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@JShoee #argentina adventures starts now. ✈️SFO -> FLL. @uber to MIA. ✈️MIA -> Chile -> the land of steaks, Malbec, glaciers & tango. //@donnie

@JShoee #FAIL “@JonnyGeller: Step 1: Don't read this book on the subway (via @sbadsgood)

@JShoee RT @FastCompany: A graffiti artist remixed a NY subway poster for 'Unbroken' into a stunning Ferguson protest image

@JShoee RT @WSJ: Arrest records in the U.S. have skyrocketed in the past 20 years. Discuss why in a @Reddit_AMA Thursday at 1 pm ET.

@JShoee RT @BBCtrending: Tweets from Havana What Cubans are saying about the historic pact

@JShoee Killing "The Interview" may potentially cost @SonyPictures $100m. Must have been a tough decision. //@FiveThirtyEight

@JShoee Print may be dying but the subscription model is alive & well. AMC to offer unlimited monthly movie subscription plan

@johnmaeda Machine-generated haiku from your IP address, by @asoftmurmur: via @creigh

@johnmaeda "Ultimately, most people are going to reach a crossroad of serious illness …" —Amy Berman

@johnmaeda RT @melavumkal: Just in time for the holidays! #ibmdesign releases The IBM Design Language & it's open for the world…

@johnmaeda "We focus on 2 things: getting everyone to contribute and letting everyone's contribution be heard." —@philgilbertsr

@johnmaeda "As a candidate I interviewed once said, 'If you're trying, are you really ever failing?'" —@grafxnerd

@johnmaeda Apps of the year 2014 for iOS and Android: via @MaxMotsch @KPCB

@mabb0tt RT @zsims: @evanspiegel you've done an incredible job of handling this whole situation -- inspiring. can't wait to watch what you show the…

@johnmaeda Learned today that San Jose-based @Pinger co-founder Greg @Woock was on the early Palm team:

@mabb0tt RT @mashable: LG to launch next version of WebOS for smart TVs at CES

@moodrowghani RT @bgurley: Thrilled to welcome @philbcardenas as Head of Global Safety @Uber, Our Commitment to Safety | Uber Blog

@johnmaeda Designer @danemhoward is directing new film on design x @ebayinc for @StanfordBiz. Prior one:

@kpcb “15 years from now, I can imagine better personal delivery devices for video content” - @ncyoung #KPCBinLA

@kpcb @paulavasan email

@kpcb You must protect yourself against breaches as a #DigitalHealth co. Director of Security @PracticeFusion tells all.

@johnmaeda Tech x Design (with a capital D) at the new @CooperHewitt -- bravo to @sebchan: via @nprnews

@johnmaeda RT @swannodette: New version of ClojureScript out, features cljs.test a port of clojure.test. Give it a try!

@mabb0tt RT @coreoslinux: CoreOS Now Supports Amazon's EC2 Container Service,, check out the docs here,

@msquinn I had exactly no interest in seeing The Interview. Until today.

@kpcb How are the movie and television industries being disrupted? #KPCBinLA

@mabb0tt RT @collbud: Holds Up Amid Enrollment Surge #healthcare

@mabb0tt RT @TechCrunch: Plex Arrives On PS4 And PS3 In Europe And Asia, U․S․ Launch Coming Later by @drizzled

@kpcb ‘I’m trying to evoke a reaction out of people’ - @BrianGrazer to @algore on why his hair is spikey #KPCBinLA

@JShoee "Paid maternity leave is good for mothers, families and business." Op-ed from @SusanWojcicki

@mabb0tt RT @plexapp: Plex on PlayStation! Available now in Europe and more! (coming to Americas & elsewhere soon) http://t.…

@johnmaeda Fusing design with technology across coasts takes great talent, and a canine friend pitching in too.

@kpcb The television experience is more about trust and less about enormous impact. @briangrazer to @algore #KPCBinLA

@moodrowghani “We can always invest more in safety and make sure we’re bringing way more safety than taxis." @travisk to @wsj #uber

@moodrowghani RT @Techinasia: Baidu puts Uber on the map in China, throws in funding

@johnmaeda "Being considerate of others will take your children further in life than any college degree." —Marian Wright Edelman

@msquinn RT @CatherineShu: Uber can use Baidu’s mobile maps, search, distribution channels. Baidu Confirms Its Strategic Investment In Uber http://t

@JShoee @johnmaeda lucky to be working with such a great team! //@kpcb @mabb0tt

@kpcb RT @johnmaeda: 2014 has been a fun year for advancing design culture in the @kpcb-verse thanks to @JShoee http://t.…

@johnmaeda Learning about Margaret Hamilton, former lead software engineer for Project Apollo: