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@johnmaeda "What you don't know may not hurt you, but what you don't remember always does." —Gerald Weinberg

@mmurph RT @BenedictEvans: The difference between 2000 and 2015 in one image.

@mabb0tt RT @triketora: The U.S. Digital Service: An Improbable Public Interest Start Up

@johnmaeda When Your CEO cares about Design, by @danemhoward:

@johnmaeda "The odds are irrelevant. If it's possible and it matters, you take the shot." —Regina Dugan

@dbmount Thanks @naywilliams - looking forward to keeping track of your adventures with @AugustSmartLock!

@mabb0tt RT @eldsjal: Most people mistake calmness for acceptance; kindness for weakness and silence for ignorance.

@aileenlee RT @Noah_L: Congrats @jess @aunder + the rest of this rockstar #Angels crew! Hope to work together + let us know how we can help! http://t.…

@mabb0tt RT @OngEmil: No heart vs no spine.

@mabb0tt “#Angels” by @HelloAngels - amzing people: @jess @katies @janamal @aunder @chloes @vijaya - super helpful to newcos

@JShoee So awesome! Congrats @katies @jess @janamal @chloes @vijaya @aunder! “@HelloAngels: Hello, world.

@johndoerr Check out new team of angels from twitter. #angels

@kpcb .@Apperian announces Mobile App Management platform and redesigned Enterprise App Store for #Android 5.0 Lollipop

@mmurph CF+ fine for SaaS cos @CloudNotEnough "Time to Bring Back the Real IPO: Initial Profitable Offering" @VentureBeat”

@kpcb “Connected, secure, & self-diagnosing equipment will replace the $6.8T of existing fixed infrastructure in the U.S.”

@aileenlee RT @elizabeth: Congratulations to the @etsy team! S-1 docs filed. IPO time! cc @chaddickerson

@msquinn If the Etsy S-1 isn't hand-stitched on a bespoke organic cotton dog sweater I'll be disappointed. But, huge congrats to the team!

@msquinn RT @jess: Thrilled to be teaming up with @vijaya, @katies, @janamal, @aunder, and @chloes on #Angels:

@msquinn RT @KatieS: Investing in women is just better business h/t @RobLalka

@kpcb There will be a large wave of “smart, connected products” throughout the economy... Some trends we’re noticing: #IoT

@msquinn RT @nicolewong: My first op-ed for @CSMPasscode asks you to lean into the hard policy choices to protect #privacy, not dismiss them. http:/…

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: Need a new side project? Build for good, tackle one of the Fellows Challenges #hackforgood http://t

@mmurph RT @Shazam: #Shazam CEO @rriley17 talking about the future of a Shazamable world @4YFN_MWC #MWC15

@creigh RT @jeffborek: Microsoft Swarms Docker >Embrace, extend, hmm, what's that last one?

@msquinn RT @eringriffith: hipchat is dead at @FortuneMagazine, long live slack. i'll miss the custom emojis

@algore Make sure to catch the opening of @merchantsdoubt this weekend, a new documentary about climate denial

@msquinn Over 30% of ecommerce purchases are returned. That's a huge oppty for @Shyp to improve the process for buyers/sellers

@mabb0tt RT @xeni: It's not that I hate buzzfeed or facebook, I'm just sad that an entire generation of young people will grow up thinking that's Th…

@msquinn RT @nytimesbits: Nextdoor Social Network Digs Really Deep Into Neighborhoods

@moodrowghani With 53k neighborhoods (over 35% of the country) @Nextdoor raises new round of funding cc: @kpcb

@kpcb "Minimally Invasive Management" is a framework to think about managers as the servants, not the boss.

@lilaibrahim It's neither a state nor Islam @GoldmanSachs #10KWomen Middle Eastern women discussing the reality of their lives.

@lilaibrahim Women are central, especially when they're creating jobs. Moreso when it leads to peace. @GoldmanSachs #10KWomen

@lilaibrahim David Gergen talking about building better understanding between the U.S. & the Arab World. @GoldmanSachs #10KWomen

@lilaibrahim 43rd floor of @GoldmanSachs to celebrate amazing Arab women #10KWomen building diplomacy and a better future in the Middle East

@kpcb RT @Square: “If you pay attention to your customers, you’ll win.” @KPCB’s Mary Meeker speaking with @JuliaHartz #LadiesWhoLaunch http://t.c

@moodrowghani "With the acquisition of @deCarta, we will continue to fine-tune our products and services that rely on maps" cc:@kpcb

@dbmount RT @kpcb: New @KPCB Blogpost! The Industrial Awakening: The Internet of Heavier Things cc: @dbmount

@kpcb Healthcare is ripe for disruption b/c the payers, providers, & patients aren't linked in a rational economic system.

@johnmaeda "'The Internet of *Heavier* Things' will generate $14.2 trillion of global output by 2030." —@dbmount