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@aileenlee RT @withfries2: We see lots and lots of #startup metrics in pitch decks. Here is a handy decoder ring. Use the power wisely, please. http:/…

@mabb0tt RT @delk: Good company! “Airbnb, Pinterest and Gumroad: five lessons from design-driven brands” —

@mabb0tt RT @MatthewBogart: I wonder why Gumroad can get $ to me within 2 weeks of a sale & places like ComiXology take months or years.

@dinobecirovic United to sign @neymarjr ? Best joke I have heard in quite some time. @ManUtd

@kpcb "Design goals need to be tied to business objectives to ensure that designers understand how their work impacts the bottom line." @johnmaeda

@kpcb "Look for opportunities to learn and grow" - @johndoerr's advice to young professionals.

@kpcb Watch our “Welcome to Silicon Valley” event about entrepreneurial journeys w/ CEO of @Jawbone.

@kpcb Food demand is expected to increase 70% by 2050 & double in price during that time. Can #AgTech make a difference?

@algore Next month in Florida, I’ll train hundreds of new @ClimateReality Leaders to take action. Join me: #CRinFlorida

@kpcb 90% of all data generated in the world was generated in the last 2 years. cc: @qumulo

@MaxMotsch "Uber's Biggest Competition Is Not a Ride-Sharing Company (In 1 Chart)" by @MaxMotsch on @LinkedIn @LinkedInPulse

@dinobecirovic RT @CNBC: The Dow is on track for its worst weekly decline in nearly four years, down 4%. What to buy »

@johnmaeda Wyoscan Watch by artist Dexter Sinister is a unique adaptive-reuse product design specimen:

@AnjneyMidha RT @AlanMamedi: My career in the movies started with a phone call, which I was lucky enough to take after missing it a few times. http://t.…

@AnjneyMidha 3/ Still not as good as the low persistence OLED on Note 4, but iPhone 6+ performed better than expected over 8 hours of continuous use.

@AnjneyMidha 2/ Photo courtesy my seatmate who apparently was clicking away for 20 mins before I realized

@AnjneyMidha 1/First time in a year flying without DK2 or GearVR. iPhone + plastic cardboard worked great as replacements.SFO->LON

@dinobecirovic "Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked." Day of reckoning coming soon to private tech companies cc: @bgurley

@dinobecirovic RT @bgurley: 5/ If so, we may be nearing the end of a cycle where growth is valued more than profitability. It could be at an inflection po…

@dinobecirovic RT @bgurley: 3/ The bottom line is that global tech valuation multiples are compressing (coming in). Quickly.

@dinobecirovic Goosebumps. Why football is the best sport in the world ⚽

@kpcb Industries that fall within the “Internet of Things” category constitute two-thirds of the global economy. #IoT

@algore .@NOAA confirms July 2015 hottest month ever recorded & Jan-July 2015 hottest such period ever recorded #ActOnClimate

@mabb0tt RT @kathleen_warner: So excited about people being able to build an audience on @gumroad even before releasing a product.

@kpcb Never focus on price when you pitch the customer. Instead, “highlight unusual features.” @bingfish #PriceHacking

@dinobecirovic Alphabet-witter anyone? $GOOG $TWTR

@dinobecirovic It's Uber vs. the world cc: @MaxMotsch

@aileenlee kinda a petpeeve: getting an digital invite that repeatedly pings for your "RSVP" but the only response option is "yes"

@MaxMotsch "Uber's Biggest Competition Is Not a Ride-Sharing Company (In 1 Chart)" by @MaxMotsch on @LinkedIn @LinkedInPulse

@kpcb 4 things @Google looks for when hiring: General cognitive ability, leadership, Googleiness, & expertise.

@kpcb RT @creigh: "it’s better to be a listening founder than a visionary founder" - @qumulo CEO @peter_godman

@johnmaeda Relevant + charmed how HQ's lobby doubles as a TED recording stage.

@kpcb Excited to join @datameer's recent fundraise, as they expand globally to make big data analytics easy for everyone.

@kpcb “Little innovations that start from a fun or silly idea can snowball into a technology revolution.” - @ciarapeter

@kpcb Everyone talks about #GrowthHacking, but artificial virality can be harmful. So instead let's talk #RetentionHacking.

@creigh "it’s better to be a listening founder than a visionary founder" - @qumulo CEO @peter_godman

@kpcb “Moore’s Law brought us to this unique moment... in which breakthrough design alongside breakthrough tech = key to success.” - @johnmaeda

@algore Great work by @kissthegroundCA on Earth's delicate carbon balance & what it means for the climate crisis. #soilstory

@johnmaeda Khoi Vinh produces (which I visit religiously) among other key #DesignInTech pursuits.