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@kpcb All battery electric bus from @Proterra_Inc visits @kpcb! Lifetime fuel savings of up to $365K vs diesel. So quiet...

@msquinn New, hot Silicon Valley job: PM, Sound Stickers

@johnmaeda On the transition from design leader to *product* leader, by @gretared: #MX15

@mabb0tt RT @henriper: exciting times ahead, #drones will revolutionize much of our lives for the better..think #Rescue & #medical delivery https://

@lilaibrahim Wise words from @Privahini in next generation of tech stars...

@AnjneyMidha Fantastic VR demos organized by Dylan and @rothventures team at ballpark today! Fidelity of eye tracking and mobile capture blew me away.

@johnmaeda Assortment of "homepage histories" compiled by @bakztfuture: via @AnjneyMidha

@johnmaeda "Never trust a computer you can't lift." —said the Mac, back in 1984: via @JShoee

@kpcb "People often think of joining startups as a career choice... but it’s a lifestyle choice." - @Privahini @Refinery29

@msquinn Great to see Apple break out Christy Turlington's marathon times in earnings reports now.

@moodrowghani “This is a direction that we will be going in the future, @Stance was a great place to start.” #NBA on deal w/#stance

@algore New study: manmade global warming already causing a significant increase in extreme weather. We need #ClimateAction:

@andychen RT @justinsayarath: We just hit the 50% mark! Help us build a school with $24 for my 24th birthday #24for24 http://

@kpcb "Orgs regress to the mean. If you have many B players that are not advancing, your org will regress to their level."

@johnmaeda #DesignInTech Report v1.05 is up (page 4 mod). Chinese, Korean, and Japanese are coming soon …

@johnmaeda "Problem solving is about finding all the right puzzle pieces, and then sanding the edges until they all fit." —@MIT Prof. Gerry Sussman

@mmurph Pleasure to work w/ @larsalbright: article on farms vs start-ups + "role shaping Boston’s future.. tech resurgence."

@johnmaeda "If sleep doesn't serve an absolutely vital function, it is the greatest mistake evolution ever made."

@johnmaeda I'm hosting @PopTech Oct 22-24 in Camden, Maine. Registering before May 1 has its advantages:

@johnmaeda Spring Studio was acquired by BBVA last week, requiring an update to the #DesignInTech Report:

@kpcb "Managers have 3 primary jobs: hire; develop & serve their people; and fire." - @RandyKomisar @HarvardBiz

@AnjneyMidha Awesome native mobile VR experience from @jauntvr. Accessible VR is here (free iOS app + $12 headset off Alibaba)

@mabb0tt RT @NepalSpace: Stunning video of avalanche hitting #Everest base Camp

@msquinn RT @om: Everyone if you can help, please help with the #NepalEarthquake crisis. Every tiny bit will help.

@msquinn US sports are absolutely gentlemanly compared to UK soccer. Never been told off so many times - over a tie game! :)

@JShoee All the data trails we're leaving behind... In other news, go see @ExMachinaMovie.

@kpcb RT @mmurph: .@shazam and #AppleWatch just made Saturday night a bit more fun (and scary)!

@johnmaeda "The odds are irrelevant. If it's possible and it matters, you take the shot." —Regina Dugan

@mmurph .@shazam and #AppleWatch just made Saturday night a bit more fun (and scary)!

@johnmaeda Nice work led by Andy @Dunn to assist Nepal:

@johnmaeda "… in the end it wasn't important to have every little thing done." —@MichaelMcGee, Co-Founder

@msquinn (Not @TheOnion, not even @FoxNews.)

@msquinn "More than a third of infants are using smartphones, tablets, study says" - btw infants means < 1 year old

@shabihr RT @SueDHellmann: Terribly sad news. @AP: BREAKING: Nepal police say at least 1,130 dead in massive earthquake centered outside of Kathmand…

@moodrowghani RT @gogoSlava: Help out! Give to Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund Raise funds on #indiegogolife

@johnmaeda "… we struggled through anything we could get our hands on to learn these skills." —@nealsales

@mabb0tt RT @GoogleCR: We've just launched a Person Finder instance to help track missing persons for the #Nepal earthquake,

@algore Very proud of @KarennaGore's powerful and moving words today @EarthDayTexas. A must-read!

@johnmaeda "You are not responsible for the problem, but you are responsible to *face* the problem …" —Victor Frankl

@mmurph Nice work @Shazam and @Flipboard , always early and leading on new platforms!