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@johnmaeda "I want to have an idea and let it slowly take shape, rather than be instantly blogged." —@sullydish via @om

@johnmaeda My thoughts on being an Asian-American, for @AsiaSociety (back in 2013):

@johnmaeda Learnings by @LMindler on using (or avoiding) a designer's sensibilities in crafting a team:

@johnmaeda "Turning point of insight was acknowledging how print design is about narrative, whereas web design is about *behavior*." —@Jferrell03

@johnmaeda "Good design accelerates the adoption of ideas." —@yvesbehar

@mabb0tt RT @adataoinc: Here: our favorite reference on Discriminative vs. Generative classifiers, by @AndrewYNg

@msquinn RT @joelle_emerson: Really exciting to see @Uber developing best practices for the contract worker economy. Lots of opportunities here. htt…

@kpcb ‘We’re all looking for more scalability for our stories, and the digital world has provided that.’ - @BrianGrazer

@kpcb Median SF resident commutes nearly 1 hour/day - #AutonomousVehicles will save drivers hundreds of hours per year.

@johnmaeda Artists ask the questions that others are afraid to ask and that money alone cannot answer.

@kpcb The best seat in your car is no longer behind the wheel. It’s in the back, where you don’t need to navigate traffic.

@msquinn RT @engadget: Slack's messaging platform is getting voice, video and screen sharing soon

@msquinn I'm all for having a conversation about women in SV but let's be a little more serious than a mouse lifting up a woman's skirt.

@msquinn Go home @Newsweek you're drunk/desperate/inappropriate/offensive RT @jimpoco: This week's cover.

@kpcb “Generative design is totally controversial, but totally exciting” @carlbass #Design

@mabb0tt RT @polvi: And a bonus 3) Rocket/App Container had its second release on Friday, and the spec is being adopted

@mabb0tt RT @polvi: 1) CoreOS (the Linux OS) patched and updated GHOST on all running and new CoreOS instances. - auto updat…

@mabb0tt RT @polvi: CoreOS (the company) is executing on all cylinders. Two major things went out today:

@andychen RT @gumroad: Here’s @GregTerrono on building our new Android app, now available in the Google Play Store. http://t.c

@msquinn I'd join a webinar for navigating Snapchat's UI if there was one. Also, find me at "mmq2" (I didn't want my parents to think I was sexting).

@johnmaeda Ian Storm Taylor is bringing a designer's mind to the space of enterprise data management:

@brookporter RT @kpcb: #AutonomousVehicles will change the world. #TransportationTrend

@msquinn RT @alexia: All similar to things I've heard except for the "you do have kids?" which I will now expect when I have kids

@msquinn Apropos of nothing, A Most Violent Year is the best film I've seen in a long time, even better than Imitation Game, Theory of Everything etc

@moodrowghani Congrats @slack & @screenhero #slack buys #screenhero to add screen sharing & voice chat functions via @techcrunch

@kpcb #AutonomousVehicles will change the world. #TransportationTrend

@mmurph RT @kamakshis: 70%+ of consumers use a 2nd device during TV. Just another reason for brands to go #crossdevice @adag…

@kpcb “#VirtualReality gets you to a place of compassion much more quickly, which makes for a more memorable experience.”

@kpcb RT @Drawbridge: Thinking Beyond the $4.5 Million Super Bowl Hail Mary - How Small Screens Can Change the Big Game #c…

@creigh Illusion of Product/Market Fit:

@msquinn RT @mgsiegler: Apple, The Oil Company?

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: Our fellows are what make our program so great!

@kpcb In 3rd Q of 2014, @ATT added more car data subscribers (500K) than smartphone subscribers (466K). #ConnectedVehicles

@moodrowghani Good read, @stewart talks @Slack's early success w/@firstround "made customer feedback the epicenter of its efforts"

@msquinn RT @firstround: From 0 to $1B — @SlackHQ Founder @stewart shares the secrets behind their epic launch (new on @firstround Review) http://t.…

@kpcb “If you know people are binge watching content, you have to conform the narrative to that platform.” - @briangrazer

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: .@ajambrosino from @Umasslowell designed products @upthere. You can too, be a design fellow http://

@kpcb Great designers need a combination of audacity and humility - @mags #KPdesign

@msquinn Can't wait for April! (h/t @sree)

@kpcb RT @johnmaeda: Discussion on the healthy tension between product, engineering, and *design* in enterprise IT: http:/…