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@johndoerr Inside story: How @aileenlee of @CowboyVC invented #unicorns. Proud to be/have been her partner. @kpcb

@kpcb Congrats to @MAckermannPhD and the #Oculeve team on joining @Allergan to advance #dryeye treatment:

@kpcb Take a master class in design with summer reading picks from @johnmaeda and other design leaders in @Wired_Design:

@kpcb We have @aileenlee to thank for bringing "unicorn" to the Silicon Valley vernacular:

@aileenlee impt, awesome smart @ginab insights/advice re communities: As Reddit Burns, Hard-Earned Lessons on Community

@kpcb Understanding how users interact w your product allows you to build customer empathy into company culture. @fullstory

@aileenlee RT @JackiZehner: Really? Former Disney Chief Michael Eisner: A Woman Who Is Funny and Beautiful Is "Impossible to Find"

@aileenlee PIOs, totally @StartupLJackson !

@kpcb RT @businessinsider: The thrilling life of a Kleiner Perkins fellow: sailboat parties and power players

@msquinn We're all global economists now.

@JShoee Great ending to a terrific game! #FIFAWomensWorldCup #TeamUSA

@algore Congratulations to the @ussoccer_wnt! What a great game! #USWNT

@aileenlee thanks @mattocko. you and @DCVC are awesome, love working w/ you guys.

@aileenlee thank you @shervin. you are the freakin rock star!! :)

@msquinn RT @fmanjoo: Aileen Lee is rarely credited for coining "unicorn." Me @nytimes

@aileenlee thanks much @fmanjoo @nytimes for the mention! cc: @CowboyVC

@JShoee RT @nytimesworld: Mixed messages in Greek crisis leave the people in a bind #greececrisis

@kpcb Advent of artisanal manufacturing reveals that customers want to be connected w/ where they’re directing their $.

@kpcb A manager is a coach that exists to enable their teams. - @aroetter @TwitterEng #KP12to200

@algore Congrats to @solarimpulse for reaching Hawaii on the first solar powered round the world flight!

@aileenlee RT @EdGrapeNutZimm: intriguing discussion #VentureCrushSF last week w/ @aileenlee @hunterwalk @julesmaltz & @Moorski & @Beezer232 led to…ht…

@mmurph RT @AppStore: You can now see what your favorite musicians Shazam. Very cool!

@msquinn When your dad discovers blogs in 2015 and is the last person in the planet to want more email.

@kpcb "Advanced analytics is where the heavy lifting occurs in the Big Data equation." #BigData #Analytics

@kpcb When Do You Add Managers To An Organization? #Management

@aileenlee RT @joelle_emerson: Inclusion "brings us closer to fulfilling the promise of technology." Must read.

@kpcb Have you read Mary Meeker's 2015 #InternetTrends report yet? Take a look:

@kpcb RT @Shazam: Now Shazaming–your favorite artists. Follow music’s biggest names in #Shazam & see what they’re finding:

@kpcb If iOS or Android becomes the best part of our car, where does that leave the auto manufacturer? #ConnectedVehicles

@msquinn I like @GlowHQ a lot but I think it's the one service where I don't care to follow my friends.

@kpcb Is there a risk of loss of brand control for “love brands” on social media? @americangiant

@msquinn "Sexts, Hugs & Rock n Roll" - great 'Almost Famous' type story on celebrity in the era of Vine, Instagram and YouTube

@msquinn RT @pmarca: Come to France for the Tech Ticket! Stay for the arrest warrant!

@johnmaeda People who can focus, get things done. People who can prioritize, get the right things done.

@johnmaeda RT @poptech: A healthier future doesn’t start w how to pay for it. It relies on communities sharing a similar view v…

@mabb0tt RT @richard_sexton: Windows 2003 Support EOL: What Data Science Tells Us - CloudPhysics

@mabb0tt RT @JoshuaKushner: "every problem has a solution" - dad

@johnmaeda “I saw him. We saw each other. We found each other in the cosmos, and that was wonderful.” —Ann Druyan, on Carl Sagan

@msquinn In meetings all day - are we still outraged by pea guacamole or is there something new now? Surely we have not been offended only once today

@JShoee RT @airware: Can Airware be the operating system to connect the world's drones? via @WiredUK