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@kpcb RT @BethSeidenberg1: Amazon helps digital health companies grow, Kinsa smart thermometer is one example.

@kpcb Advice on #PriceHacking: 1. Know limits of research 2. Use “anchoring” 3. Rethink “fairness” 4. Focus on value

@algore Picture 2 from #DSCOVR brings back memories of "The Blue Marble" picture, 42 1/2 years ago.

@kpcb What a special night! Thanks @Codecademy for hosting an amazing #DesignInTech gathering of NYC's design elite

@kpcb "Love for learning & others propels us forward" @curiousoctopus from the lens of architecture & design #DesignInTech

@kpcb "As a designer be super open and curious of other disciplines" @randyjhunt @Etsy #DesignInTech

@kpcb "The next boomlet will focus on real needs like poverty, education, elder care" Judy Wert @wertandcompany #DesignInTech

@kpcb "Just start building" advice from @zsims @Codecademy for people who want to become a founder #DesignInTech

@mabb0tt RT @plexapp: Thanks for the shoutout, @mikeflacy! Check out this @highdefdigest review of Plex

@kpcb "Design in VC is not about pretty - it's about relevance" #DesignInTech report @johnmaeda

@kpcb Ready to kick off #DesignInTech talk in NYC @Codecademy @zsims @curiousoctopus @randyjhunt Judy Wert @johnmaeda

@algore Jack Gibbons' optimism& imagination helped the US to face complex issues.My remembrance of this unique public servant

@AnjneyMidha RT @kpcb_edge: Over 1.4K people from 35 countries have downloaded Office Hours since Friday! Chat with the Edge partners in our app https:/…

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: We're spending some time at @Flipboard today. Follow our story on snapchat: kleiner_perkins

@AnjneyMidha First Round companies with a female founder performed 63% better than their investments with all-male founding teams

@kpcb 6+ of top 10 most used apps globally are messaging apps. #InternetTrends #Messaging

@kpcb Check out what our @KPCBFellows built for #CHIMEHACK2. @gucci @womeng

@shabihr Congrats to @arjunsethi and his entire team on the launch of LiveText

@johnmaeda John Borthwick leads NY studio home of Tweetdeck, Dots, Bitly, Giphy, Instapaper, Digg, +more

@andychen RT @KPCBFellows: KPCB Partner Mary Meeker presenting the #InternetTrends report to the @KPCBFellows

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: KPCB Partner Mary Meeker presenting the #InternetTrends report to the @KPCBFellows

@kpcb In this age of analytics, most research techniques simply do not work for predicting pricing. @Bingfish #PriceHacking

@shabihr RT @Quettra: Ever wondered how different app categories perform? Straight from RT for everyone's benefit! http://t

@kpcb Can designers be successful founders? cc: @johnmaeda #DesignInTech

@msquinn Also Uber Pool may secretly be the best recruiting tool ever created.

@msquinn Took @Uber Pool today for the 1st time -sorta fun! Ended up talking about Argentinian currency fluctuations w/ some engineers from LinkedIn.

@dinobecirovic Better to rip the band-aid off and focus on improving the product $TWTR

@dinobecirovic Next level transparency - watching $TWTR earnings call on @periscopeco. Amazing viewing experience

@JShoee "Managing bias is essential to building diverse & high performing orgs"-@sherylsandberg. FB shares their training:

@dinobecirovic $TWTR monetization engine continuing to show its power. Now big focus on @Jack / new CEO to improve user growth #solidquarter

@msquinn Used to think folks surreptitiously meeting in alleys in SF were buying pot but now know they're talking about off-market Noe homes for sale

@johnmaeda The Barbarian Group sports the longest desk in the world. It’s true.

@moodrowghani Amazing partnership...products #crowdfunded via @indiegogo now available for sale on @amazon #launchpad cc: @kpcb

@johnmaeda CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Incubator in NYC is v impressive:

@kpcb Article in @FastCompany on @Affectiva’s massive emotion data repository and insights from it.

@johnmaeda The dark horse’s goal isn’t about winning the race -- it’s to pursue the impossible, which having the chance to do so is a win unto itself.

@algore Find out more about #DSCOVR by visiting

@msquinn "Vine's Quiet, Stealthy Pivot" -good read on its evolution from a platform for sharing to a platform for entertaining

@kpcb "Network like crazy." - @johndoerr's advice to @KPCBFellows.