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@msquinn This week's @ThisAmerLife on Internet trolls is great: "If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say, SAY IT IN ALL CAPS"

@msquinn RT @alexia: What (Some) Silicon Valley Women Think Of Newsweek

@kpcb “#VirtualReality transports you. I don’t think we could live without it” -@briangrazer on the future of entertainment

@mabb0tt RT @allenmorgan: Reminded of this from Navy Seal: Under pressure, U don't rise to the occasion, U sink to the level of your training. Why…

@kpcb Have you ever thought about computer languages from a linguistic perspective? @emckean has. See what she has to say.

@msquinn Thoughtful video about the @Uber partner experience

@msquinn Do not feed the trolls. Do not feed the trolls. Especially if they're ascending into obsolescence. Do not feed the trolls.

@kpcb .@Al Gore and @BrianGrazer: When Is It Ok to Leave a Portrait of Yourself in Someone’s Home?

@aileenlee Congrats @CowboyVC backed @josephruscio + @Librato! "We’re thrilled to announce @Librato is now part of @solarwinds"

@mabb0tt RT @chanian: #TwofficeHistory [Oct.29,2010]: First Twitter Hackweek. Judges included @RonConway @mabb0tt @ev - tough crowd!

@kpcb #ConnectedVehicles will reduce congestion and vehicle fatalities. #TransportationTrend

@kpcb KPCB Podcast: How storytelling is changing in the digital age. cc @iTunesPodcasts

@kpcb RT @upstart: Great @kpcb's podcast on why you should intern at a startup versus a big tech company

@kpcb So excited to learn and be a part of the #HackCon community w/ @MLHacks this weekend!

@mabb0tt RT @malpern: “The U.S. Digital Service: An Improbable Public Interest Start Up” by @USDigitalService

@mabb0tt RT @shl: Fun fact: our Android app was built entirely by an intern. Why? Why not:

@kpcb Congrats @RedBrickHealth for your Certification for Health Appraisal and Self-Management Tools through @NCQA.

@kpcb Given recent news about No-Fly Zones for #Drones, here's a relevant podcast from a while ago about the topic. #tbt

@kpcb #AutonomousVehicles will help elderly regain mobility, reduce traffic congestion, improve safety & fuel efficiency.

@kpcb RT @johnmaeda: "Don't get too in love with your own solution." —@mags

@creigh Visualizing AWS Storage with Real-Time Latency Spectrograms

@johnmaeda "Don't get too in love with your own solution." —@mags

@aileenlee laughing - one flt just announced they want to board; our gate agent then announced loudly "people, don't get your hopes up"

@kpcb “I’m trying to evoke a reaction out of people.” @briangrazer on storytelling in a digital age

@kpcb #tbt | “Work hard, work passionately, but apply your most precious asset—time—to what is m…

@kpcb RT @johnmaeda: "Good design accelerates the adoption of ideas." —@yvesbehar

@aileenlee stuck at SJC, flight just cancelled due to fog :(. time to go get a giant hot chocolate.

@kpcb RT @ProductHunt: Tradesy: Turn your closet into cash by selling items you don't wear via @kristofertm

@johndoerr Firmware update prevents DJI drones from flying over Washington, DC after White House crash

@johnmaeda "I want to have an idea and let it slowly take shape, rather than be instantly blogged." —@sullydish via @om

@johnmaeda My thoughts on being an Asian-American, for @AsiaSociety (back in 2013):

@johnmaeda Learnings by @LMindler on using (or avoiding) a designer's sensibilities in crafting a team:

@johnmaeda "Turning point of insight was acknowledging how print design is about narrative, whereas web design is about *behavior*." —@Jferrell03

@johnmaeda "Good design accelerates the adoption of ideas." —@yvesbehar

@mabb0tt RT @adataoinc: Here: our favorite reference on Discriminative vs. Generative classifiers, by @AndrewYNg

@msquinn RT @joelle_emerson: Really exciting to see @Uber developing best practices for the contract worker economy. Lots of opportunities here. htt…

@kpcb ‘We’re all looking for more scalability for our stories, and the digital world has provided that.’ - @BrianGrazer

@kpcb Median SF resident commutes nearly 1 hour/day - #AutonomousVehicles will save drivers hundreds of hours per year.

@johnmaeda Artists ask the questions that others are afraid to ask and that money alone cannot answer.

@kpcb The best seat in your car is no longer behind the wheel. It’s in the back, where you don’t need to navigate traffic.