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@kpcb The power of personalization is hugely important to @netflix. Listen to their CEO, @reedhastings, talk about why.

@kpcb RT @johnmaeda: We’ve started to informally gather designer-to-PM and designer-to-engineer ratios:

@kpcb RT @TechCrunch: How Google Thinks About Hiring, Management, and Culture by @RandyKomisar

@johnmaeda We’ve started to informally gather designer-to-PM and designer-to-engineer ratios:

@JShoee Congrats @vanillaiceman @donnie and team!

@algore Now is the time for world leaders to #ActonClimate. Watch the video and add your voice: #COP21

@johnmaeda “People make the incorrect assumption that software engineering is writing code to a spec, but it’s not.” —@kgale

@johnmaeda It’s so easy to mistake one’s foreground activity at work as being the world in which one operates.

@algore .@InterfaithWorld #2015Parliament brings 10,000 global leaders Oct. 15-19 to advance #ClimateAction! Take part:

@johnmaeda Modernist designs seek pragmatism grounded in what-is-rational. Emotional designs bring a different kind of pragmatism: the need to ~feel~.

@johnmaeda Paola Antonelli and Alice Rawsthorn are the forerunners of a new understanding of *design*.

@AnjneyMidha Eloquent post by @joshcarpenter on why the Internet is better in VR, courtesy mozvr's work

@JShoee RT @ProductHunt: Great discussion on Twitter Moments with the team that made it:

@kpcb We're excited to lead the $15M Series B round for @Newsela, an #edtech startup transforming literacy instruction.

@johnmaeda Wayne Sutton and Christian Anderson have assembled an inspired first cohort of fellows.

@kpcb RT @AnjneyMidha: Just another day in the office for @roobeelee, learning to live in VR

@roobeelee @AnjneyMidha @kpcb_edge @roneilr but seriously, I had the passthrough camera on! ;)

@AnjneyMidha Just another day in the office for @roobeelee, learning to live in VR

@kpcb 6+ of Top 10 most used apps globally are messaging apps. #InternetTrends

@andychen Nobel Prize goes to modest woman who beat malaria for China | New Scientist

@mabb0tt RT @maruthven: If youre looking for a tech internship, I recommend @KPCBFellows heres why:

@kpcb Proud to welcome @Newsela to the @kpcb family as they transform literacy instruction in the classroom & beyond.

@dinobecirovic RT @theDYNAMICS: I know Steph Curry didn't do this last night.

@kpcb Human Resources, Then vs. Now cc: @Zenefits #InternetTrends

@algore Check out @ClimateReality's open letter to world leaders meeting in Paris at #COP21 #ActOnClimate

@johnmaeda “Customers expect products and services to be not only usable but also useful and desirable.”

@andychen Here’s what 22-year-olds need to know about their first job

@kpcb “Interview & hire by committee” - advice from @google’s SVP of People on how to remove bias from the hiring process.

@mabb0tt RT @airware: Listen to Buddy Michini, our CTO on drone safety, trust, and real-time data analysis. via @Radar

@johnmaeda Lucky to have Designer-in-Residence Brian Tran as my Sketch plug-ins coach this morning.

@creigh RT @brett_colbert: The relationship between IT and the business has changed. IT now only controls 58% of technology spend. More tech savvy …

@kpcb New #Ventured Podcast: How Google Thinks About Hiring, Management, and Culture.

@johnmaeda Congratulations to Vadik (@vadikmarmeladov) and to Joe (@jgebbia): via @Nils_Liedtke

@johnmaeda “Given the profitability of idea-intensive businesses, intellectual capital should be seen as a prime asset.”

@johnmaeda Discussion on when good design is good business with McKinsey senior partner Hugo Sarrazin:

@johnmaeda Canadian entrepreneur and investor Sarah Prevette seeks to redesign design school for kids:

@aileenlee So true @DanielleMorrill. What's sad is something that can be so special + great has become so negative in some people's minds.

@kpcb Check this out: A @KPCBFellows Journey In Silicon Valley. cc: @airware

@mabb0tt RT @michaelrwolfe: In theory, better design is not a sustainable competitive advantage. In reality, it almost always is.

@kpcb “Endeavor to have a culture that’s highly effective at getting important work done.” - CEO of @Netflix @ReedHastings