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@kpcb RT @johnmaeda: Reverse side of Facebook HQ sign reminds how digital consumers have moved past just techies. http://t

@kpcb Advanced analytics brings trajectory-changing insights that make the diff between success & failure. #BigData

@johnmaeda There's a fine line between "boring" and "mysterious."

@msquinn Every window of Selfridges right now:

@msquinn RT @shaig: Good article describing how Benchmark (one of the best VC firms) goes about their business

@msquinn # of friends who gave up some sort of social media for Lent > # of friends who gave up french fries, chocolate, alcohol

@mabb0tt RT @CaliforniaKara: Today I'm excited to share I'm joining @USDS as Deputy Director of @18F consulting team. #STOKED

@mabb0tt RT @cdixon: Big new ideas take years to develop. People make fun of you along the way. Stick with it.

@johnmaeda Books and movies have endings. The Internet doesn't. Thus taking breaks feels so unnatural.

@johnmaeda RT @TheBrockJohnson: The one where I say to @johnmaeda "...because you're a weirdo." Great convo about great desgin.

@johnmaeda "The best advice I have for designers is to practice being not-designers." —@stewart via @rsg

@johnmaeda An important sign of maturity is becoming secure with your own insecurities.

@aileenlee Happy to chat but only off the record. And thank you for all your awesome coverage!!

@mabb0tt RT @rundavidrun: Apparently, a sufficient number of puppies can explain any computer science concept. Here we have multithreading: http://t

@msquinn As part of my ongoing quest to find really good podcasts (not an oxymoron!) I'm testing all 26 of @Voxdotcom's recs:

@msquinn Great post by @scottbelsky on the trials, tribulations & revelations of bringing creative tools to mobile @Adobe

@msquinn RT @nicoleperlroth: The most coveted Hollywood scripts are still locked in briefcases and accompanied by bodyguards.

@algore Thanks to @CalumWorthy for supporting @LiveEarth and #ClimateAction during @NickelodeonTV's #KCA's! Congratulations, Calum!

@msquinn Today in "Silk Road case or Liam Neeson movie plot?" -- federal agent money laundering, Bitcoin thefts, DEA moles

@mabb0tt RT @droneanalyst: Good to see panel with @3DRobotics @bznotes @airware and @CooleyLLP (host) at @AUVSI investor event #drones #UAS http://t

@johnmaeda "If there's a simple, easy design principle that binds everything together, it's probably about starting with the people." —Bill Moggridge

@johnmaeda Corrected error in #DesignInTech Report -- not 7 out of 10 top B-schools with design clubs: 8!

@algore Economics drives Georgetown, TX’s embrace of 100% clean energy; clear example of rapid decline in cost of renewables:

@msquinn RT @prak_daddy: took an uber pool from beverly hills to LAX for $5. five bucks. f'n awesome. thanks @Uber_LA!

@msquinn RT @twotribes: Everything we eat both causes and prevents cancer.

@johnmaeda Reverse side of Facebook HQ sign reminds how digital consumers have moved past just techies.

@mmurph RT @SnoopDogg: At tha @iHeartRadio awards wit @ImCharlieWilson . Abt to go on stage. Hit @shazam when u c my performance !!

@MaxMotsch Powerful stuff. Rooting for you

@johnmaeda The mantra of "fail fast" is often misunderstood as deifying failure. What it really means is "recover fast" -- the comeback is key.

@johnmaeda RT @FastCompany: 4 reasons why design is taking over Silicon Valley, according to @johnmaeda:

@johnmaeda "Shutting people out is an important part of being a shut-in." —@laurensmiley

@johnmaeda Although doing the right thing can always go wrong, do it anyways and see.

@johnmaeda Altruism works best when you're the door instead of the doormat.

@johnmaeda Acting reflexively is not as good as acting reflectively.

@johnmaeda Thanks to Andrei Herasimchuk for his noble crusade for legibility and modernity back in 2006:

@johnmaeda "An interface frames its content and dictates what's appropriate." —@rsg

@johnmaeda "Empower your team to be storytellers and involve them in sourcing new talent." —@JShoee

@johnmaeda Presenting #DesignInTech Report at @UCBerkeley Haas School of Business on March 31, Tue at 6pm | Open to the Public:

@johnmaeda The grass is always greener on the other side because from faraway you can't see the weeds.

@msquinn Glad to be home at last to this handsome guy (and Thai food)!