Scott Ryles (Operating Team)


Scott Ryles joined Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers as chief operating officer in 2014. He provides his extensive operational and financial expertise to the firm and the entrepreneurs that KPCB backs in digital, green and life science technologies.

Before joining KPCB, Scott was CEO and founder of Echelon Capital Strategies, an asset management firm investing in consumer and small business loans. Prior to that, he was the Chairman and CEO of Home Value Protection (acquired by AmTrust, 2012), a KPCB company providing insurance services designed to protect homeowners from loss of home value due to local housing market declines. Scott started his career in the finance and investment banking industry at Merrill Lynch. Scott was a founder and CEO of Epoch Partners, a KPCB company, that was sold to Goldman Sachs in 2001. He has also served as Vice-Chairman at Cowen and Company.

Scott has served as a board member at both private and public companies, including KPCB companies ArcSight (acquired by HP, 2010) and Fortify (acquired by HP, 2010) as well as Gymboree Corporation (NASDAQ: GYMB) and KKR Financial Holdings (NYSE: KFN). He holds a B.A. degree from Northwestern University.