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STANCE is dedicated to the spirit of individuality with a design philosophy that believes in expression and function. Expression that creates an emotional visual connection and function that also provides comfort and performance. Building outstanding socks with the best fit and performance characteristics from the highest quality materials is the unspoken priority. The outward facing personality of the brand and our products are the creative and artistic stories that go into every single sock we make.

Unravel the spool of convention and celebrate bold expression with this free-thinking fabric. Send a crystal clear mixed message that’s silently loud and quietly bold. Designed in San Clemente, worn everywhere.

Job Openings at STANCE

Description Location
Associate Lake Buena Vista, FL, US
Associate Murray, UT, US
Associate Washington, DC, US
Associate Livermore, CA, US
Associate New York City, NY, US
Design Intern San Clemente, CA, US
E-Commerce Technical Project Manager San Clemente, CA, US
Graphic Designer and Content Creator San Clemente, CA, US
International Marketing Manager San Clemente, CA, US
International Sales Operations Manager San Clemente, CA, US
Senior Copywriter San Clemente, CA, US
Wholesale Operations Specialist San Clemente, CA, US