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@dinobecirovic Mobile commerce oppty is massive. Focus on decreasing friction, leverage platforms like @Stripe (Relay)! #commerce

@dinobecirovic Great quote from my Sunday night reading. "In theory there’s no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is."

@johnmaeda Maria Popova @brainpicker continues to be a 1st-person, Ivy-class liberal arts institution for the Web:

@johnmaeda RT @TurnaroundArts: “The A—the arts—makes everything else make sense." #STEMtoSTEAM #STEAM #artsed

@brookporter French artist JR captures the moment, as "the world is watching" silent marches around the world for #COP21/Paris:

@johnmaeda Story of how CG freehand animation pioneer Bob Sabiston turned down Steve Jobs three times:

@johnmaeda Learning from 10 years ago: The key to life, whether you’re young or old, is to be considered to have *potential*.

@johnmaeda Work experts say: “Young people want to have freedom in their work, and pursue their passions too.” I think that older folks want the same.

@johnmaeda Jason’s new database with spreadsheet UI, embedded pivot tables, API brings order to large tasks: via @jasoncrawford

@dinobecirovic RT @austindunn96: When @justinbieber buys you shots at the 9-0 #FightOn

@dinobecirovic RT @USCCoachHelton: Congratulations to the entire #TrojanFamily on a great victory! See you in Santa Clara. #FightOn

@kpcb The core of product design is to redesign something that’s important to companies, but loathed by users #ProductMgmt

@dinobecirovic RT @HistoryInPics: California Street, San Francisco, 1964.

@kpcb With #blockchain technology, there is no centralization, which changes how we can exchange money cross-border.

@johnmaeda “What’s New in CPUs Since the 80s” by @danluu is a welcome read for us 80s folks: via @jasoncrawford

@johnmaeda Senior Yahoo design leader Maurice Woods interviewed by another Maurice (@mauricecherry):

@johnmaeda Being hard on oneself doesn’t mean you can’t let yourself be a *little* happy with yourself … if just for today.

@johnmaeda RT @gpetriglieri: The problem isn't managers--it's undertrained, overworked, unappreciated managers.

@johnmaeda “… within our shame, disappointment, rage, there is meaning, and within that meaning is the possibility of rescue.”

@johnmaeda RT @dribnet: fun fact: failure to reboot Boeing 787 for 248 days can cause "loss of control of airplane" due to integer overflow. https://t

@johnmaeda An “artist’s statement,” in business terms, is a hybrid vision + mission + values statement, with an *accent* on the values.

@algore these next two weeks. I will miss him as a close friend and a tireless advocate for a healthier planet. (4/4)

@algore that he charted in Rio more than 23 years ago. Many of us here will be honoring his memory as the world begins to take climate action (3/4)

@algore It is in no small measure because of Maurice that world leaders are meeting here in Paris this week to continue the journey of hope (2/4)

@algore The world is indebted to Maurice Strong for his visionary leadership toward solutions for the climate crisis. (1/4)

@johnmaeda Bravo to Marc, Tad, and team for many PLAY:5 kudos this week:

@johnmaeda “It’s really hard to make something that doesn’t exist yet.”—ex-MIT roboticist Jessica Banks

@johnmaeda Panned by critics for some valid reasons, still appealed to me. The good and bad don’t always cancel each other out.

@johnmaeda Lawyer Reggie Osse’s (@combat_jack) evolution as a leader of the creative class:

@johnmaeda Kim Malone Scott’s leadership axes of Care Personally and Challenge Directly: via @stilenius

@dinobecirovic This Stanford - Notre Dame game was nuts. Can't wait for next week!

@dinobecirovic RT @PeteCarroll: Congrats to USC on a great win in true Trojan style! Trojan family everywhere rejoices! You out hit 'em from start to fini…

@mabb0tt RT @markpinc: It would be awesome for everyone @yahoo who loves @marissamayer to be vocal too. Too many stories full of the disgruntled ano…

@dinobecirovic RT @lacoliseum: One of our faves from tonight @USC_Athletics @LAColiseumOps thank you for a great year #fighton

@johnmaeda “When you ask someone about their skin, they often tell you about their life.” —Vicky Tsai

@johnmaeda “Where do new ideas come from? The answer is simple: differences. Creativity comes from unlikely juxtapositions.” —Nicholas Negroponte

@johnmaeda RT @Everette: POCIT: 6 Latina Founders To Watch (glad to see @laura on the list) by @meganrosedickey via @techcrunch

@johnmaeda “There’s no such thing as digital marketing. There’s marketing – most of which happens to be digital.” —@BradJakeman

@johnmaeda RT @collins_nyc: "Diversity—and collision of thought, experience, perspective and people—is where the electricity comes from."

@johnmaeda Tina’s brought Mr. Snuffleupagus and the rest of Sesame Street to the hip world of Tattly: