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Zynga Takes on Social Gaming
Zynga's Farmville lets you plant and harvest crops, or buy zebra unicorns and play match maker to polka dot livestock. Your farm, your way.
Sunday, July 1, 2007

Zynga Takes on Social Gaming


@MaxMotsch RT @sotoventures: @Julia_Yrani #BugforPresident @MaxMotsch

@johnmaeda The privilege of giving advice to others is equal to the responsibility of using it yourself.

@msquinn (Hint: always looking for more Memorial Day weekend book recs)

@msquinn Finished Steve Martin's great autobio Born Standing Up (great study in perseverance). Next up: Those Guys Have All the Fun on start of ESPN.

@msquinn Two steps forward, one step back.

@johnmaeda “Interview processes that minimize interviewer subjectivity reduce bias in hiring.” —@joelle_emerson via @laura

@johnmaeda “The capital-T Truth is about life *before* death.” —David Foster Wallace

@johnmaeda “Just don’t pretend your insecurities don’t exist, because you’ll only be hurting yourself.”

@algore Read the latest research on sustainable capitalism from @GenerationFndt:

@johnmaeda Thanks to @MaggieXiao and David Chao for the opportunity to talk #DesignInTech at

@johnmaeda Add too many functions to an already great device and you might forget why you bought it in the first place. (2007)

@johnmaeda “EMACS is a realtime display editor which can be extended by the user while running.” —RMS

@johnmaeda “6. The success of a product can be highly dependent on its design at the first stages of a startup.”—@sromo16

@johnmaeda Brad Feld’s book is a lot akin to Dick Chait's classic “Governance as Leadership” text.

@johnmaeda “Not all data comes from spreadsheets -- some of it comes from people, and you need both to be an effective business leader.” —@doreenl

@JShoee Just learned you can toilet train a cat! I am definitely getting Digit on this! //@CitiKitty

@andychen RT @arachleff: Growth 101: @Wealthfront’s Andy Johns on How to Build (and Test) A Sustainable Growth Model via @Inde…

@kpcb Big data is enabling transparency in supply chain of the agriculture industry. Good for farmers & consumers. #AgTech

@kpcb RT @johnmaeda: “Weekend Read: Why Design Matters than Moore” essay for @WSJ

@johnmaeda “Weekend Read: Why Design Matters than Moore” essay for @WSJ

@johnmaeda Still @dribbble-ing ... albeit rather slowy.

@kpcb “The notion that every strong individual performer should eventually get rewarded by becoming a manager is a mistake”

@algore Our resource-constrained world requires a new form of capitalism. New research from @GenerationFndt:

@kpcb There are 2 kinds of companies: Those who’ve been breached & know it, & those who’ve been breached & don’t.

@kpcb When pitching investors don’t waste a slide on a lame table of contents or agenda. Get to the point. #HowToPitch

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: Meet our 2015 Product Fellows! They'll be joining us at @Square, @uber & other @kpcb companies http…

@mabb0tt RT @shl: Faking it.

@kpcb RT @StanfordMed: Next at #bigdatamed: A fireside chat w/ @GauravSingalMD, @kpcb partner Brook Byers & @zephyrhealth CEO William King modera…

@algore The business case for #SustainableCapitalism has never been stronger. New research from @GenerationFndt:

@johnmaeda “User experience is an emergent property of an entire organization, not just one group.”

@kpcb RT @mmurph: Cool new way to use #Shazam. Next step in quest to make world Shazamable (1 click to interact w/anything around you) https://t.…

@mmurph Cool new way to use #Shazam. Next step in quest to make world Shazamable (1 click to interact w/anything around you)

@mmurph Great interview w/ @Shazam CEO: making physical world accessible w/1 mobile click. Adding camera, starting w/Disney

@algore Sustainable Capitalism is key to a prosperous future, we must embrace its tenets today: @GenerationFndt

@johnmaeda Back as an undergrad, ‘AI’ was more human-y than machine-y -- human-learning was the pursuit.

@johnmaeda “If you replace ‘AI’ with ‘programs making decisions no human understands’ more people have a healthy amount of concern.” —Sam Altman, @sama

@johnmaeda Purpose is an unlisted number in the telephone book of life. Only way you can find it is by dialing a lot of numbers and feeling lucky.

@johnmaeda Max Gunawan is the designer of the elegant, folding Lumio lamp (rechargeable via micro-USB).

@johnmaeda “It’s ironic that the Apple Watch tells us to stand up, while their computers always made us sit down.” —@aprilzero

@JShoee Great to see more startups trying to improve existing industries. @dtunkelang congrats on your new adventures!