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Zynga Takes on Social Gaming
Zynga's Farmville lets you plant and harvest crops, or buy zebra unicorns and play match maker to polka dot livestock. Your farm, your way.
Sunday, July 1, 2007

Zynga Takes on Social Gaming


@moodrowghani Leading investors to hardware gold, @indiegogo debuted @socialrobot @JiboRobot @canary & @Misfit cc:@kpcb @gogoSlava

@creigh Great hands-on review of the @qumulo system by @vdoppler and why it's the next generation of storage

@moodrowghani Huge congrats to @PencilsOfPromis & @AdamBraun...celebrating 300 schools across 3 continents today

@algore #liveEARTHhour is on Sat March 28th! Join me by going dark for 1 hour and #RaiseYourVoice for #ClimateChange w/@LiveEarth & @World_Wildlife

@moodrowghani Social media #infographic via @comScore & why #media is obsessed w/@Snapchat by @pkafka @kpcb

@johnmaeda Staring at a missing piece in your life makes you miss the real peace that you might already have.

@johnmaeda Making of the #DesignInTech Report began in lowercase “design” to uppercase-D “Design” to “DE$IGN”:

@msquinn RT @jbrewer: 4) If you haven't read Ready Player One, now would be a great time to do so.

@kpcb RT @johnmaeda: The Dirt vs The Cloud: There's a key quality that can only be learned through creating artifacts in the real world. https://

@msquinn Think I hit a little bit of a load issue, sorry! Will try again! /cc @kayvz

@msquinn Oh the places you'll go with @periscopeco. Congrats @kayvz & team! It's been fun to follow the journey here :)

@atkurland RT @msuster: "When the hors d’oeuvres tray is passed take 2. But don't take the whole tray” (evergreen advice on $$ to raise)

@msquinn RT @AlexRubalcava: "If the incentives are wrong, the behavior will be wrong. I guarantee it." -- Munger $DJCO

@msquinn RT @CaseyNewton: I'll say it: Periscope is a better product than Meerkat — and it's now available

@johnmaeda Nice to see #DesignInTech gaining speed in Sweden even in the cold: #sthlmtech

@msquinn RT @mat: Meet Periscope Twitter's New Livestreaming Video App (And Possible Meerkat Killer) tip @techmeme

@AnjneyMidha Excited to welcome @Ayasdi to the @kpcb family, and partner with @singhgurjeet and team!

@JShoee Such a tragedy. Thoughts go out to the families. “@nytimes: Germanwings pilot was locked out of cockpit before crash

@moodrowghani RT @AustenAllred: "The Uberfication of everything is turning San Francisco into an assisted living community for the young." - @StartupLJac…

@kpcb RT @stilenius: Great story on @tradesy and amazing CEO @TracyDiNunzio who is leading the way for fashion recommence @usatoday @kpcb http:/…

@msquinn Tried to explain to my sisters who are doctors & lawyers why third party FB Messenger GIF integration is important. Case fell a bit flat.

@mmurph Remarkably fast shift: “@Drawbridge: #mobile tipping point has arrived: ~1/2 of ad spend mobile this year, ~3/4 '19.

@andychen RT @chalozin: OMG!! This is the "avengers" version of the Internet (FB messenger | @WhatsApp | @instagram | @kpcb) #F8

@MaxMotsch "When Will the Tech Bubble Pop & 5 Catalysts to Start the Downturn?" @wolfejosh @bgurley @tjnahigian @atkurland

@moodrowghani Pretty incredible,photos snapped by #drones can be made into High-Res 3-D scans of... >@TechReview #drone

@kpcb You can making money by selling old clothes... See this week's @USATODAY feature on @tradesy.

@msquinn RT @CamojiApp: Check out new @CamojiApp exclusive filters and share gifs on Facebook Messenger! What will you create? #f8

@atkurland RT @Ayasdi: A Breakthrough Approach to Making Data Useful via @kpcb General Partner Ted Schlein #bigdata http://t.…

@msquinn I really like how @nytimes tech reporters rotate curating the Times' @Snapchat account. Info+commentary+personality. You're next @nickbilton

@kpcb "Advanced analytics is where the heavy lifting occurs in the #BigData equation." cc: @Ayasdi

@kpcb RT @Ayasdi: #MachineIntelligence is future for #F500 cos. Its why @kpcb + others just put $55M behind it

@kpcb "There’s a special quality that can only be learned through creating artifacts in the real world." via @johnmeada

@kpcb The Rise of #DesignInTech: Choosing “The Dirt” Over "The Cloud" by @johnmaeda

@msquinn My Twitter account keeps phantom retweeting accounts I don't even follow. Today: the morning CNNMoney stock report. Sorry about the sell-off

@kpcb RT @techonomy: Let's use new supply chain tools to figure out how to more fairly distribute our food across society -- Randy Komisar of @kp…

@kpcb RT @techonomy: The time is ripe for investing in synthetic foods, says @kpcb's Randy Komisar. Bring on the next level of F&B! #TechonomyBIO

@aileenlee RT @Noah_L: The new @ProductHunt Chrome Extension + the @CowboyVC website = dead sexy combination cc @rrhoover

@kpcb Don't miss @RandyKomisar, Jim Flatt, @atforgacs & @reshmapshetty discuss the future of the food & beverage industry today at #TechonomyBIO

@moodrowghani RT @jordanrcrook: Indiegogo Darling Canary Hits Best Buy For $249

@kpcb RT @atkurland: Ecstatic to be partnering with @Ayasdi @singhgurjeet Flashback to @kpcb #InternetTrends2014. http://