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@MaxMotsch RT @sotoventures: @Julia_Yrani #BugforPresident @MaxMotsch

@johnmaeda The privilege of giving advice to others is equal to the responsibility of using it yourself.

@msquinn (Hint: always looking for more Memorial Day weekend book recs)

@msquinn Finished Steve Martin's great autobio Born Standing Up (great study in perseverance). Next up: Those Guys Have All the Fun on start of ESPN.

@msquinn Two steps forward, one step back.

@johnmaeda “Interview processes that minimize interviewer subjectivity reduce bias in hiring.” —@joelle_emerson via @laura

@johnmaeda “The capital-T Truth is about life *before* death.” —David Foster Wallace

@johnmaeda “Just don’t pretend your insecurities don’t exist, because you’ll only be hurting yourself.”

@algore Read the latest research on sustainable capitalism from @GenerationFndt:

@johnmaeda Thanks to @MaggieXiao and David Chao for the opportunity to talk #DesignInTech at

@johnmaeda Add too many functions to an already great device and you might forget why you bought it in the first place. (2007)

@johnmaeda “EMACS is a realtime display editor which can be extended by the user while running.” —RMS

@johnmaeda “6. The success of a product can be highly dependent on its design at the first stages of a startup.”—@sromo16

@johnmaeda Brad Feld’s book is a lot akin to Dick Chait's classic “Governance as Leadership” text.

@johnmaeda “Not all data comes from spreadsheets -- some of it comes from people, and you need both to be an effective business leader.” —@doreenl

@JShoee Just learned you can toilet train a cat! I am definitely getting Digit on this! //@CitiKitty

@andychen RT @arachleff: Growth 101: @Wealthfront’s Andy Johns on How to Build (and Test) A Sustainable Growth Model via @Inde…

@kpcb Big data is enabling transparency in supply chain of the agriculture industry. Good for farmers & consumers. #AgTech

@kpcb RT @johnmaeda: “Weekend Read: Why Design Matters than Moore” essay for @WSJ

@johnmaeda “Weekend Read: Why Design Matters than Moore” essay for @WSJ

@johnmaeda Still @dribbble-ing ... albeit rather slowy.

@kpcb “The notion that every strong individual performer should eventually get rewarded by becoming a manager is a mistake”

@algore Our resource-constrained world requires a new form of capitalism. New research from @GenerationFndt:

@kpcb There are 2 kinds of companies: Those who’ve been breached & know it, & those who’ve been breached & don’t.

@kpcb When pitching investors don’t waste a slide on a lame table of contents or agenda. Get to the point. #HowToPitch

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: Meet our 2015 Product Fellows! They'll be joining us at @Square, @uber & other @kpcb companies http…

@mabb0tt RT @shl: Faking it.

@kpcb RT @StanfordMed: Next at #bigdatamed: A fireside chat w/ @GauravSingalMD, @kpcb partner Brook Byers & @zephyrhealth CEO William King modera…

@algore The business case for #SustainableCapitalism has never been stronger. New research from @GenerationFndt:

@johnmaeda “User experience is an emergent property of an entire organization, not just one group.”

@kpcb RT @mmurph: Cool new way to use #Shazam. Next step in quest to make world Shazamable (1 click to interact w/anything around you) https://t.…

@mmurph Cool new way to use #Shazam. Next step in quest to make world Shazamable (1 click to interact w/anything around you)

@mmurph Great interview w/ @Shazam CEO: making physical world accessible w/1 mobile click. Adding camera, starting w/Disney

@algore Sustainable Capitalism is key to a prosperous future, we must embrace its tenets today: @GenerationFndt

@johnmaeda Back as an undergrad, ‘AI’ was more human-y than machine-y -- human-learning was the pursuit.

@johnmaeda “If you replace ‘AI’ with ‘programs making decisions no human understands’ more people have a healthy amount of concern.” —Sam Altman, @sama

@johnmaeda Purpose is an unlisted number in the telephone book of life. Only way you can find it is by dialing a lot of numbers and feeling lucky.

@johnmaeda Max Gunawan is the designer of the elegant, folding Lumio lamp (rechargeable via micro-USB).

@johnmaeda “It’s ironic that the Apple Watch tells us to stand up, while their computers always made us sit down.” —@aprilzero

@JShoee Great to see more startups trying to improve existing industries. @dtunkelang congrats on your new adventures!