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@mabb0tt RT @NepalSpace: Stunning video of avalanche hitting #Everest base Camp

@msquinn RT @om: Everyone if you can help, please help with the #NepalEarthquake crisis. Every tiny bit will help.

@msquinn US sports are absolutely gentlemanly compared to UK soccer. Never been told off so many times - over a tie game! :)

@JShoee All the data trails we're leaving behind... In other news, go see @ExMachinaMovie.

@kpcb RT @mmurph: .@shazam and #AppleWatch just made Saturday night a bit more fun (and scary)!

@johnmaeda "The odds are irrelevant. If it's possible and it matters, you take the shot." —Regina Dugan

@mmurph .@shazam and #AppleWatch just made Saturday night a bit more fun (and scary)!

@johnmaeda Nice work led by Andy @Dunn to assist Nepal:

@johnmaeda "… in the end it wasn't important to have every little thing done." —@MichaelMcGee, Co-Founder

@msquinn (Not @TheOnion, not even @FoxNews.)

@msquinn "More than a third of infants are using smartphones, tablets, study says" - btw infants means < 1 year old

@shabihr RT @SueDHellmann: Terribly sad news. @AP: BREAKING: Nepal police say at least 1,130 dead in massive earthquake centered outside of Kathmand…

@moodrowghani RT @gogoSlava: Help out! Give to Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund Raise funds on #indiegogolife

@johnmaeda "… we struggled through anything we could get our hands on to learn these skills." —@nealsales

@mabb0tt RT @GoogleCR: We've just launched a Person Finder instance to help track missing persons for the #Nepal earthquake,

@algore Very proud of @KarennaGore's powerful and moving words today @EarthDayTexas. A must-read!

@johnmaeda "You are not responsible for the problem, but you are responsible to *face* the problem …" —Victor Frankl

@mmurph Nice work @Shazam and @Flipboard , always early and leading on new platforms!

@JShoee Think I'll stick to water & Advil. Backup: pedialyte. Tastes horrible but much cheaper alternative. via @FastCompany

@JShoee Incredible how popular @uber has become! From being in @drake's lyrics to @sarah_hyland's character in MF mentioning it in latest episode.

@msquinn October: "OMG the 5s seems so small now! How'd I ever survive?" April: [pinkie pecks at wrist screen]

@mabb0tt RT @raffi: .@apachemesos, what we used & developed at @twittereng to schedule the datacenters, is also used by $AAPL for Siri

@MaxMotsch Ads on my gmail app? Really $GOOG?

@msquinn RT @fmanjoo: For people just getting the Apple Watch and wrestling with notifications: For 3rd-p apps, you need Sound on in the main iPhone…

@brookporter Fueled by Bullsh*t - Toyota takes on Elon Musk's view of fuel cell cars

@algore Don’t miss @LaurentFabius’s clear and compelling call for #ClimateAction at #COP21 in today’s @NYTimes:

@brookporter Kudos to @BillNye for openly talking about his changed stance on GMOs. Impressive demonstration of #scientificmethod

@msquinn 4-hour hot take: I'm a convert, but Milanese loop is super heavy. Haptic feedback is the future. @Uber app is hottt.

@johnmaeda Humility is agility: complacency is directly proportional to one's resistance to change.

@creigh .@Wikibon: "2015 is likely to see an exponential take up in containers across the industry" |

@kpcb “We don’t have the ability to share info on a broader scale between companies & governments.” - Gen Keith Alexander #RSAC @RSAConference

@kpcb “Our country is great at innovation - w/ change in tech & new ways of thinking, you can see great opportunities in #cybersecurity.” #RSAC

@kpcb “I still see #cybersecurity as a huge issue for countries & companies. And I think we can make a difference.” - Gen Keith Alexander #RSAC

@kpcb What would Gen Alexander send Snowden for Xmas? “I would send the oath he took, maybe he should've read it all” #RSAC

@kpcb Check out @schluggo's interview w/ General Keith Alexander about life after the NSA at @RSAConference in 10 minutes!

@msquinn Almost got hit by a car looking at my wrist so basically not much has changed.

@msquinn Ovens, etc etc - that you could say "encouraged human laziness".

@msquinn "Teachers Want Students To Use This App in Class" - nice @Time piece on @RemindHQ, now used by third of US teachers!

@johnmaeda The dark horse's goal isn't to win -- it's to pursue the impossible, which having the chance to do so is a win unto itself.

@aileenlee RT @triketora: my team now has a jar where people have to drop $1 when using a male word to address/describe a mixed gender group http://t.…