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@JShoee Congrats @othman, @eladgil, @kn & team - democratizing access to genetic testing starting w breast & ovarian cancer.

@msquinn RT @CodyBrown: "Can I be as great as Elon Musk?" An incredible answer from his ex-wife

@JShoee Self-taught watch maker, John Harrison, sets world record! Centuries ahead of his time.

@msquinn Great to see @eladgil & @othman devote their energy toward bringing transparency & affordability to BRCA1/2 testing.

@mmurph RT @jyotibansalsf: Customers win when technology companies spend more money and energy on engineers and innovation, then on lawyers and lit…

@kpcb The Rise of the Chief Security Officer: What It Means for Corporations & Customers. @schluggo

@johnmaeda Ego turns opportunities into actions, while egolessness helps you pick the right ones.

@msquinn Also - no shade intended - but seems really weird to reference Brad Garlinghouse here (former CEO of a competitor, no longer in the market).

@msquinn I don't know, call me a hopeless optimist but I'm rooting for @levie & @BoxHQ so hard. NYT seems oddly short-sighted

@MaxMotsch Interesting read by @joemccann - The Unbundling Of Everything via @techcrunch

@MaxMotsch RT @tojarrett: Call out #3 for @synack as the Uber of pen testers. #CSASummit

@kpcb A graphic novella from @area1security: It's all about the people and #phishing in #cybersecurity Learn more at #RSAC

@kpcb #Cybersecurity tech or services companies in the US raised $1.77BB from investors last year.

@kpcb You’ve heard of software as a service? This is management as a service. Take a look:

@msquinn The Apple Watch review I've been waiting for - a drill-down on the health & fitness utility by @LaurenGoode

@mabb0tt RT @coreoslinux: Today @VMware shipped #rkt and announced their support of #appc

@kpcb Excited for @bingfish’s keynote – Monetization Hacking: Follow the Money – at #GMS15 on April 22.

@msquinn After a walk through Hyde Pk I can confirm that in addition to Halloween & Valentines, the UK has adopted today's US "holiday" in a big way.

@msquinn "You don’t need to go to a campground & do trust falls to relate to one another anymore" -company culture w/ @SlackHQ

@johnmaeda "Getting going can take a lot of leaving." —@jshefrin

@johnmaeda Leaders who lead organizational change, at any level, are implicitly dealing with the act of changing themselves.

@johnmaeda "If you want to be a leader, make sure you're surrounded by good managers." —Peter Mead via

@johnmaeda Lots of my oldies are dribbble-ing back to life …

@johnmaeda "The best way to build [networks] is to stop inhibiting them." —@digitaltonto via @ValdisKrebs

@johnmaeda "A board's key goals are to retain (or hire) the best CEO and provide counsel during times of crisis." —@JulietdeB1

@johnmaeda "There aren't winners and losers, only winners." —Shep Gordon

@johnmaeda Commercial for Dr. Seuss S.T.E.A.M. scholarships on my JetBlue flight …

@JShoee RT @UncleRUSH: Create your own path, don't be afraid to break barriers.

@johnmaeda Nice to see so much S.T.E.A.M. being produced in the world … #MagsWeLove

@johnmaeda "Create a *want* to participate." —Charlie Rose

@johnmaeda Unsurprisingly, a line communicates *length* really well …

@johnmaeda "Having a great vision is essential, but how do you xlate that into building a great team?"

@kpcb "Good managers don’t make people cogs in a wheel, but instead get all the wheels spinning together." - @RandyKomisar

@johnmaeda Chance encounter in South Park with #DesignInTech by Chris Lenart:

@algore Today is a day to remember, to mourn and to celebrate the lives of those we lost twenty years ago.

@johnmaeda "Eventually you're going to lose [your stars] anyway …" —@sheilatalton via @colinschiller

@johnmaeda "To fly we have to have resistance." —Maya Lin, in Regina Dugan's epic talk on love and work:

@johnmaeda "Life is never easy, so don't bother to waste time lamenting the fact." —from the diagonal mentor

@johnmaeda "Time waste differs from material waste in that there can be no salvage." —Stalk+Hout, on *time* as a key biz asset

@johnmaeda "The most important thing for someone to do starting in the tech industry is [to find] mentors." —@msquinn v @TheTech