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@johnmaeda "Designers craft experiences that function *with* humans, not in spite of them." —@samanthademps

@msquinn ...from a willing local broadcaster (ie anyone with phone). Social connection alone isn't compelling to me. It's the place, what's going on.

@msquinn To be able to pick any place on earth - Shibuya crossing, my old high school, a Giants game - and see what's happening in realtime.

@msquinn To me, what's interesting about mobile live broadcasting (meerkat & others) is oppty to 'be anywhere' in the world once at scale.

@lilaibrahim RT @CarolineLHoward: A challenge for #intlwomensday: 'figure out how to contribute in ways that play to your strengths.' - @lilaibrahim ht…

@kpcb Riding some electric bikes around the #KPCB offices. Superhuman strength.

@JShoee |LIVE NOW| - #meerkat

@johnmaeda Weekend @PopTech playlist with Regina Dugan, Paola Antonelli, John Legend, Malcolm Gladwell, …

@moodrowghani RT @Indiegogo: Indiegogo and the Power of Crowdfunding on Fox News #TechThursday

@kpcb At @KPCB, we’ve designated this second wave of the Internet of Things as the Industrial Awakening. Read more: #IoT

@algore Respected climate advocate Mohammed Nasheed must be given a fair and just trial. The eyes of the world will be watching.

@msquinn Apparently everyone feels the same way! Let's have a day where we tweet what we really think & it doesn't hurt us long term. You go first.

@msquinn Draft tweet, consider future career/children/hopes/dreams, delete tweet. Repeat 25x/day.

@kpcb Smart consumer products are cool, but there are huge opportunities for connected devices in industrial technology.

@kpcb Portfolio company @Affectiva recognized as 1 of 5 companies that really understand #BigData @WEF #emotionanalytics

@kpcb RT @johnmaeda: For my upcoming #DesignInTech report for @SXSW I am at 21 slides, and just drew a @THONET_GmbH No. 14 chair …

@johnmaeda For my upcoming #DesignInTech report for @SXSW I am at 21 slides, and just drew a @THONET_GmbH No. 14 chair …

@creigh RT @kinsa: Join your school group and start tracking the #health weather today - PLUS get $10 off

@johnmaeda "I found MBA studies to be invaluable, but learning how to think as a designer was much more difficult." —@julespieri

@johnmaeda "You better get used to the speed of change because it ain't gonna get any slower." —Jim Young, my fav Texan:

@kpcb What kinds of technologies are disrupting the agriculture industry? Take a listen: #AgTech

@msquinn If you read one story about a lawsuit today, make it this @Fortune gem on "The Battle for Benihana" (really crazy!)

@johnmaeda "Education is not about teaching … it's about co-adventuring." —Richmond Mayo-Smith via Dennis Kratz @UT_Dallas

@johnmaeda "What you don't know may not hurt you, but what you don't remember always does." —Gerald Weinberg

@mmurph RT @BenedictEvans: The difference between 2000 and 2015 in one image.

@mabb0tt RT @triketora: The U.S. Digital Service: An Improbable Public Interest Start Up

@johnmaeda When Your CEO cares about Design, by @danemhoward:

@johnmaeda "The odds are irrelevant. If it's possible and it matters, you take the shot." —Regina Dugan

@dbmount Thanks @naywilliams - looking forward to keeping track of your adventures with @AugustSmartLock!

@mabb0tt RT @eldsjal: Most people mistake calmness for acceptance; kindness for weakness and silence for ignorance.

@aileenlee RT @Noah_L: Congrats @jess @aunder + the rest of this rockstar #Angels crew! Hope to work together + let us know how we can help! http://t.…

@mabb0tt RT @OngEmil: No heart vs no spine.

@mabb0tt “#Angels” by @HelloAngels - amzing people: @jess @katies @janamal @aunder @chloes @vijaya - super helpful to newcos

@JShoee So awesome! Congrats @katies @jess @janamal @chloes @vijaya @aunder! “@HelloAngels: Hello, world.

@johndoerr Check out new team of angels from twitter. #angels

@kpcb .@Apperian announces Mobile App Management platform and redesigned Enterprise App Store for #Android 5.0 Lollipop

@mmurph CF+ fine for SaaS cos @CloudNotEnough "Time to Bring Back the Real IPO: Initial Profitable Offering" @VentureBeat”

@kpcb “Connected, secure, & self-diagnosing equipment will replace the $6.8T of existing fixed infrastructure in the U.S.”

@aileenlee RT @elizabeth: Congratulations to the @etsy team! S-1 docs filed. IPO time! cc @chaddickerson

@msquinn If the Etsy S-1 isn't hand-stitched on a bespoke organic cotton dog sweater I'll be disappointed. But, huge congrats to the team!