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Zynga Takes on Social Gaming
Zynga's Farmville lets you plant and harvest crops, or buy zebra unicorns and play match maker to polka dot livestock. Your farm, your way.
Sunday, July 1, 2007

Zynga Takes on Social Gaming


@johnmaeda Lexicographer Erin McKean has developed the world’s best dictionary -- please adopt-a-word:

@mabb0tt RT @PejmanMar: See what @TechCrunch had to say about #PMVDemoDay and our amazing Stanford Summer Founders! Proud of all our teams. http://t

@dinobecirovic The new @Twitter building is amazing.

@johnmaeda Caleb Harper (@calebgrowsfood) designs shipping-container-sized ecosystems for city farming:

@kpcb “We make judgments based on the first piece of information we have.” - @bingfish #PriceHacking

@AnjneyMidha RT @kpcb_edge: We're hiring! Learn more, reach out, and refer candidates here:

@aileenlee Funny, using iPhone voice dictation today "Cowboy Ventures" keeps getting typed as "Hellboy Ventures". Hmmm. They must mean u @Noah_L :)

@moodrowghani RT @deckelly: Great to be welcoming back @shervin @moodrowghani @TFlorence_NEA & @mattturck to Dublin for #WebSummit this November http://t

@kpcb Tomorrow @johnmaeda will be speaking at @PennApps, the original college hackathon

@johnmaeda I was lucky to spend my many years at MIT near this mural by artist Kenneth Noland:

@johnmaeda Being known as a person of action (think, then act) will serve you better than being known as a person of *reaction*.

@johnmaeda “Why do we fall, Bruce? So we can *learn* to pick ourselves up.” —Thomas Wayne (fiction)

@kpcb Various industry reports cite more than one billion mobile gamers worldwide. #MobileGaming cc: @mobcrush @mabb0tt

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: Heading to @PennApps? Don't miss @KPCB Design Partner @JohnMaeda at the opening ceremony http://t.…

@johnmaeda RT @rochelleking: Killer Design & VC panel featuring @ireneau @EnriqueAllen @veen @daynagrayson @johnmaeda at the OReilly Design Conf! http…

@johnmaeda Antionette Carroll is director/founder of social innovation design studio in St. Louis.

@kpcb Quick tip for securing your startup: Create a Culture of Security Awareness cc: @SumitAgarwalUSA #CyberSecurity

@johnmaeda RT @heyneff: .@heatherjacket and I found this wild lenticular book in the @johnmaeda library at @designerfund. Poemotion.

@dinobecirovic RT @pmarca: Public service announcement: You have all of Wednesday to stay home and binge-watch @whoismrrobot before the delayed finale ton…

@algore RT @GenerationFndt: Upholding the full remit of fiduciary duty requires integrating sustainability into investments - read our new OpEd htt…

@algore It's past time to recalibrate the scope of fiduciary duty to include sustainability.Read today’s @GenerationFndt OpEd

@johnmaeda RT @NAEA: Back to School Series: 10 Videos for Putting the “A” in STEM #artsed #STEAM

@johnmaeda Bob’s proposed a @SXSW talk on the role of designers, and can answer why we need more STEAM:

@johnmaeda “Every time we consider adding a new feature, we conduct both exploratory and summative research.” —Lindsay Mindler

@johnmaeda Although imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it never feels good. via @destroytoday

@johnmaeda Feelings of empowerment are grounded in taking *action* over longings that you could’ve/would’ve/should’ve/might’ve done so.

@johnmaeda “Decisions driven by fear and resentment often set in motion a series of self-destructive actions.” —Dean Peter Henry

@mabb0tt RT @msquinn: "The Right Way to Ship Software" by @jgoldfein - very good read for engineers, designers, product people - anyone

@kpcb #VMworld isn't the only party in town... Excited to host all these #Enterprise folks at our #KPsalon :)

@mabb0tt ‘when in doubt, add sriracha’

@shabihr RT @Para__Digm: @shabihr @DMZilla @iChaseUTube @toucharcade @bnatesgamer @mobcrush we do it cause we love it. Having such an amazing platfo…

@shabihr Special thanks to @DMZilla @iChaseUTube @Para__Digm @toucharcade @bnatesgamer on building the @mobcrush community

@JShoee RT @jak: .@Instacart is looking for iOS devs. DM me if you'd like more details!

@JShoee Stoked about the future of @mobcrush and eSports! PS they're in LA ☀️ and hiring --

@shabihr RT @kohkim: @shabihr @roycedisini @mobcrush @kpcb Excited to be reunited and making magic together #playersreunion

@dinobecirovic RT @kpcb: eSports is estimated to reach >200M viewers this year. Fast growing #MobileGaming category.

@kpcb RT @kinsa: Not many thermometers left at our featured 50% off perk- get it TODAY before they're gone!

@kpcb RT @johnmaeda: Just a year ago, Inder Singh launched a digital thermometer -- it now has a baby cousin:

@kpcb eSports is estimated to reach >200M viewers this year. Fast growing #MobileGaming category.

@mabb0tt RT @nathanbarry: Do you sell digital products? You should really be using @gumroad: