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Zynga Takes on Social Gaming
Zynga's Farmville lets you plant and harvest crops, or buy zebra unicorns and play match maker to polka dot livestock. Your farm, your way.
Sunday, July 1, 2007

Zynga Takes on Social Gaming


@msquinn RT @CaseyNewton: NOW IT CAN BE TOLD: @secretly relaunches as a faster, anonymous social network with chat: http://t.…

@mabb0tt RT @mjasay: Today's Dilbert on marketing vs. engineering is awesome:

@aileenlee thanks @firstround for another super awesome holiday video. you guys & girls rock.

@alex_kurland Officially holiday season! Always enjoy the @firstround Holiday Video. Thanks @joshk @btrenchard

@kpcb Today we’re all looking for more scalability & the digital world is providing that. @BrianGrazer to @algore #KPCBinLA

@mmurph Quite a team! “@PandoDaily: eBay CTO Peters joins @InsideSales Aims to scale the hit enterprise platform for IPO

@johnmaeda A good design makes you think/feel both "aah…" and "aha!"

@johnmaeda Those who don't believe in you can't stop your believing in you,

@johnmaeda "Developing social impact reqs the research agenda to move beyond conventional academic boundaries." —@LSEImpactBlog

@msquinn Disappointed this season of @Serial is over, but delighted that the bar has been raised for podcasting. Well done Sarah Koenig.

@johnmaeda "In enterprise (vs consumer), 'They promised us 140 characters, instead we got Workday.'" —@BostonVC via @bespokeapp

@johnmaeda Happy to hear that Bobby Goodlatte (@rsg) is the new Designer in Residence at @GreylockVC -- congratulations, Bobby!

@JShoee Last episode of @serial... Until next season!

@johnmaeda RT @randydeutsch: Young #architects in Japan increasingly focus on renovation & interior design as opposed to building new houses http://t.…

@johnmaeda Good design is often invisible, but it can contribute to reshaping the way our society works. (2012)

@JShoee #argentina adventures starts now. ✈️SFO -> FLL. @uber to MIA. ✈️MIA -> Chile -> the land of steaks, Malbec, glaciers & tango. //@donnie

@JShoee #FAIL “@JonnyGeller: Step 1: Don't read this book on the subway (via @sbadsgood)

@JShoee RT @FastCompany: A graffiti artist remixed a NY subway poster for 'Unbroken' into a stunning Ferguson protest image

@JShoee RT @WSJ: Arrest records in the U.S. have skyrocketed in the past 20 years. Discuss why in a @Reddit_AMA Thursday at 1 pm ET.

@JShoee RT @BBCtrending: Tweets from Havana What Cubans are saying about the historic pact

@JShoee Killing "The Interview" may potentially cost @SonyPictures $100m. Must have been a tough decision. //@FiveThirtyEight

@JShoee Print may be dying but the subscription model is alive & well. AMC to offer unlimited monthly movie subscription plan

@johnmaeda Machine-generated haiku from your IP address, by @asoftmurmur: via @creigh

@johnmaeda "Ultimately, most people are going to reach a crossroad of serious illness …" —Amy Berman

@johnmaeda RT @melavumkal: Just in time for the holidays! #ibmdesign releases The IBM Design Language & it's open for the world…

@johnmaeda "We focus on 2 things: getting everyone to contribute and letting everyone's contribution be heard." —@philgilbertsr

@johnmaeda "As a candidate I interviewed once said, 'If you're trying, are you really ever failing?'" —@grafxnerd

@johnmaeda Apps of the year 2014 for iOS and Android: via @MaxMotsch @KPCB

@mabb0tt RT @zsims: @evanspiegel you've done an incredible job of handling this whole situation -- inspiring. can't wait to watch what you show the…

@johnmaeda Learned today that San Jose-based @Pinger co-founder Greg @Woock was on the early Palm team:

@mabb0tt RT @mashable: LG to launch next version of WebOS for smart TVs at CES

@moodrowghani RT @bgurley: Thrilled to welcome @philbcardenas as Head of Global Safety @Uber, Our Commitment to Safety | Uber Blog

@johnmaeda Designer @danemhoward is directing new film on design x @ebayinc for @StanfordBiz. Prior one:

@kpcb “15 years from now, I can imagine better personal delivery devices for video content” - @ncyoung #KPCBinLA

@kpcb @paulavasan email

@kpcb You must protect yourself against breaches as a #DigitalHealth co. Director of Security @PracticeFusion tells all.

@johnmaeda Tech x Design (with a capital D) at the new @CooperHewitt -- bravo to @sebchan: via @nprnews

@johnmaeda RT @swannodette: New version of ClojureScript out, features cljs.test a port of clojure.test. Give it a try!

@mabb0tt RT @coreoslinux: CoreOS Now Supports Amazon's EC2 Container Service,, check out the docs here,

@msquinn I had exactly no interest in seeing The Interview. Until today.