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Zynga Takes on Social Gaming
Zynga's Farmville lets you plant and harvest crops, or buy zebra unicorns and play match maker to polka dot livestock. Your farm, your way.
Sunday, July 1, 2007

Zynga Takes on Social Gaming


@johnmaeda There are people around you who quietly move in the periphery on your behalf while navigating your toughest moments …

@johnmaeda "Listen for what makes the world better, and be the best prepared person in the room." —@km

@johnmaeda "Facts are largely statements about the past and present, but startups are about the future." —@hunterwalk

@johnmaeda Pinboard by @CarlyAyres -- "Things That Make Me Uncomfortable" -- is successful.

@johnmaeda "Meditation isn't a solitary activity -- it's social: 'Neurons that fire together, wire together.'" —@VincentHorn

@johnmaeda Newtonian-HR: When you don't treat someone a certain way, they don't act like a certain way.

@johnmaeda Spirited "Unicorns versus Dinosaurs" discourse by @DaveMcClure is my weekend treat:

@JShoee Luxury car brands following in @TeslaMotors's footsteps. @astonmartin plans to release an electric car in 2 yrs.

@msquinn Yet another article on how best to manage teams - but this one by Brian Grazer is actually *really* good

@johnmaeda "…the idea we'll all revert back to the comfortable, simple model of the web is increasingly remote." —@BenedictEvans

@johnmaeda "If you focus, you can get whatever you want if it's meant to be." —@Nas

@johnmaeda "The best teachers aren't just there to lecture, they're there to listen." via @jessicamforce

@algore Q1 2015: hottest on record. March 2015: hottest March ever recorded. We need #ClimateAction now.

@johnmaeda Long-form interview on my Silicon Valley ad-venture with Tania Ketenjian on @arksf:

@johnmaeda "The main challenge is the tension between innovation and buildability." —Dr. Neri Oxman

@johnmaeda "3. Befriend your support team." —@sourjayne, on her 4-step #DesignInTech process

@johnmaeda The term "philanthropy" is being redesigned by a new generation of *curious* capitalists:

@JulietdeB1 RT @nanea: I just published “Work/Life Balance and What That Means When Things Fall Apart”

@mabb0tt RT @abdur: 99% of the failures come the people who have the habit of making excuses.

@mmurph Thanks @nanea for sharing at such a difficult time. Valuable lessons for living a full life: “You get what you give”

@johndoerr RT @dudenelson: Utility fault droped 138,000V feed, fuel cells worked flawlessly. NO IMPACT. Thank you @Bloom_Energy! #ebayinnovation http:…

@msquinn I've taken 1,275 @Uber Rides (5,150.96 Miles). Fun hackathon project. Smart not to include how much $$. #ubertotals

@algore Must read open letter from 43 of the world’s top CEOs to call for #ClimateAction in today’s @FT #ClimateCEOs

@JShoee RT @Marketplace: What we're reading about today: Etsy's IPO, 10 billion hours of Netflix and why some restaurants are ditching tips. http:/…

@johnmaeda 2-minute podcast on "What's a 'Design-y Product Manager'?" with @hungrycandice @michelleskimo

@kpcb Be a minimally invasive manager: @RandyKomisar @HarvardBiz

@kpcb Smile! @Affectiva is analyzing your emotional data via video. @kairyssdal @Marketplace

@algore In May, I’m hosting a @ClimateReality Leadership Corps training in Iowa, apply today: #ClimateAction

@johnmaeda Design by survey or committee results in a scatterplot solution. Design with data while iterating results in a *living* solution.

@johnmaeda "You don't need to give up your day job to change the world. Just get started and you'll find a way." —@mabb0tt

@msquinn Great interview with the Game of Thrones music composer, who claims to watch each scene 1000x to perfect the score

@JShoee Useful advice: Listen more;ask questions;don't jump to provide soln. @wef: "how good leaders can be better listeners"

@algore It is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid the reality that the days of coal as a source of energy are numbered:

@msquinn RT @Square: The calm before the #Coachella.

@johnmaeda Design Clinic @UMich brings @GoogleVentures-style design support to business: via @Conundraa

@johnmaeda "We set out to build an operating system for commercial drones …" —@jbdowney83 via @mabb0tt @jshoee

@moodrowghani This day in history, 4-17-70 #Apollo13 safely returned to earth after suffering major malfunction

@msquinn Very cool to see Sphero in the upcoming Star Wars movie. Nice, @arobodude!

@johnmaeda "Design can solve problems that are *way* beyond just 'how it looks.'" —@KurtVarner #DesignInTech