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@johnmaeda Everything becomes an -ia or an -ism when intensely overthought.

@johnmaeda Human-driven car → digitally-printable glyphs (2009):

@johnmaeda “Values are the house, and culture is the furniture.” —@fredwilson via @scottbelsky

@andychen Congrats to @KPCBFellows @ohnobackspace and team on winning 1st place at the Greylock Hackfest!

@JShoee Measuring countries on their social progress index instead of GDP.

@johnmaeda The size of a gift matters much less than its timeliness.

@kpcb Security is the #1 issue for business leaders. New data flowing from connected devices compounds the problem. #IoT

@JShoee RT @sfexaminer: #Pride2015 Photo Gallery: Supreme Court rules same-sex marriage legal

@johnmaeda “Our phones make us more productive while we wait, and yet we don’t ever want to wait.” —@Om Malik via @ilparone

@johnmaeda Lending an unneeded opinion about another person doesn't pay any interest and shouldn't.

@johnmaeda I’ll be hosting @PopTech Oct 22-24 for my final year -- lineup incl @ireneau @gpetriglieri +:

@johnmaeda RT @gpetriglieri: Not sure if Sigmund really said this, but it still is good advice. (Not for the paranoid)

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: Hanging out at Angel Island. #sailing #pictures #hiking

@johnmaeda “Recruiting is a long game. Be patient and invest in it early on.” —Jackie Xu

@johnmaeda The "Seen" typeface by Emil Kozole automatically crosses out NSA-ly words. via @khoi

@johnmaeda BEGIN and BEING are resonant in letters and intention.

@johnmaeda "See everything, turn a blind eye to much, correct a little." —St. Bernard (12th c) via @michelepetochi

@johnmaeda If good is the enemy of great, then mediocre is the best friend of blah.

@mmurph Even the sky is celebrating!

@mabb0tt RT @lsmarr: Major breakthrough in fiber optics, from the Photonic Systems Lab in Calit2's Qualcomm Institute, covered by NYTimes. http://t.…

@johnmaeda "We can use the phrase 'big picture' as a metaphor for art and for life." —@jshefrin

@johnmaeda "People get to 40, and say … they've gotten too old to change. … I say shut up." —Buck Brannaman

@johnmaeda Quinn / Rorbaugh Competing Values Framework Flexible ↑↓ Stable ✕ Internal ←→ External

@johnmaeda “Wooden Mirror” artist Danny Rozin has outdone himself: via @nickmofo

@kpcb The great paradox of the #DigitalAge: In an increasingly automated world, consumers crave items that are customized.

@johnmaeda 『まずビジョンありき。それに名をつけよ。そして実体化せよ。』“First, there is vision. Give it a name. Make it happen.” —Prof. Yuzuru Tanaka via @ishii_mit’s sensei

@johnmaeda I added a few new (old) things to keep up my @dribbble-ing.

@johnmaeda I'm fortunate to have my former @MIT students, Noah and Tak, be my teachers for how to make things on the Web again.

@johnmaeda Often heard in the 90s: "Why should artists learn to code when there's Photoshop?" via @seattletimes (2013)

@kpcb Security breaches can be fatal for #DigitalHealth companies. Here’s a podcast on how to keep your data safe.

@msquinn "Artificial Intelligence Machine Gets Testy With Its Programmer" - tells him to 'be a man,' pouts

@lilaibrahim Best Soulcycle class ever - full of energy, love, and PRIDE. Thanks Kamelle+! #soulcycle #pride2015

@johnmaeda “If you pick the right source, you can fast-forward.” —@bchesky

@johnmaeda Wes Anderson’s painterly and minimal use of color always arrests.

@johnmaeda College presidents like Santa Ono give me hope for higher-ed: via @michaelsorrell

@johnmaeda “Once you appreciate truly how social work is, a lot of things have to change.” —@M_Heffernan

@johnmaeda "Do you want to feel great, or *be* great? They are often not the same." —@lmholliday

@johnmaeda I ran a study to figure out what kind of website to build next, and the results were helpful:

@johnmaeda Digital nature with a unique sense of scale: via @zachlieberman

@johnmaeda Artist Sterling Crispin questions what algorithms see as “face-ness”: via @golan