Bernie Lacroute Partner Emeritus


Bernie Lacroute was involved in the development of the PDP-11, Ethernet and the VAX during his thirteen years at Digital Equipment Corporation. He was Group Manager of the Distributed Systems Group when he left DEC to join Sun Microsystems. As Executive Vice President at Sun, Bernie was responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations during its growth from a $4 million per year manufacturer of technical workstations to a $2 billion per year supplier of distributed computing systems.

Bernie has served on the boards of Flextronics, Aptix, Calico, CellNet, Escalade, NAT Systems and Zambeel.

Bernie holds graduate degrees in Physics from the University of Grenoble and in Engineering from the Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Ingenieurs, as well as an MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan.