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@johnmaeda Entrepreneur Yelitsa Jean-Charles @RootsDolls teach natural hair care to young girls of color:

@kpcb Quick tip for securing your startup: Ditch Microsoft Office cc: @SumitAgarwalUSA #CyberSecurity

@dinobecirovic Unreal. @facebook had 1B unique users in a day. $FB

@dinobecirovic That feeling when you step into @SlackHQ offices and feel the energy, even on a late Thursday afternoon. Seems like a great place to work

@AnjneyMidha RT @Zarringhalam: The True Replacement: How TrueCaller Took over the Default Apps on my Phone -

@kpcb Over 15% y/y deal growth in the agriculture sector in last 2 yrs. What’s going on in #AgTech?

@AnjneyMidha one step closer to dedicated personal mobile vr devices

@algore New Colorado solar farm beats gas on economics & shows renewables' increasingly competitive edge against fossil fuels

@kpcb How one start-up climbs the App Store ranks. cc: @RemindHQ

@dinobecirovic RT @Onefootball: Booom #UCL

@johnmaeda Design makes what is hard, easier. And makes what is easier, memorable.

@johnmaeda Some aspects of designing software haven’t changed, but a lot *really* has …

@kpcb “The highest art is to set a price that rewards you & your customer for building a lifetime relationship.” @bingfish

@andychen RT @gragtah: Probably has issues with drivers /RT @andychen

@kpcb RT @johnmaeda: Fav thing I heard from a startup CEO: “I don’t need someone who can do strategy. I need someone who can make things and do r…

@dinobecirovic RT @MeredithFrost: Usain Bolt wins 200m gold at World Championships..then gets taken out by a Segway.

@dinobecirovic RT @levie: A.I.'s master plan: 1. Incorporate into Facebook Messenger, innocently recommending food & gifts 2. Become beloved by all 3. Des…

@AnjneyMidha RT @RoboticsIHP: Google didn’t lead the self-driving vehicle revolution. John Deere did. Farms great for tech rollou…

@mabb0tt RT @alramadan: The Importance Of #Founders by @mabb0tt @BNarasin #startup #CEO

@kpcb “When considering a new business, ask yourself if you care enough about the mission and opportunity to fail at it.”

@dinobecirovic So true @saranormous. Not evryone shld raise VC $. Ask yourself what your goals are and if they concide w/ investors

@aileenlee Soho @onekingslane studio: Mind=blown. OKL curated decor + friendly decorating help, want to live there. Recommend!!

@kpcb RT @leanplum: Here is why @kpcb invested $11.6M in @leanplum. #mobilemarketing

@AnjneyMidha a big congrats to @Qasar - one of the most founder focused, hard working guys in VC

@aileenlee RT @BarackObama: This #WomensEqualityDay, say you'll continue the fight for progress.

@mabb0tt RT @tomrikert: "reimagining marketing in a mobile world" by @mabb0tt and @leanplum on @LinkedIn

@kpcb 5 Easy Steps to Secure Your Startup: best security tips @SumitAgarwalUSA learned @Google, @usairforce & @NSA_PAO.

@algore Last week, Park City, Utah committed to #ClimateAction by joining @ClimateReality in saying #IAMPROSNOW:

@mabb0tt RT @SusanWojcicki: Let's play! @YouTubeGaming now available!

@kpcb RT @SimpliVityCorp: OmniStack 3.0 has just been announced! Learn about our new capabilities & customer guarantees ht…

@mabb0tt RT @delk: “Why I’m using Gumroad to Sell My E-Books” —

@kpcb The role of CISO is rapidly changing - security knowledge is becoming a must have, not a nice to have. #CyberSecurity

@johnmaeda RT @soleio: Building and validating prototypes is like flossing. Everyone knows it’s good for them. Few people make the time to do it.

@johnmaeda Erin McKean (@emckean) intro’d me to the economical, accessible, server-less world of JAWS:

@johnmaeda Fav thing I heard from a startup CEO: “I don’t need someone who can do strategy. I need someone who can make things and do real work.”

@johnmaeda Corey Ford is a filmmaker reborn-as media-startup-instigator powered by design thinking:

@johnmaeda The motivation to grow a company’s profitability often outweighs the drive to improve the company’s products (which would increase profits).

@dinobecirovic Great article about the merits of Uber by @msquinn. Significantly less anxiety for a comparable cost #nocarsrule