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Zynga Takes on Social Gaming
Zynga's Farmville lets you plant and harvest crops, or buy zebra unicorns and play match maker to polka dot livestock. Your farm, your way.
Sunday, July 1, 2007

Zynga Takes on Social Gaming


@JShoee RT @nytimesworld: Mixed messages in Greek crisis leave the people in a bind #greececrisis

@kpcb Advent of artisanal manufacturing reveals that customers want to be connected w/ where they’re directing their $.

@kpcb A manager is a coach that exists to enable their teams. - @aroetter @TwitterEng #KP12to200

@algore Congrats to @solarimpulse for reaching Hawaii on the first solar powered round the world flight!

@aileenlee RT @EdGrapeNutZimm: intriguing discussion #VentureCrushSF last week w/ @aileenlee @hunterwalk @julesmaltz & @Moorski & @Beezer232 led to…ht…

@mmurph RT @AppStore: You can now see what your favorite musicians Shazam. Very cool!

@msquinn When your dad discovers blogs in 2015 and is the last person in the planet to want more email.

@kpcb "Advanced analytics is where the heavy lifting occurs in the Big Data equation." #BigData #Analytics

@kpcb When Do You Add Managers To An Organization? #Management

@aileenlee RT @joelle_emerson: Inclusion "brings us closer to fulfilling the promise of technology." Must read.

@kpcb Have you read Mary Meeker's 2015 #InternetTrends report yet? Take a look:

@kpcb RT @Shazam: Now Shazaming–your favorite artists. Follow music’s biggest names in #Shazam & see what they’re finding:

@kpcb If iOS or Android becomes the best part of our car, where does that leave the auto manufacturer? #ConnectedVehicles

@msquinn I like @GlowHQ a lot but I think it's the one service where I don't care to follow my friends.

@kpcb Is there a risk of loss of brand control for “love brands” on social media? @americangiant

@msquinn "Sexts, Hugs & Rock n Roll" - great 'Almost Famous' type story on celebrity in the era of Vine, Instagram and YouTube

@msquinn RT @pmarca: Come to France for the Tech Ticket! Stay for the arrest warrant!

@johnmaeda People who can focus, get things done. People who can prioritize, get the right things done.

@johnmaeda RT @poptech: A healthier future doesn’t start w how to pay for it. It relies on communities sharing a similar view v…

@mabb0tt RT @richard_sexton: Windows 2003 Support EOL: What Data Science Tells Us - CloudPhysics

@mabb0tt RT @JoshuaKushner: "every problem has a solution" - dad

@johnmaeda “I saw him. We saw each other. We found each other in the cosmos, and that was wonderful.” —Ann Druyan, on Carl Sagan

@msquinn In meetings all day - are we still outraged by pea guacamole or is there something new now? Surely we have not been offended only once today

@JShoee RT @airware: Can Airware be the operating system to connect the world's drones? via @WiredUK

@johnmaeda Artist/Roboticist Ken Goldberg is re-engineering at scale how we can/will relate with robots.

@mabb0tt Can Airware be the operating system to connect the world's drones? cc:@airware @jbdowney83

@bingfish Airbnb acts like a leader! "How we scaled data science at Airbnb" VentureBeat | Big Data | by Riley Newman, Airbnb

@bingfish I posted a new blog for Entrepreneur mag. Pls share. Mastering the Art of Pricing: What the Textbooks Don't Teach You

@kpcb "There’s a special quality that can only be learned through creating artifacts in the real world." #DesignInTech

@johnmaeda “If you don’t care about your body, every other aspect of your life will suffer.” —@BenjaminPHardy via @fredgraver

@johnmaeda Modernists sweets by the Takram folks in Japan: via @junkocarter

@kpcb Mastering the Art of Pricing: What the Textbooks Don't Teach You. @bingfish #PriceHacking

@kpcb .@Teladoc is reinventing how patients access healthcare. Their IPO today is a win for us all.

@kpcb Faster technology makes a marginal difference, but better #design can create quantum leaps in customer satisfaction.

@AnjneyMidha RT @magicleap: Welcoming former Vevo CEO Rio Caraeff @riozilla today - joining @magicleap as our Chief Content Officer:

@kpcb 80 cents of every dollar invested in retail is unrelated to the product itself. - @BayardWinthrop

@johnmaeda “Are we alone? No, we have each other.” —Ann Druyan via @TIME

@msquinn TIL (in my research on American Bandstand->Soul Train->Beats1) Magic Johnson bought the rights to Soul Train in 2011

@msquinn RT @AlSaqqaf: Startup pitch evolution: "We're a website for.." "We're an app for.." "We're a bot for.."

@msquinn First computer I've personally owned since college, when I had a sweet customized Dude-you're-getting-a-Dell.