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@johnmaeda Post for @SlideShare on a few tips learned from launching #DesignInTech Report:

@johnmaeda George Heilmeier (former ARPA head + my boss at TI long ago) had a list of 9 Qs for research:

@msquinn Rituals, simple and profound:

@johnmaeda "What is put into the making of a work of art stays there, and speaks for us." —@kynaleski

@johnmaeda Your first chance is the most important one -- efficacy of the others will vary.

@msquinn Woke up to the buzz of a drone outside my bedroom window. I'm no luddite but seriously wtf.

@shabihr LIVE on #Periscope: Dance party

@shabihr LIVE on #Periscope: First dance

@shabihr LIVE on #Periscope: Groomsman speech

@johnmaeda "Leaving requires 1) letting 2) go. Two steps of 1) giving yourself permission, and then 2) moving on." —@jshefrin

@shabihr LIVE on #Periscope: Bride and groom

@johnmaeda "Progress occurs most easily if new and old remain in a dialectic tension." —@gpetriglieri

@shabihr LIVE on #Periscope: Wedding time

@johnmaeda "If you want to find your greatest love, look inside the hardest thing you do." —Regina Dugan

@johnmaeda "Most of us will have spent three years of our lives with our thumbs on the glass of a phone." —@anildash @poptech

@johnmaeda "Paola Antonelli's become design's Thought-Leader-in-Chief." —@cheepearlman via @swissmiss

@johnmaeda Nowadays we are both international and internet-tional.

@johnmaeda We live in an age when data matters increasingly more than intuition. But that's just my intuition talking …

@msquinn It has been surprising - amazing - to see the number of all-male partnerships commit to diversity in the last 24hrs. Greylock, Benchmark etc

@johnmaeda STEAM (STEM with Art) reading lists for pre-K to 8th grade:

@johnmaeda "90% of all the data generated in the world was in the last two years." —@creightonhicks

@johnmaeda 「ビジネスを成功に導くために、デザインがこれほど重要になった時代はない。」—@wired_jp #DesignInTech

@JShoee Looking fwd to this! "@johnmaeda: Will be hosting @PopTech this year w theme of "HYBRID" in Camden, Maine Oct 22-24:"

@JShoee Career wisdom from @eladgil.

@johnmaeda WIll be hosting @PopTech this year with theme of "HYBRID" in Camden, Maine Oct 22-24:

@shabihr LIVE on #Periscope: Mancave

@msquinn Spent week on vaca w/ extended family ag 11-63. App #normcore: Goog Maps, Pandora, Instagram, WhatsApp. And lots of confusion abt the cloud.

@johnmaeda "Our bodies change our minds. Our body language affects how we approach design." —@ireneau

@johnmaeda Unusual corporate culture deck has simple goal to be top-performer centric. via @rochelleking

@johnmaeda To dwell in the past is to drive a car using only the rear view mirror.

@algore Mexico makes history; first developing nation to pledge significant cuts to their global warming pollution:

@algore I'm going dark tonight with @World_Wildlife for #EarthHour! Join me in #ClimateAction w/ @LiveEarth #liveEARTHhour

@johnmaeda "Getting going takes a lot of leaving." —@jshefrin

@johnmaeda Wooden-dowel wireframes of popular objects, by Janusz Grünspek: via @terrinakamura

@johnmaeda A leader is someone who consistently gives, instead of just takes, from those around them. (what my dad showed me)

@johnmaeda "Working hard on a small dream matters much less than executing well on a big one." —Mrs. Lee

@johnmaeda "I was in Silicon Valley back when the 'Silicon' was still silicon." —@rochelleking, on wafers to #DesignInTech lead

@johnmaeda "For most multiple-race Americans, identity is a highly nuanced concept influenced by politics, history, geography …"

@aileenlee RT @FastCompany: Dollar Shave Club went viral with its razor delivery service. Now it wants to fix men's hair: http:…

@shabihr LIVE on #Periscope: Round 2