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@kpcb "Community members often double as marketing managers when growing into new markets" #kp12to200

@kpcb "PR can be an indicator for the health of your brand. See what journalists are saying about you in new markets."

@dinobecirovic That's one way to get new users #creative

@kpcb "The art of communication for many global companies is often a very local strategy" - @Swatipedia #KP12to200

@aileenlee RT @SVB_Financial: Looking fwd to connecting #SVBTrek students w/ Valley leaders @tconrad @aileenlee @jeffseibert @TinaSharkey in Jan https…

@aileenlee Ha @jeff if it makes u feel better, I get ones addressed to "dear Sir" - they must mean you!

@aileenlee RT @JackiZehner: Global Gender Gap Report 2015 Is out! Iceland #1 at .88 (gender balance is 1) US is number 28, 28!…

@kpcb So excited to host our #KPCB12to200 meet-up about how marketing and communications join forces to drive growth.

@johnmaeda Output = Efficiency*Time Impact = (Responsibility*Output)^Care —Davey Nguyen, Designer+Engineer+Leader

@kpcb Response to #TechBubble debate: “It’s like a deflation: How much air comes out of a balloon vs it actually popping?”

@AnjneyMidha RT @aligncommerce: CEO Marwan @Forzley speaks w/ @KPCB’s @AnjneyMidha @RandyKomisar on how #SMBs can benefit from #blockchain: https://t.c

@brookporter Congrats to the Siluria team on a great financing and welcome NatPet as investor and commercial partner!

@kpcb Two of our general partners discussed whether or not there’s a tech bubble & the consequences of raising too much $.

@brookporter RT @ClimateReality: RT @Greenpeace: Rockefellers heralded in the age of oil. Now Rockefellers aim to help end it ht…

@kpcb Learn how @Newsela is turning post-millennials into news junkies:

@johnmaeda “Ask, ’Who wants you to do what you’re about to do?’” — #ChooseMust

@pawmat RT @KPCBFellows: We're honored to be named a Top 10 Internship Program by @VaultCareers

@johnmaeda “The challenge for any brand is to be both interesting *and* consistent.” —@mrianleslie via @JohnLMacFarlane @om

@dinobecirovic Amazing and hilarious marketing campaign for @stance's new underwear line #MrMitch

@kpcb RT @forzley: Awesome to do this podcast @randykomisar @AnjneyMidha @KPCB @aligncommerce. benefits of the #blockchain for #smbs https://t.c

@AnjneyMidha RT @forzley: Awesome to do this podcast @randykomisar @AnjneyMidha @KPCB @aligncommerce. benefits of the #blockchain for #smbs https://t.c

@johnmaeda “‘I need help.’ Is the most powerful thing you can say. We’re not taught that enough.” —@JohnLMacFarlane @SONOS

@johnmaeda Hearing the word “enterprise” always gets me into an optimistic, Star-Trek-positive mood:

@MaxMotsch Momentum tech is about momentum. Kudos to $SQ for biting low pricing bullet and regaining ++ momentum, now up 50% in first hour of trading

@johnmaeda Too little confidence, and you’re unable to act; too much confidence, and you’re unable to hear.

@johnmaeda Congratulations to Craig and Kanyi on new means to accelerate “exponential opportunities”:

@johnmaeda RT @medialab: A Thank-You Note to Megan Smith: @medialab students address @USCTO's call for diversity in #STEM fields

@johnmaeda RT @GeorgeTakei: In response to Mayor David Bowers:

@kpcb RT @efeng: Brooklyn was well represented at the @kpcb NYC mixer tonight. Great seeing you Walt, @garychou, and @jedschmidt.

@kpcb High valuations today will not affect Main st like in 2000, but many VCs will fall short of returns they're used to.

@dinobecirovic Congrats to @stance on the new product line! And a big welcome to @JHarden13!

@kpcb Today, public markets are demanding sustainable business models before allowing companies to go public. #Bubble talk

@MaxMotsch RT @emmanuel_2m: Great panel @droneworldexpo about VC funding in the #drone space... "Do's and don't"

@kpcb RT @aligncommerce: .@AlignCommerce is helping #SMBs compete globally. Read more on our partnership w/ @KPCB:

@kpcb Valuing a company: Pre-IPO, companies are judged by potential - post, they're judged by performance. #Bubble talk:

@lilaibrahim Thankful for our CEOs wise words...

@moodrowghani Excited for @stance's brand new underwear division in partnership with @JHarden13 cc: @kpcb @termsheet

@kpcb The mkt is never in equilibrium, but public & private markets have diff variables driving their valuations. #Bubble

@kpcb Are we in a tech #bubble and should entrepreneurs be worried in this funding environment? Take a listen: