Our firm, the VC industry as well as the tech industry, has more work to do when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Diversity is a fundamental KPCB value, and being open about where we are is a critical step in getting us to where we want to be.

2015 KPCB Employee Gender Diversity


Overall Firm

Men 54%
Women 46%

General Partners

Men 67%
Women 33%


Men 80%
Women 20%

KPCB Fellows Program Gender Diversity


Fellows 2012

Men 95%
Women 5%

Fellows 2013

Men 90%
Women 10%

Fellows 2014

Men 76%
Women 24%

Fellows 2015

Men 68%
Women 32%

* All data is self-reported. We plan to add ethnicity data to this page in time.