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@JulietdeB1 How one young guy can create $25 billion via @FortuneMagazine @nilofer @pattiesellers

@johnmaeda Artist Wade Kramm draws a (dotted) line between reality and imagination.

@johnmaeda Imitations carry L(imitations).

@johnmaeda Freeing old data that's been trapped in a CMS is definitely a step backwards, but it feels so good.

@johnmaeda RT @laureltouby: "In-Bathroom Purchases" (IBPs). Now, that will be a thing.

@johnmaeda “What (hu)man lay on his back counting stars and thought about a number?” —Don Draper

@johnmaeda RT @DavaExplorer: Yesterday at @NASAKennedy I got a great view of the launch pad that will play a key role in our #JourneyToMars. http://t.…

@moodrowghani RT @m2jr: I am utterly disgusted by France's handling of the Uber-taxi conflict. It's beyond embarrassing. Beyond pathetic. It's morally in…

@mabb0tt RT @droneanalyst: Interview with @jkallman85 Head of Business Development and Regulatory Affairs @airware http://t

@johnmaeda Misspeller utility from back in 2007:

@johnmaeda “The design profession has emphasized the process, not *knowledge*.” —@DanFormosa @SmartDesign via Ana (@eargasms)

@kpcb "Millennials need to be technically fluent — their personal & professional success depends on it." @JulietdeB1

@johnmaeda The late Bill Moggridge (1943-2012) co-founder of @IDEO was the Gandalf of interactive design:

@johnmaeda Intimacy comes from creating distance periodically, so that you can objectively see whether you're standing on each other's toes.

@mabb0tt RT @heavybit: Don’t miss this talk by @melsmo from @coreoslinux on what you need for marketing success

@johnmaeda I'm working to liberate my data from WP, to send it back to the placid land of static files per @takashio's rec.

@JShoee It's all about the hustle, hard work and timing. Love the story of @mikecurtis's no traditional career path.

@moodrowghani No better way to take in Istanbul then by #UberBoat cc: @kpcb @Uber

@msquinn Getting a @Uber at a LA-area airport feels like being a criminal, or a citizen of France. @EricGarcetti these pickup policies are ridiculous

@msquinn RT @TechCrunch: Uber Acquires Part Of Bing's Mapping Assets, Will Absorb Around 100 Microsoft Employees by @alex

@kpcb Many SaaS providers & e-comm sites fly blind w/ nothing but rudimentary metrics. @fullstory helps solve that problem.

@msquinn Inception 2: the right to be forgotten, then remembered

@johnmaeda The design team at led by @KurtVarner seeks to make shypping a well-designed experience.

@johnmaeda RT @kpcb: To successfully leverage #DesignInTech, don’t spray design on at the end- invest in it from the beginning.

@kpcb To successfully leverage #DesignInTech, don’t spray design on at the end- invest in it from the beginning. @johnmaeda

@msquinn RT @Libroantiguo: The original city map of New Amsterdam called Castello Plan from 1660 (later renamed New York)

@msquinn "Slack Is the Emerging Platform for Travel Services" - compelling thoughts & examples of @SlackHQ travel integrations

@johnmaeda The wise know all the whys, and make you find the hows on your own.

@mmurph Cassandra (Datastax) taking huge share of new super scale apps like Spotify: "nice to get rid of the horror rack"

@JShoee All for keeping one's own last name. With the kids, perhaps hyphenation the 2 last names.

@johnmaeda Everything becomes an -ia or an -ism when intensely overthought.

@johnmaeda Human-driven car → digitally-printable glyphs (2009):

@johnmaeda “Values are the house, and culture is the furniture.” —@fredwilson via @scottbelsky

@andychen Congrats to @KPCBFellows @ohnobackspace and team on winning 1st place at the Greylock Hackfest!

@JShoee Measuring countries on their social progress index instead of GDP.

@johnmaeda The size of a gift matters much less than its timeliness.

@kpcb Security is the #1 issue for business leaders. New data flowing from connected devices compounds the problem. #IoT

@JShoee RT @sfexaminer: #Pride2015 Photo Gallery: Supreme Court rules same-sex marriage legal

@johnmaeda “Our phones make us more productive while we wait, and yet we don’t ever want to wait.” —@Om Malik via @ilparone

@johnmaeda Lending an unneeded opinion about another person doesn't pay any interest and shouldn't.