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@johnmaeda "If you have to ask 'will this annoy users?' the answer is always yes." —@mg via @jbeltowska

@johnmaeda Makers vs. Talkers, with @jkglei on @99u:

@msquinn RT @conradhackett: The majority of US kids are now growing up in homes without landlines

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: "Designers aren't afraid to get their hands dirty & go deep in their work – it's what a startup demands" @johnmaeda http:/…

@kpcb The key driver for a greater ubiquity of data-sharing in the healthcare ecosystem is consumer demand.

@kpcb RT @coreoslinux: CoreOS Now Supports Amazon's EC2 Container Service,, check out the docs here,

@kpcb Job of the week! Fullstack Engineer @RemindHQ #KPCBjobs

@moodrowghani Enjoy and save some for potato! @brooke @BrewPR @tkdhingra

@kpcb Marketers must be lazerlike with their strategies in order to merchandize video content successfully. @BrianGrazer

@johnmaeda "Making great artifacts and making great communities … are both acts of creativity and craftsmanship." —@brainpicker

@johnmaeda Back in the 70s, I would marvel at the wrapping skills of department store clerks in Japan:

@johnmaeda A creative leader is less concerned with being right, and more concerned with being real.

@johnmaeda Dynamic diagram of the startup x VC universe by @Visually:

@mabb0tt RT @sschillace: Take "crazy" risks on your best people and they will surprise you.

@kpcb RT @johnmaeda: Good design is often invisible, but it can contribute to reshaping the way our society works. (2012)

@kpcb Security breaches can be fatal for #DigitalHealth companies. Here’s a podcast on how to keep your data safe.

@bingfish RETWEET & help save lives! Join @FarmVille2 in raising $ for @SaveTheChildren! #Farm4Good

@mabb0tt RT @biz: STAND “Friction-Free Philanthropy” on @AngelList

@kpcb 5% of US population accounts for 1/2 of healthcare costs. But access to personal health data can help fix that:

@kpcb The New Entertainment Categories: #VirtualReality, Interactivity, and Beyond @magicleap #KPCBinLA

@kpcb Last year, VCs invested $3.6BB in #BigData Companies – 75% of what they invested in the previous 5 years combined.

@msquinn RT @CaseyNewton: NOW IT CAN BE TOLD: @secretly relaunches as a faster, anonymous social network with chat: http://t.…

@mabb0tt RT @mjasay: Today's Dilbert on marketing vs. engineering is awesome:

@aileenlee thanks @firstround for another super awesome holiday video. you guys & girls rock.

@alex_kurland Officially holiday season! Always enjoy the @firstround Holiday Video. Thanks @joshk @btrenchard

@kpcb Today we’re all looking for more scalability & the digital world is providing that. @BrianGrazer to @algore #KPCBinLA

@mmurph Quite a team! “@PandoDaily: eBay CTO Peters joins @InsideSales Aims to scale the hit enterprise platform for IPO

@johnmaeda A good design makes you think/feel both "aah…" and "aha!"

@johnmaeda Those who don't believe in you can't stop your believing in you,

@johnmaeda "Developing social impact reqs the research agenda to move beyond conventional academic boundaries." —@LSEImpactBlog

@msquinn Disappointed this season of @Serial is over, but delighted that the bar has been raised for podcasting. Well done Sarah Koenig.

@johnmaeda "In enterprise (vs consumer), 'They promised us 140 characters, instead we got Workday.'" —@BostonVC via @bespokeapp

@johnmaeda Happy to hear that Bobby Goodlatte (@rsg) is the new Designer in Residence at @GreylockVC -- congratulations, Bobby!

@JShoee Last episode of @serial... Until next season!

@johnmaeda RT @randydeutsch: Young #architects in Japan increasingly focus on renovation & interior design as opposed to building new houses http://t.…

@johnmaeda Good design is often invisible, but it can contribute to reshaping the way our society works. (2012)

@JShoee #argentina adventures starts now. ✈️SFO -> FLL. @uber to MIA. ✈️MIA -> Chile -> the land of steaks, Malbec, glaciers & tango. //@donnie

@JShoee #FAIL “@JonnyGeller: Step 1: Don't read this book on the subway (via @sbadsgood)

@JShoee RT @FastCompany: A graffiti artist remixed a NY subway poster for 'Unbroken' into a stunning Ferguson protest image

@JShoee RT @WSJ: Arrest records in the U.S. have skyrocketed in the past 20 years. Discuss why in a @Reddit_AMA Thursday at 1 pm ET.