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@AnjneyMidha RT @MaxBickley: Glen Keane telling a VR bedtime story is a sight to behold.

@AnjneyMidha RT @honeytech: Cheers to all 100M@Truecaller's in india @Zarringhalam @AlanMamedi @hskari1175 @TheeRealChino @rishj #Century4India http://t

@kpcb Global Messaging Leaders: @facebook @WeChatApp @WhatsApp @NAVER_LINE @Snapchat @kakaotalk #InternetTrends

@MaxMotsch Prior to Pure’s IPO, it had been over 2 months since the last tech IPO, the longest slowdown in the tech new issue market in over 5 years

@johnmaeda The simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction.

@algore Congratulations to @NYGovCuomo & NY State on today's announcements and thank you for your exemplary climate leadership.

@kpcb Listen to this if you’re compelled by a social mission & are looking for a business framework for it. #Ventured

@algore Pleased to join @NYGovCuomo & NY State as they take bold #ClimateAction that is vital to solving the climate crisis:

@johnmaeda Morisawa posters from the 90s -- coded in PostScript back in the day: via @zachlieberman

@kpcb Recruiting, Then vs. Now cc: @Greenhouse #InternetTrends

@kpcb Recruiting, Then vs. Now cc: @Greenhouse #InternetTrends

@algore We need to take #climateaction now. Watch @ClimateReality's inspiring open letter and add your voice:

@kpcb Attending @AWSReinvent? Don’t miss @mabb0tt talking about today’s startup ecosystem @ 1:30 PT today! #ReInvent

@johnmaeda The uniquely happy feeling when a colleague succeeds (or sadness for when they fail) gives purpose and pleasure to being on the same team.

@johnmaeda “You are. What you do. When it counts.” —the Masao (John Steakley: Armor)

@johnmaeda “The ideas dictate everything. You have to be true to that, or you’re dead.” —David Lynch

@johnmaeda “Some problems are just too complicated for rational, logical solutions. They admit of insights, not answers.” —Jerome B Wiesner (1915-1994)

@johnmaeda RT @kpcb: "Design isn't about how 'pretty' something is, it's about how 'smart' something is" - @johnmaeda #DesignInHealth

@kpcb Thanks for following our #DesignInHealth event tonight! Now it's time to go change healthcare through design!

@bingfish Congrats, denny!The Daily Startup: Kleiner Perkins Injects Hixme With $10.5 Million - Venture Capital Dispatch - WSJ

@kpcb "We have a responsibility to design a UX for physicians just as we would design a UX for consumers" #DesignInHealth

@kpcb "Software should't be making things harder for physicians, it should be deigned to make things easier" @megsfulton #DesignInHealth

@kpcb "Designers must create tools that remove barriers between physicians & patients." @patrick_morrow #DesignInHealth

@johnmaeda “Great design is great restraint – every ounce, every stitch, matters.” —Jason Mayden, former Nike designer

@kpcb "Data visualization will be a key player both in provider & consumer space" - @michelleskimo #DesignInHealth

@johnmaeda “Most of healthcare is a B2B2C world, which produces an extra obstacle for #DesignInHealth.” —Lynne Chou

@kpcb "My design inspiration is making taking care of yourself less of a chore"-@megsfulton @SpruceHealth #DesignInHealth

@kpcb "In healthcare, it doesn't quite feel like the year 2015 yet" - @megsfulton, design @SpruceHealth #DesignInHealth

@kpcb "We shouldn't strive for 'usable' when designing for physicians, we should aim for 'enjoyable'" @megsfulton @SpruceHealth #DesignInHealth

@kpcb "Great design is great restraint - every ounce, every stitch, matters." - Jason Mayden #DesignInHealth

@kpcb "Most of healthcare is a B2B2C world, which produces an extra obstacle for #DesignInHealth" - Lynne Chou

@kpcb "In life sciences, we should start designing from outside in, for the consumer." @kpcb's Lynne Chao #DesignInHealth

@kpcb "Design is a way to look at the world -ability to not just see what things are but what they could be" Jason Mayden

@kpcb "Design in healthcare is just bad... But there's a lot of room to grow" - Lynne Chou #DesignInHealth

@kpcb Let's talk about designing in digital health for consumers... #DesignInHealth

@kpcb "Design isn't about how 'pretty' something is, it's about how 'smart' something is" - @johnmaeda #DesignInHealth

@kpcb "Welcome to our first ever #DesignInHealth event @kpcb!" - @johnmaeda

@kpcb RT @johnmaeda: Our first ever KPCB “Designing In Digital Health” event opens this evening in San Francisco. #DesignInHealth

@kpcb Excited for our #DesignInHealth event tonight @Kpcb! Stay tuned for live tweets. :)