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@kpcb At the 100 slide count for @johnmaeda's #DesignInTech Report for @SXSW... Time for some edits.

@kpcb RT @johnmaeda: At the 100 slide count for my #DesignInTech Report for @SXSW and now need to edit and simplify …

@johnmaeda At the 100 slide count for my #DesignInTech Report for @SXSW and now need to edit and simplify …

@kpcb "Ideas are easy, execution is everything, it takes a team to win." - @johndoerr

@kpcb RT @andychen: It is essential to “Call your mom every Sunday night [and] stay close to family." @johndoerr

@msquinn RT @Loh: It's gonna be weird Monday afternoon when the gutters suddenly fill up with Rolexes and Fitbits.

@andychen It is essential to “Call your mom every Sunday night [and] stay close to family." @johndoerr

@andychen I get out of bed every morning because I love people. I love my family, I love my daughters, I love the entrepreneurs I work with @johndoerr

@brookporter Is this a tipping pt for China's pollution crisis, a documentary exposing inconvenient truths? Sound familiar?@algore

@algore Clean energy is non-partisan, an opportunity for all. Good interview w/leader of Michigan Conservative Energy Forum:

@kpcb The next wave of “smart, connected products” will focus on what is known as the “Industrial Internet” #IoT

@msquinn How you know it's 4pm on a Friday in NYC: BI leading with...

@mmurph "Predictive analytics is perhaps the biggest trend occurring today..." @InsideSales @salesforce partnership.. @Forbes

@kpcb "Entrepreneurship is a very effective marriage of business and social progress." - @RandyKomisar

@kpcb RT @GrowthHackers: From 0 to $1B – Slack’s Founder Shares Their Epic Launch Strategy

@kpcb Can Silicon Valley influence a Heartland industry like agriculture? #AgTech

@moodrowghani Great week for @waze with addition of #AmberAlert to community-driven traffic app cc:@kpcb

@aileenlee RT @women2: The Unseen Moments of the Women 2.0 Awards #w2AWARDS

@msquinn RT @joshm: Good people going good places: @mathowie to Slack, @ryanchris to Uber – good week! Congrats everyone.

@creigh Utilizing NLP To Detect APT in DNS - OpenDNS Security Labs

@kpcb RT @Flipboard: Early design sketch of what would become the "+"/add to a magazine menu #TBT

@kpcb RT @BetterWorks: Thoughts from Jonathan Cheyer on joining the #BetterWorks team:

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: Going to @hacktheanvil? Hack on a challenge & you could be an automatic finalist for the 2016 @KPCBFellows program http://

@kpcb UX cannot directly be measured, all you have are proxies-best KPIs are tied to value prop @FindTheBest's @ibercovich

@lilaibrahim RT @US_EDA: "Ideas fall and disintegrate rather quickly - like snow. We need execution!" @michaelrburcham #NACIE

@lilaibrahim RT @US_EDA: @jgoonewardene quote of the morning: most university tech transfers think they should be filters but they should be pumps #NACIE

@lilaibrahim RT @dskenney1: "If you can find someone you want to marry online, you ought to be able to find a best practice." #NACIE @US_EDA

@lilaibrahim RT @stephenstang: #NACIE inclusive hiring, training innovations, job matching to close gap in tech job oppties

@algore .@merchantsdoubt -- the new must see documentary about climate denial and the fossil fuel spin machine

@msquinn RT @craigmod: "It’s not so much the cord-cutters that Big Cable has to worry about, it’s the upcoming millions of cord-nevers " https://t.c

@msquinn RT @mat: I wrote a story about what a unique moment this is - Waiting On The Watch: Apple’s Unprecedented Moment

@johnmaeda "Designers craft experiences that function *with* humans, not in spite of them." —@samanthademps

@msquinn ...from a willing local broadcaster (ie anyone with phone). Social connection alone isn't compelling to me. It's the place, what's going on.

@msquinn To be able to pick any place on earth - Shibuya crossing, my old high school, a Giants game - and see what's happening in realtime.

@msquinn To me, what's interesting about mobile live broadcasting (meerkat & others) is oppty to 'be anywhere' in the world once at scale.

@lilaibrahim RT @CarolineLHoward: A challenge for #intlwomensday: 'figure out how to contribute in ways that play to your strengths.' - @lilaibrahim ht…

@kpcb Riding some electric bikes around the #KPCB offices. Superhuman strength.

@JShoee |LIVE NOW| - #meerkat

@johnmaeda Weekend @PopTech playlist with Regina Dugan, Paola Antonelli, John Legend, Malcolm Gladwell, …

@moodrowghani RT @Indiegogo: Indiegogo and the Power of Crowdfunding on Fox News #TechThursday