andychen: How much do you need to save for retirement, buying a house, having children...

@kpcb .@Netflix is known for company culture - their CEO discusses how he thinks about setting the culture & scaling it.

@MaxMotsch Bleed baby bleed @tjnahigian

@MaxMotsch RT @tjnahigian: @MaxMotsch

@johnmaeda Enterprise CSS challenges are deftly illustrated by Stephanie Rewis (@stefsull): via @heyimsantiago

@johnmaeda “When I’m writing (for me) there is no fear at all, because there is nothing at stake but my time.” —@MrJonathanLynn

@johnmaeda “Letting go isn’t a goal, and more of a practice … to letting *be*.” —@jshefrin

@johnmaeda Branding and #DesignInTech Playbook, led by Robert Padbury (@padbury) and Tim McCoy (@seriouslynow) via @JShoee

@johnmaeda Leadership is about getting the job done *with* them … *for* them, and not for oneself.

@mabb0tt RT @snajmi: Former US CTO @todd_park talking about the awesome @USDS and @18F making US govt efficient & agile #cfasummit

@johnmaeda “If there was no praise or criticism in the world, then who would you be?” —Howard Behar (2008)

@johnmaeda Monocle: “Do you want to be liked or respected?” MattP: “People like bosses they respect.”

@andychen Why It's a Great Time to Raise a Seed Round

@kpcb “Think of any night you didn't watch @Netflix. We compete w/ drinking a bottle of wine” - CEO @Netflix @Reedhastings

@AnjneyMidha Another Fortune 500 company going long on VR

@algore Still thinking about Mark Carney's powerful speech on financial implications of the climate crisis - a must read: